Experts interpret the world's socio-political / economic changes at A.F.A's "World War III - the Early Days" Conference

American Freedom Alliance's Dr. Karen Siegemund - the conference chair of "World War III: The Early Years" - explains that the objective of their Spring '23 conference was to raise awareness about the ongoing war being waged against the United States on multiple fronts, including the Chinese Communist Party. She suggests that this war takes various forms, such as the virus and lockdown measures, as well as softer incursions. The conference aims to inform participants about these threats and empower them to take defensive action, if not overtly contesting the Chinese Communist Party. 


Dr. Siegemund also highlights the dangerous alliance between China and Russia, considering it a key factor in categorizing the current state of affairs as World War III.

Ed Dowd, RFK's treasurer and financial expert, discusses the anomalies in the financial system and his concerns about its future. He points out negative M2 money supply growth, which historically leads to financial panics and bank failures. Dowd predicts a deep recession and potential wars in the next five years, warning that the debt-based central banking system often leads to conflict. He advises holding cash equivalents like treasury bills in retirement accounts and suggests caution with gold in the short-term. Dowd also expresses skepticism about replacing the Petro dollar with the Petro Yuan and warns against digital currencies, which he sees as a form of social control. He encourages resistance to compliance and criticizes the concept of 15-minute cities.

Mr. Dowd believes individuals can exercise their power to seek alternatives and move away from oppressive areas.


Political scientist, Stephen Coughlin clarifies Marxist transforming of western societies. 

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Conference chair, Dr. Karen Siegemund discusses the manipulation of reality by big tech companies and search engines such as Google. She recalls conversations with experts who highlighted the threat posed by search engines in shaping our perception of reality.

Dr. Siegemund also expresses concerns about the U.S. government's potential involvement in censoring misinformation, emphasizing the importance of free speech in combating such actions. She emphasizes the need for vigilance and acknowledges the significance of the work being done in this area.