Islamists exploit Nazi propaganda tactics to mollify, infiltrate West

As demonstrated by Ahmadenijad's regime, Islamists fabricate a 'Jewish enemy,' influence foreign journalists to reflect demonization, and manipulate racism-averse Western audiences into embracing Islamist imperialist 'victims'.

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Systematized anti-Semitic propaganda is historically used to unite and control masses under dogmatic rule, (i.e. Nazism, Islam, sects of Christianity). Muslim countries are using it to brainwash the Muslim world, and the foreign journalists who report to the world from there. This sociopathic anti-Semitism is sublimated into anti-Israel or anti-Zionist biased reporting and resulting sentiments.

In the year since Britain's Channel 5 audiences first watched "No Excuses for Terror?," how much progress has been made recognizing the roots of Islamic terrorism? British journalist David Aaronovitch debunked the double-standard of justifying Islamic terrorism as 'Israel/Palestine-inspired.' Why does the West hyper-criticize and punish Israel for defending against Palestinian terror, in contrast with Arab countries' far more egregious treatment of Palestinians?

In (Black) September 1970, Jordan's King Hussein killed 5,000 Palestinians in refugee camps in Jordan - with no Western political or economic repercussion.

In 1976, Syria's President Assad (supporting Christian militias) killed 3,500 Palestinians in camps in Lebanon. In 2007, mayhem between the Lebanese army and Fatah Islam militants in the Nahr el-Bared ('Cold River') Palestinian refugee camp killed 250 innocent civilians and Lebanese soldiers.

Youseef Ibrahim in the NY Sun writes about double standards applied to Palestinian camps in Lebanon

"... Jordan, which has nearly 1 million Palestinian Arab refugees, nor Syria, which is harboring tens of thousands. The secret police mandate runs wide and deep for Palestinian Arab encampments in those two countries. Indeed, back in September 1970, the late King Hussein of Jordan spent nearly a year disarming the camps in his country by burning them down— and won universal Arab applause for doing so. The late, unlamented Yasser Arafat was undeterred when he fled to Lebanon, from which he once used the camps to stock arms, indoctrinate his people in terrorism, and, eventually, wage war on Lebanon and Israel — until he was kicked out and forced to move to Tunisia.

Yet in the face of such Palestinian Arab irresponsibility — and of a 15-year Lebanese civil war largely provoked by its Palestinians — the rest of the Arab world has insisted that Lebanon remains an exception to the rule of sovereignty.

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What motivates the Muslim world and Western world to single-out Israel for condemnation? In contradiction to Western presumptions about Islamic enmity originating from perceptions on the Israel vs. Palestine crisis, David Aaronovitch reveals Islamic countries' institutionalized Nazi-esque propaganda techniques (repeated by Muslim reporters for global press agencies and satellite channels serving the Muslim world, e.g., BBC in Arabic, Al-Jazeera Int'l, CNN Int'l, Link-TV, Mosaic-TV, Bridges TV, al-Manar TV) which brainwash the publics against Jews as a faith. The foreign Western journalists in the Middle-East, upon constant exposure to this anti-Jewish state droning, absorb and reflect this bias back to their home audiences through their editing (e.g., France2TV and the Mohammed al-Dura fauxtography Affair).

Watch Aaronovitch hosting this documentary on Channel Four, "Blaming the Jews". Part 1 of 4:

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