At Least Two Shot At Jewish Center In Seattle

KOMO News, SEATTLE - At least two people were wounded by gunshots Friday afternoon at the Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle and one person was arrested, police said.
A SWAT team was searching the building, looking for any other victims, anyone hiding or any other possible shooters, police spokesman Rich Pruitt said.
The extent of the victims' injuries was not immediately known, but reportedly at least two were shot in the stomach, and they were being taken to Harborview Medical Center. A witness told KOMO 4 News that she heard at least four gunshots and saw at least four victims.
Police blocked off several city blocks to investigate.
Patti Simon was at work at the federation's newspaper on the first floor when she heard screaming, shots and what sounded like furniture crashing on the floor above.
"We heard this horrible screaming on the floor above us and shots," said Simon, 52, who sells advertising at the paper. "We didn't know what was happening."
Simon called up to her co-workers on the second floor, but got no answer, so she called the police and fled the building.
"People got shot, some of our co-workers," Simon said, her voice shaking. "I just got back from Israel and made it out of there a half hour before the rockets started."
Simon said the federation has security in the building.
"Somebody must have lied there way in," Simon said.

Study: Money concerns will trigger anti-Semitism in US & Germany

New research behavior tool that predicts 'feeling trends' concerning economy reveals developing wave of potentially violent anti-Semitism in US, Germany. from YnetNews

A new behavior-research tool, Affective Encryption Analysis, has uncovered a dramatic trend in both the US and Germany-a developing wave of potentially violent anti-Semitism.
Affective Encryption Analysis, which was recently used to predict the outcome of the 2008 US Presidential election, uses naturalistic research methods to measure the way in which "feeling-trends" develop over time. It then forecasts the likely behavioral outcomes.
Using Affective Encryption Analysis, media psychologist, Dr. James N. Herndon, of Media Psychology Affiliates, led an investigation to predict long-term "feeling-trends" concerning the economy.
Population samples in both the US and Germany were chosen as indicators of both US and European feelings toward economic conditions.
"Our results showed far greater feelings of dread about the economic future than we currently find in mainstream survey research," stated Dr. Herndon. "In fact, almost 70 percent of our sample expressed a precipitously declining sense of economic stability. This was especially strong among the lower-middle-class," he added.
'Scapegoating Israel'
"What we did not expect was a widespread association of economic problems with support for Israel. This belief appears to be growing exponentially in both the US and in Germany," he said.
"We currently have worryingly low rates of savings and capital investment, combined with systemic unemployment and an ever-increasing spiral of debt and inflation," said Dr. Herndon.
"If current trends are left unchecked, we believe that by late 2007, a feeling of economic desperation will begin to overtake large sectors of the lower-middle-class in the US, as well as the welfare-dependent classes in Germany," he warned.
"Our results strongly suggest that this will provide the emotional trigger for the scapegoating of Jews, toward whom feelings in our sample were unexpectedly negative, and often violent."
"The bottom line is that increasing numbers of pe

Why Be Jewish? - Rabbi Meir Kahane (Part 1)

Amazing speech by Rabbi Meir Kahane where he talks about "Why" and "What" it means to be Jewish. It is a must-view for any Jew to understand your place in this beautiful civilization you were born into. It will answer most questions on "Why keep Kosher", "Why follow the commandments", "How are we different than the other nations of the world?". This is Part 1 out of 3 parts.


Seeing the war in its true colors

The brilliant Caroline Glick reminds us:

"The current campaign in northern Israel and Lebanon has brought into sharp focus the major pathologies and strengths of the West in fighting the Iranian-led jihadist axis.

... Writing in The Sunday Times, former Conservative MP Michael Portillo told his British countrymen that their hostility for Israel and the US aside, "The bloody truth is that Israel's war is our war." Portillo went on to argue that given the threat that Iran and Hizbullah pose to Britain itself, "for us to turn against Israel and America would be perverse and potentially suicidal."



Sacrificed in Vain? Israel TV 10's "Judgement & Reckoning" Documentary

"Judgement and Reckoning" The final hours of disengaging Jews from Gaza. Documentary news program, Israel's Network Ten. Full program, in Hebrew 28 min.

Anniversary of Women's Devotional Prayer Confronting Destruction of Their Jewish Gaza Civilization

Covenant-keeping, pilgrim Jewish women pray their unswerving devotion to God's will in the face of the failure of their resistance against the destruction of their temple and civilization in Gush Katif's Neve Dekalim, August 2005. Moving.

Israelis withdrew themselves as a step for the Palestinian Arabs to reciprocate and show their willingness to co-exist in peace. Instead, the Muslims burned the synagogues and launched ongoing rocket attacks from closer to Israeli population centers, requiring the Operation Cast Lead incursion of 2008.  Updated from Jul 2006 to Aug 2014.


7/7 Memorial Desecration: Muslim & Far-Left's 'Bash Evil-Jewry's State' Rally at Federal Bldg., L.A.

7/7 Anniversary in L.A.: Demonstration of Arrogance
What better an opportunity to denounce the fear and terror wrought in the name of their faith against innocent civilian victims in the West (Britain)- than with a renewed public offensive against democracy (America & Israel) on the property of the government supporting their seditious expression?

American Islamists here exploit 7/7 (like their British counterparts exploit 9/11) as a celebration of their battle victory in their crusade to win-over democratic societies towards authoritarian Islamism. Their rallying cry? 'Stop Zionazi Jewry from occupying Palestine.' Except that (1) there is no 'Palestine' nationality' and (2) since a year prior, Israel has withdrawn its defenses from Gaza (half of what they allege as Palestine). Their implication, of course, is to persuade the world to overthrow the multicultural Israel to establish an authoritarian, Islamist Palestine.

Watch the 2-part video. Press 'More' after the ad to watch Part 2.

7/7 Islamic Protest at Federal Building in Los Angeles- Prayers

Watch the video

Muslim demonstrators conduct prayer service on lawn of Federal Building in Los Angeles prior to vociferous rally against Israel's and America's resistance of Jihad.