Leftist Jewish pensioners disrupt Republican vs Democrat debate at Jewish Community Center in South Florida- again

Liberal hecklers shut-down the debate between  (left to right)
Rabbi Barry Silver & Palm Beach activist for Obama Mark Alan Silver; and
arguing for Mitt Romney- Tom Trento and Alan Bergstein 
Alan Bergstein writes in BIZPAC Review:  "The Palm Beach County Democratic Party on Tuesday let loose its new weapon, something I call the "Jewish Grandmothers Group," designed to stifle free speech. At the Ross Jewish Community Center in Boynton Beach, Mark Alan Siegel, the chairman of the local party, joined Rabbi Barry Silver to square off in a debate with Christian-Zionist Tom Trento and me. The topic: Should Jews vote for Obama or Romney?  In what should come as no surprise by now, the informational event was closed down early because of threats of disorder.

An early "uh-oh" sign popped up in our heads when, just one hour before the doors were opened, the JCC informed us that all videotaping and cameras were banned from the room. Just the day before, a JCC official carefully planned where the best locations for the cameras would be. Why was the recording of the event canceled? We found out during the meeting. Obviously, with the disruptions so well-planned, the Democrats wanted no record of this behavior to reach the public. They succeeded. An early band of about 50 elderly women, brandishing professionally designed "Women Will Remember in November" signs, occupied the front of the auditorium. Some had Obama stickers glued to their foreheads. The table occupied by Tom and me had a contingent of these seniors in the standing-room-only area right by us. During the event, until it was closed down because of their disruptive antics, they sauntered over to us, uttering denunciations and comments.

Debater Tom Trento was stifled by leftist Jewish seniors

During the debate, this raucous, rude, disrespectful, well-trained squad heckled, jeered and disrupted Tom and me so often that I announced to the time keeper that my speaking time had to be extended in order to compensate for the disorder in the room. The final straw came when a woman, adorned with an Obama sticker, was hauled away from the microphone while shouting indecipherable epithets. Armed security personnel roamed the hall to threaten anyone with an exposed camera that they were to be expelled for having them in view.

Just recall the Democrats' attempts to prevent their members from hearing the issues as explained by Republicans. Debbie Wasserman Schultz in Miami, or the threat of Republicans being arrested at B'nai Torah in Boca RatonThen there was the debate between Democrats and Republicans that was canceled by the sponsor, Hadassah, apparently at Wasserman Schultz's request.

It's clear that the Democratic Party in South Florida is fearful of its loyal members hearing anything that contradicts the tales told them by party leaders. "Keep them ignorant" is the mantra of the left. The media is already complicit with this group. Taking away open, clean, clear dialogue that leads to one making his/her own decisions on such matters as Israel, abortion, taxation or even education is as dangerous to Democrats as kryptonite is to Superman. "Keep free speech at arm's length from the sheep" is their motto.
The Beer Hall Putsch of 1923 was a failed revolution by which Adolf Hitler and other members of the Nazi Party attempted to seize control of Munich, Bavaria and Germany. Hoping to gain power over Germany and reign as a dictator, Hitler staged a coup d'etat during a speech from Bavarian Commisioner Gustav von Kahr at a beer hall in Munich. Hitler was able to establish some control over Munich, but soon it was obvious that the coup wasn't making much real progress. Hitler and other members of his group then decided to stage a march much like the March to Rome in Italy, but were soon stopped and arrested by Bavarian officers.
These incidents are reminiscent of the 1923 Munich Beer Hall Putsch that catapulted Hitler into the limelight. These incidents should send warning bells off in the heads of those who fear the loss of free speech and the dialogue that is expected and welcomed in a democracy such as ours. If the behavior of the "Jewish Grandmothers Group" is an indication that the vast, liberal Jewish community is in the hands of those who would turn this nation into another Nazi Germany, communist Russia, North Korea or Cuba, then all of us, Jews and non-Jews alike, and our descendants will suffer the inevitable fate of tyrannical rule by the few."


Broward voters to challenge the ascent of fascism over liberty in Tuesday's Republican poll for the seat of Obama-whitewashing DNC chair, Rep. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz

After 3 and a half years of Barack Obama's administration pulling hard on Israel but soft on Islamism, there is a move among traditionally Democrat South Florida voters to adapt and oppose the Democrat National Committee chairwoman, Rep. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz's bid for re-election in Broward County. On Tuesday, August 14th, voters registered as Republicans will go to the polls to select a candidate to challenge her in November.

Candidate Joe Kaufman has been especially critical of Hamas-enabling C.A.I.R.'s ascendancy in Florida, and Rep. Schultz' selling Obama's pro-Palestinian advocacy (at the expense of American pro-Israelists) for fundraising from alleged Islamist Muslims.

Democrat National Committee chair, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz reportedly was scheduled to keynote a fundraising banquet of EMERGE USA on April 21. The group is headed by South Florida attorney Khurrum Wahid, who has a history of associating with organizations linked to al-Qaida and Hamas.

"There was a miscommunication, she is not speaking to the organization. We never agreed to do a fundraiser, nor this event," Wasserman Schultz spokesman Jonathan Beeton told Sunshine State News. He did not offer an explanation. (Sunshine State News)

Joe Kaufman, a Republican candidate for Wasserman Schultz's seat, said, "I'm happy she decided to cancel, but she shouldn't have accepted in the first place.

"This is more evidence of her not truly being what she appears to be in public. She cultivates a persona as a wonderful pro-Israel character and plays up her Jewishness, but then she gets involved with an organization that targets Jews and Christians," Kaufman said of the hyper-partisan congresswoman who also chairs the Democratic National Committee.

"That's anti-Jewish and anti-American," Kaufman asserted.

Joe Kaufman feels that the domestic Islamist threat growing under the Obama administration deserves fortifying within the House of Representatives which his experience can afford the country.

A Boca synagogue B'nai Torah has delivered Jewish voters to the Obama campaign since 2008. Here, Bob Kunst of Shalom Int'l protests the synagogue hosting an appeal by then candidate Sen. Obama for their donors.

Alan Bergstein, a retired NYC school principal, discusses the phenomenon of originally liberal Northeasterners that retire in Florida needing to adapt to the changing dynamics of the political parties and the demands of maintaining America under the strains of Obama's far-leftism and contra-Zionism.

Mr. Bergstein was refused entry to a B'nai Torah appearance of Obama-appointee, Amb. Susan Rice by the synagogue elders.

Mr. Kaufman lays-out his points about Debbie Wasserman-Schultz denying scheduling, then through his (with co-author Beila Rabinowitz) exposing it, Schultz cancelled her campaign fundraiser with an Islamist with terror-ties.

DNC Debbie's Islamist Lies
In editorial written by EMERGE USA head Khurrum Wahid, which was printed in the South Florida Sun Sentinel, rebuts the statement made by the Wasserman Schultz camp. According to Wahid, Wasserman Schultz “agreed to speak at the banquet of EMERGE USA” – and then later backed out after what he describes as the “character assassination” of his group took place. [Of course, this alleged character assassination refers to our original investigative piece on this subject.]

For Debbie Wasserman Schultz to fabricate a story about her participation at the EMERGE banquet like she did, she must have considered the issue a very serious one. Indeed, for someone who publicly flaunts her Jewish identity as she does, it cannot help her to be seen as being an assistant fundraiser for a group led by those who appear to have animosity towards Jews and Israel.

Wasserman Schultz should never have agreed to help raise money and be the keynote speaker for such a radical group, and it is unfortunate and disturbing that it took criticism from these authors and others for her to finally decide not to do it.It is even more unfortunate that she would lie about her involvement.

The Jewish Federations of N. America facilitated Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz opening plenary address at their annual General Assembly to electioneer for herself, the Democrat Party, and to attempt to whitewash 3-years of Obama's demonstrated animus towards Israel.

In addition to Kaufman, five other Republicans are seeking the GOP nomination in the 23rd Congressional District. They are Gineen Bresso, Ozzie DeFaria, Juan Eliel Garcia, Joe Goldner and Karen Harrington.