Israel Defence Forces former chief, Halutz, intimates about defending democracy against fundamentalist Islam

Former IDF Chief of Staff, Lt. Gen. Dan Halutz intimated on Sept 11th perspectives that Israel and American military leaders face in defending freedom against militant Islam. Address given to American Associates of Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, SouthWest Region in Los Angeles.


How long can Israel delay the jihadist, Palestinian nationalism juggernaut?

P.A. head, Mahmoud Abbas submitted an application for a sovereign and independent homeland, which he said contains a request for full member nation status in the UN based on the June 4, 1967 borders. He addressed the General Assembly.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu gave his own speech in his response, in which he called on Abbas to drop unilateral moves and return to the negotiating table.

“President Abbas, why don’t you join me?” said Netanyahu. “We have to stop negotiating about the negotiations. Let’s just get on with it. Let’s negotiate peace! Now we’re in the same city. We’re in the same building. So let’s meet here today, in the United Nations!”

Hamas’ Gaza Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh said that the PA should not beg for a state, adding that “liberation of Palestinian land” should come first.

He said that “what is happening at the United Nations harms the dignity of our Palestinian people,” particularly when there is no guarantee of the ‘right of return’ (the Arabs’ wish to have millions of so-called ‘Palestinian refugees’ - the descendants of Arabs who fled Israel before the 1948 Arab-Israeli war – to return to Israeli cities).  Israel National News

Land for 'peace' won't work without exchanging all Muslims from Israel to the proposed "State of Palestine" in exchange for their intended expelling of Jews from Judea and Samaria.

Prof. Abe Sion explains why it would be unsafe to trust irredentist Muslims to keep Israel safe from an Islamist Palestine ruled by Hamas. He cites Israel having ceded the Sinai Peninsula to Egypt in 1981- now at a defensive disadvantage from Islamist territorial aggression.

The Latma TV comedy troupe sends-up the United Nations's hypocrisy in their new, "Somebody to Hate" music video:

Live, United Nations addresses of President Mahmoud Abbas and Prime Minister Netanyahu


Is it time for unilateral Palestinian statehood? Explore Jewish and Muslim history, rights and intentions for Palestine, with Prof. Abraham Sion

Mahmoud Abbas & Benjamin Netanyahu last year (AP)
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Monday that he was interested in meeting with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas in New York: "I call on the chairman of the Palestinian Authority to launch direct negotiations in New York and continue them in Jerusalem and Ramallah." Netanyahu added: "I am offering President Abbas the chance to launch peace negotiations instead of wasting time on futile unilateral steps." YNet.com

Abbas responded,"I will meet any Israeli official any time," said Abbas, though he added that “there is no use if there is nothing tangible." The Palestinian Authority's attempt to end-run the Palestinians' signed obligations to conduct direct negotiations with Israel (in accord with the 1993 Oslo Accords) and obtain "national" recognition by the Arab-dominated United Nations- warrants an re-examination of the history and legal status of Israel and the "Palestinian" nationalist movement- the West Bank and Gaza and their irredentist quest to reconquer Israel for the Muslim world.

Prof. Abraham Sion, who head the Center for Law and Mass-Media at the Ariel University Center of Samaria, delivered this address earlier this year at the request of the Zionist Organization of America, in Los Angeles, California. (Highlights are in the first 3 segments; the entire undivided speech is in the fourth segment).


Taliban Celebrates 9/11, Wounds 77 US Soldiers in Truck Bombing

Taliban ”celebrated” the anniversary of 9/11 by exploding a truck, killing five Afghans and wounding 77 American soldiers. By Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu in Israel National News

Taliban ”celebrated” the anniversary of 9/11 by exploding a truck, killing five Afghans and wounding 77 American soldiers late Saturday night but not reported until Monday. One of the casualties was a three-year-old girl.

No Americans were killed in the truck bombing attack outside a combat post. Despite President Barack Obama’s withdrawal of all but 50,000 soldiers from Iraq, the American army still deploys 100,000 soldiers in Afghanistan in the war against Taliban and Al Qaeda.

Taliban took “credit” for the attack after having released a statement earlier in the day vowing to fight until the United States and other foreign countries withdraw their troops.


Swiss Parliamentarian dares to preserve western civilization, humanity, and freedom from domination by Islamism

Many on the Left disparage America's response to 9/11 by attempting to condemn American military involvement in the Middle East. But they do it to evade the point of combating global Islamism entirely, especially the branch of that movement which thrives under our noses- and seeks to undermine our principles of liberty, equality, and fraternity.

Swiss member of Parliament, Oskar Freysinger, gave a speech in Berlin, that no politician in Washington (save Rep. Allen West) is yet ready to speak from the floor of Congress. In order for us to beat back the Islamists, we need some key leaders in Washington to make a similar speech and lead the nation against the Islamist threat head-on.

Islamism's revolution over democracy; understand the movement which motivated September 11th attacks- in historical context- demonstrated through eye-opening documentary, "The Third Jihad," online (full-length free through Sept 12)

With all of the media commemorating the 10th anniversary of the terror attacks of September 11, 2001, there was little or no examination of understanding the motivation of the Islamist terrorists and the contemporary movement which motivated them.

This movement is described in historical context by Islamic reformist, Dr. Zuhdi Jasser in director Wayne Kopping's, "The Third Jihad."
The full-length film is being made available free, online through Sept 12, 2011, and by DVD thereafter.


9/11 first-responder's awe - and shock upon return to Ground Zero site

9/11 first-responder to the World Trade Center, Jim LaPenna, returns to Ground Zero 10-years after he participated in rescue & recovery of WTC victims. He was one of the 5 people who rescued the two Port Authority Policemen who were trapped in the South Tower.

Mr. LaPenna has endured health impairments to his capacities as a result of exposure to the 9/11 ruins. He is welcomed by US Marine Corporal Sam Dillon, who came to dedicate his Purple Heart to 9/11 victims & first-responders. He takes us on a quick walk to the site of the proposed mosque at Ground Zero- and discovers that it has been approved and is functioning daily (and Mr. LaPenna explains his reaction to learning that).

Inspired by 9/11, wounded Marine comes to dedicate his Purple Heart to 9/11 victims and first-responders; Thanked by first-responder at WTC Ground Zero

Retiring Marine gives first-hand account of US's role in protecting civilians in Iraq & Afghanistan from Islamists

U.S. Marine Corporal Sam Dillon, returns his medal to the first-responders and other victims of jihad against America, Sept. 11, 2001 at the World Trade Center site on Memorial Day. First-responder, Jim LaPenna, thanks the young man, and explains what happened to him volunteering at the collapsed WTC on that day.


A new, American w.m.d. doctrine: Would it deter a nuclear 9/11?

The U.S. could help prevent WMD-based terrorism by pledging to retaliate against nations that promote the jihadist ideology.

by Moorthy Muthuswamy in Pajamas Media; September 25, 2009

Sultan Bashiruddin Mahmood, an architect of Pakistan’s nuclear weapons program, declared that Pakistan’s nuclear bombs are “the property of a whole ummah [worldwide Muslim community],” so that some Muslim nations or groups could use them on infidels to bring about “the end of days” and lead the way for Islam to be the supreme religious force in the world. A.Q. Khan, the former head of Pakistan’s nuclear program, proliferated nuclear bomb-making technology exclusively to Islamic states such as Libya or Iran with just one exception: he transferred this technology to North Korea in exchange for its missile technology for Pakistan. . . .
The root cause of the WMD attacks lies in the longstanding pattern of hateful indoctrination and funding of the communities from which WMD attacks may originate. In a 2005 speech, the U.S. Treasury secretary made this observation about the Saudi export of terrorist ideologies:

“In addition to the export of terrorist funds, we are extremely concerned about the export of terrorist ideologies. These teachings are as indispensable to terrorists as money, and possibly even more dangerous.”

Mohamed ElBaradei ran IAEA '97-'09
For instance, the funding and indoctrination of Muslim communities throughout the world carried out by Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, and Iran have given rise to the likes of al-Qaeda, the Taliban, Hezbollah, and many other terror entities. The point couldn’t be overstated: without this root cause, the desire for and ability to wage jihad and, hence, the intent to acquire and use WMD are very unlikely.


Anniversary of '72 Munich Olympics marks 39-years of West's scapegoating of Israel over Palestine; Islamist terror is not a response, it is an historic, supremacist aggression; Stop the U.N. from supporting Palestine over Israel

39-years-ago on this day, September 6, 1972, the world was shocked as Islamist terrorists kidnapped and murdered Israeli athletes at the XXth Summer Olympic Games in Munich, Germany.

This is an archived video of ABC News' coverage of the "bloody Olympics" atrocity (at which 17 people, including 11 Israelis, were killed), hosted by ABC News' anchorman, Howard K. Smith.

(Video courtesy: RobAtsea2009)

Islamist terrorism debuted to a global public at the Munich Olympics atrocity. But, like the Islamist attacks on NYC's World Trade Towers 29-years and 5-days later, the mass-media has framed (and the public has been led to believe) acts of Islamist terror as a response to some Western (including Israeli) affront against benign Muslims.
Courtesy BareNakedIslam

The P.L.O.'s Black September terror killings of Jewish athletes in Munich are misunderstood to be a response of a nationalist Palestinian movement seeking for Israel to "de-military occupy" militant Gaza, Judea, and Samaria. On the contrary, Palestinian ambitions are to conquer all of Israel under the flag (and spiritual influence) of Islam (just as al-Qaeda's Islamic imperialism seeks to elevate Islam over Christian, democratic America, and all of the non-Muslim world).

Palestinians evidence their aspiration to conquer all of Israel prima facie of the logos and seals bearing the geographic image of the actual state they seek - the map of all of Israel.

Palestinian Hamas's logo depicts all of Israel as goal
Fatah Party logo depicts Palestine as Israel proper