Tudor Dixon, Michigan gov candidate at #CPAC-TX: Why re-upping govs like Gretchen Whitmer is everybody's problem

Michigan gubernatorial candidate, Ms. Tudor Dixon, addressed #CPAC22 Texas audience in August, moments ahead of President Trump's address there.

Original video - chronicled by DemoCAST.TV

Video Transcript: "I'm glad I got his (Donald J Trump)'s support! I am excited to be here! I'm so excited to be standing with you as the Republican nominee for governor of the great state of Michigan and I have to tell you the coolest part about this is that that seed was planted at a CPAC conference much like this one several years ago as I sat in the audience like you are now. 

And I encourage you today to let that seed grow inside of you you can be a Difference Maker in a space that's becoming increasingly ugly. If we're honest but today I may be looking out at a new school board member maybe a future governor and maybe even the first female president out in that crowd for me it's so exciting to be chosen by the people of the great state of Michigan to help end the long oppressive reign of the queen of  lockdowns- Gretchen Whitmer.

More than that though I can't describe how excited I am about the opportunity we have in Michigan to finally stand up for families who can't afford gas or their groceries and for their children who saw their schools closed the halls of learning locked because the current governor was more interested in seizing control of the state than helping our students.
We have our work cut out for us those of you who aren't in Michigan have watched as Gretchen Whitmer one of the worst governors in America has taken my great state and driven it into the ground. Moms like me who live there - we've done
more than watch we've lived it we suffered Joe Biden and Gretchen Whitmer's inflation every time we go to the grocery store we suffer her war on affordable energy every time we fill up the gas tank.
You think gas prices are bad here? Michigan routinely has some of the highest gas prices in the entire United States
and that's not an accident that's the sad part. Moms like me who live in Michigan have watched our children struggle when
Gretchen Whitmer closed the school against advice from public health experts from pediatricians and student advocates
Gretchen Whitmer ruled by fear when courage was what we needed. Moms, daughters and granddaughters like me we know what it's like to live in a state where Gretchen Whitmer imported Covid into our nursing homes while locking out healthy family and friends leaving our loved ones to die terrified and alone.

It's been a long four years under Gretchen Whitmer's tyrannical reign. She's been riding with Biden and they've
been driving our state off a cliff do you remember when Gretchen Whitmer was auditioning to be Vice President of
the United States. Yeah and yet he picked Kamala so what
does that say about Gretchen Whitmer?
I don't know if you remember when she used to go on MSNBC she had this little Fauci pillow in the corner of her desk.
I say we send her crying into that Fauci pillow - what do you say? Yes because in Michigan our economy is tanked. Jobs companies families have fled our state and people struggle to pay their bills. It's time to hold Gretchen Whitmer accountable for the pain she has inflicted during the past four years
If we don't the only the problem is only going to grow because trust me today Gretchen Whitmer is Michigan's problem but tomorrow if we don't she's going to be auditioning again but this time it's to boot out Joe Biden and get into the White House herself and none of us want that. 
What's happened to my state is personal - it's personal to me and it's personal to everyone who lives in Michigan. Too many of us have suffered under the queen of lockdowns deemed we were not essential but I have hope together we will help our students get back on track. 
We will restore Michigan's
education system we will fund the police
and respect rule of law
and we will partner with our job
creators instead of being an enemy
looking to attack
in Michigan we will value every citizen
because we know everyone is essential
so if you remember one thing today
remember this
let your seed grow
someday God may lead you into the same
battle for family
and your armor will be strong
so choose courage over fear
today I head into my battle for Michigan
and I know the good guys will prevail
we're tough we've had to be tough and
we're taking Michigan back for our
families this November
God bless you and God bless the
beautiful United States of America
thank you