"Muslims firebombed our orphanage while we slept - Why?" Indonesian Pastor Paulus Wiratno exclusive video interview

Pastor Paulus Wiratno of Mercy Indonesia ran an orphanage and taught Christianity by radio from his Bible School- until neighbor Muslims bombed their dormitories while they slept.  Why?   He explains Muslims' violent intolerance towards non-Muslims in this exclusive DemoCast video interview.

Pastor Wiratno delivered these remarks to religious broadcasters where we met in Nashville in 2011.

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Poisoning of coroner revives interest in Andrew Breitbart's (1969-2012) demise and legacy

Conservative new-media journalist and publisher Mr. Andrew Breitbart dropped dead on an L.A. street on March 1st, 2012 under controversial circumstances.  Weeks earlier, he had announced that he would be revealing a videotape which would incriminate Pres. Barack Obama.  "[We] are going to vet [Obama] from his college days to show you why racial division and class warfare are central to what hope and change was sold in 2008," Breitbart said at a CPAC gathering last month.

At the year-end 2012 TV memorials of notable passings, the mainstream press mostly omitted Andrew Breitbart's, though he was publisher of several significant news sites under Breitbart.com.  

Here is an excerpt of remarks about political correctness squelching criticism which he gave at New Media Expo / BlogWorld in the summer of 2011.

"In No Answers in Death of Technician Linked to Andrew Breitbart" in The Daily Beast
Nov 30, 2012, Christine Pellisek re-vives suspicions of Mr. Breitbart having been killed.
According to early reports, Michael Cormier was ‘seemingly healthy,’ yet ‘suddenly stricken’ with a fatal condition—just like Andrew Breitbart,” read a post on Infowars.com.

The blogs were already speculating that Breitbart—who had announced shortly before his death that he had acquired deeply damaging video footage of President Obama—had been assassinated by the president or his supporters. When Cormier died on the day the coroner’s office announced Breitbart’s cause of death as a heart attack, the right-wing conspiracy theories became more heated. Infowars asked, “Was Cormier targeted because he knew something” about Breitbart’s death which contradicted the official findings? 
Last Monday, the coroner’s office released its findings on Cormier’s official cause of death: he was indeed killed by “extremely high amounts of arsenic in his system,” said Assistant Chief Coroner Ed Winter. “He had a history of heart problems, but it was the arsenic that killed him.”
Read it all


Hurricane Sandy aftermath reveals natures of Obama, Islamists, & Zionists beyond lapdog-media's narrative

Donna VanZant (r), hugged by Obama in pre-election Hurricane Sandy visit,
complains he abandoned her after her photo helped him win re-election
The significance of candidate Barack Obama comforting victims of Hurricane Sandy was an unexpected boon to his campaign which I don't seem to be noticing in post-election analyses. Despite President Obama’s pledge of the full support of the federal government, many hard-hit victims of the Oct. 29th storm had not received help by mid-December.  The victims have had to deal with red-tape the president said would not be tolerated. Victim, Donna Vanzant, whom Obama hugged before cameras, charges  Obama as having exploited her for his campaign, and has not delivered.

Obama’s Broken Promises to Sandy Victims  
Sandy victims still struggling to find warm housing" - 
Washington Free Beacon, Dec 10, 2012
"Six weeks after Sandy hit the New Jersey and New York coast, residents are still struggling and in desperate need of shelter. ... In the Red Hook community of Brooklyn, N.Y., many residents are still living in their unheated, powerless homes in freezing temperatures. Help from the government for residents has not come.

One victim from the Midland Beach section of Staten Island is living out of his car, going from one house to another each day in search of a warm bed. Dozens of residents are living in their sewer-flooded homes without heat or power in Gerritsen Beach.
Family in public FEMA tent after Sandy (Brian Sotelo)

Thousands living in hotels courtesy of FEMA are about to lose their rooms. Hotel stays for victims are set to expire on Dec. 13. That would force tens of thousands into the cold, which could prove a public relations disaster for the Obama administration and FEMA.

“Some people are camping in their homes,” said Kirby Desmarais, volunteer coordinator for Red Hook Volunteers, a group affiliated with the Red Hook Coalition. Desmarais did not have an exact number of those in Red Hook who are living in homes without power or heat in freezing temperatures. But she said it is “a lot.”

Red Hook, located a few blocks from New York Harbor and the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel, was hit hard. The harbor flooded homes and damaged residents’ furnaces and basement electrical boxes. Many residences remain in the dark.

When asked how well the government is responding to the crisis, Desmarais said that it is a “hard question to answer. … We had no help for 12 days. The Red Cross and the National Guard, they came too late to help.”  

Would the media be hiding matters of the government's failures in implementing campaign-promised aid without red-tape if George Bush were still president?  As Obama won, the mainstream media protecting him instead advanced feel-good stories of Secret Santa handing out money. They promoted celebrity fundraising concerts with Obama campaigners Bruce Springsteen and Jon Bonjovi.  The mainstream media advanced Obama's narrative by under-reporting stories about his unfulfilled promises of  disaster-aid follow-up, just as they under-reported stories pertaining to Israeli humanitarian efforts to aid victims - and Islamists' glee in the damage to America- as a step towards its conquest by Islam.

Muslim Clerics: Sandy is Divine Punishment, Israel National News, 11/2/12
Salman al-Audah blames Sandy on Americans not accepting
Islam while his rich country, Saudi Arabia, sent US no aid
Prominent Saudi Arabian cleric Salman al-Audah said the storm, which killed more than 140 people, was a wake-up call for Americans to convert to Islam.
"To all those who pray that Hurricane Sandy will bring disaster, I quote the words of the Prophet [Muhammad about] the idolaters in Mecca: 'I hope that [Allah] produces from their loins [sons] who worship Him [i.e., who become Muslims],'" he wrote, according to remarks translated by The Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI).
Another Saudi cleric, Nasser Al-'Omar, likewise regarded the storm as divine punishment, and even issued a fatwa stating that the Muslims must be glad and thank Allah for it.
"We must rejoice at anything that harms these arrogant and tyrannical oppressors," MEMRI quoted him as having said. 
Various Israeli non-governmental agencies (NGOs) working to bring relief to victims and supplies to emergency workers in New York and New Jersey.  Karen Levy reports from Israel News Agency:
Israel Flying Aid & synagogue volunteers in Connecticut
 preparing an emergency food convoy for Hurricane Sandy victims
One week after New York Governor Andrew Cuomo rejected a formal offer by Israel to assist in emergency disaster relief, other authorities in New York State formally asked Israel for "all aid and or assistance." 
The Israel Defense Forces which has been on-site helping thousands of disaster victims in several countries including Haiti, Turkey, Japan and most recently in Ghana to assist in search-and-rescue efforts following the collapse of a multi-story shopping center in the city of Accra.  Following Governor Cuomo's rejection for assistance from Israel, hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers remained without electricity, food, water and shelter.


Obama ups anti-Zionist foreign policy - to the bewilderment of his pro-Israel voters

Barack Obama and Defense Secy candiate Sen. Chuck Hagel
Since Obama's re-election to the presidency last month, many people concerned about global jihad movement's growth have felt trepidation. Publishing on her blog, Israel's Caroline Glick has called to task both Mr. Obama and those professed "concerned-about-Israel" who voted for him. In just a month, Obama has upped his ante against Israel, both through not deterring the U.N.'s Palestinian recognition vote, and in Obama's appointing anti-Zionist candidates, Susan Rice and Chuck Hagel, for cabinet secretary posts. Ms. Glick also calls to task those surprised that they re-elected this agenda.
Many in the American Jewish community are aghast to discover that President Obama is planning to appoint former Senator Chuck Hagel to serve as Defense Secretary. If you want the skinny on how Hagel has come to be known as one of the few ferociously anti-Israel senators in the past generation, Carl from Jerusalem at Israel Matzav provides it. ... 
Obama enabled the Palestinians to get their non-member state status at the UN by failing to threaten to cut off US funding to the UN in retaliation for such a vote.
Both Presidents Reagan and George H.W. Bush issued such threats during their tenures in office and so prevented the motion from coming to a vote. Given that the Palestinians have had an automatic majority in the General Assembly since at least 1975, the only reason their status was only upgraded in 2012 is because until then, either the PLO didn’t feel like raising the issue or the US threatened to cut off its financial support to the UN if such a motion passed. This year PLO chief Mahmoud Abbas said he wanted to have a vote and Obama responded by not issuing a threat to cut off UN funding. So the Palestinians got their vote and, as expected, it passed overwhelmingly. 
Seeing the upgrade as a Palestinian move is a mistake. It was a joint Palestinian-American move.


Pat Condell rants against "Islamophobia Awareness Month"

Libertarian social pundit, Pat Condell, takes the opportunity to point out exploitation of the label "Islamophobia" for legitimate criticism of Islam has rendered it ineffective.  To better characterize the growing, hostile, supremacist movement, Mr. Condell proposes a 'Cultural Terrorism Awareness Month' or a "Hatred and Violence in the Koran Awareness Month'- because, unlike Islamophobia, it really does exist in black and white for everyone to read."

UN lets Palestinians circumvent peace-talks on 65th anniv of UN resolution they rejected. Palestinian and Israeli nationalists- what are each side's intents?

David Bedein of Center for Near East Policy Research

Prof. Judea Pearl: What's the difference between the U.N. empowering Palestine vs Israel 65-years earlier?

(accompanied by Ruth Pearl and Father Alexei Smith following a staging Judea championed about "The Vote" which partitioned Palestine to create Israel- at American Jewish University, 29 Nov 2012).

Robert Spencer: Will Israel's Muslim neighbors ever stop fighting a Jewish state?

Rabbi Moshe Parry at pro-Israeli defense against Hamas rockets rally in L.A.

Bonfire of Dogmas- Pro-Palestine rally in L.A. reveals Muslim existential threats to Jewish Israel



Pro-Palestine / anti-Israel rally at Israeli Consulate to L.A. reveals a bonfire of dogmas- original, DemoCast documentary coverage

Outside of the Israeli Consulate in L.A on Thurs 15 Nov, Islamist & far-leftist anti-Zionist groups (led by American Muslims for Palestine) staged a vitriolic protest to Israel's attempt to stop incessant Palestinian terrorist rocketing. The protest (which drew reporters from all local TV stations) drew not one  organized, funded pro-Zionst group to counter-rally in Israel's defense.

Rabbi Moshe Parry, leading fewer than half-a-dozen individual Jews in the absence of organized pro-Zionist organizations, stepped-up to challenge the protestors and provide a Zionist perspective to the media.

But the Muslim protestors we interviewed reveal an agenda which goes far beyond just ending the missile defense or a state in Gaza and the West Bank - their goal to conquer the State of Israel. Rabbi Parry states that Jews will never be safe alongside an irredentist movement following a conflicting religious dogma to conquer the state from the Jewish guardianship entrusted to the Jews in the Holy Bible.

The Pro-Israel groups who were absent on Thursday plan to rally support outside the same Consulate on Sunday, 18 November at 1pm. The address is 11000 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles.


DemoCast documentary series, "Israel under Obama" highlights philo-Islamist, Obama administration's special risks to liberty, safety from terror, Middle-East instability, & anti-Semitism - 8:30pm & 11:30pm ET on JLTV - DirecTV & cable

Documentary, "Israel Under Obama," addresses Israel's difficulties with the Obama administration as endemic of its philo-Islamist ideologies- and the threat that poses for Americans and the world.  Two episodes will be telecast on JLTV: 
At 8:30pm ET/7:30 CT/ 5:30 PT, and the other at 11:30pm ET/10:30 CT/ 8:30 PT.  Find JLTV nation-wide on DirecTV on Channel 366. On cable, check local listings or at the end of this article.

An Op/Ed on CNN.com, Israel doesn't swing Jewish voters, by Amitai Etzioni, professor of international relations and director of the Institute for Communitarian Policy Studies at George Washington University
yesterday stated that "it's a myth that the Jewish vote goes to whoever supports Israel more fervently."
Most Jews who will change the party they vote for will not "swing" because of his position on Israel. 
For the vast majority of Jews, Israel ranks surprisingly low in their considerations as voters. Early in 2012, the Public Religion Research Institute found that among self-identified Jewish adults, 51% of those registered to vote cited the economy as the most important issue driving their voting decision. Fifteen percent cited the growing gap between the rich and the poor, while 10% cited health care and 7% the deficit. Only 4% cited Israel as the most important issue to their vote.
As when good Germans elected the National Socialist Party without considering its potential hidden-agendas, so, too many Jewish-Americans go to the polls tomorrow with so much willful blindness to what's behind the least amicable administration towards Israel, at the time when Iran poses the greatest threat to the world, with Israel first.

When Zionist-scapegoating, Statist ideologues like Barack Obama's regime vilify Israel and Jews to distract from their enabling of Statism and Islamist totalitarianism, dormant anti-Semitism proliferates.  As it was done in Germany, and exported to the Muslim world (carried out today by tyrants like Islamic Iran) anti-Zionism/anti-semitism is demogogues' ticket to power. But the power to punish the wicked Jews is not their end-all - as the Nazis showed, it's garnering power and expanding regional political conquest. It's Iran's objective and the Obama Administration has already demonstrated its complicity in empowering Islamism there, in Libya, in Egypt, soon in Syria.  Statism and Islamism are proliferating in American society under the protection of the Obama Administration.  The mainstream media is complict in shielding Obama from scrutiny and culpability regarding recognizing the spread of Islamist influence in American government, politics, and society.

In the DemoCast original series, "Israel Under Obama," savvy celebrities, clergy, a former presidential candidate & Zionistic Americans caution to how Obama Administration's pro-Palestinian, philo-Islamist bent imperils Israel, America & the world.  Watch Episode 2 of "Israel under Obama" here (in 3 sequential segments) in this window.

DemoCast's complete, original documentary series, "Israel Under Obama," was aired over the past month nationally by LegacyTV (aka The Walk.TV). 

Jewish Life TV (JLTV) broadcast Episode 2 yesterday and will rebroadcast it tonight (at 11:30pm Eastern/10:30pm Central/ 8:30pm Pacific). 

Watch the concluding Episode 3 of Israel under Obama, "Hearken!  Modern-day prophets caution us to the perils Obama" below and on JLTV tonight, Nov 5th at 8:30 ET/ 7:30 CT/ 5:30 PT. Inform your friends and neighbors to see it by forwarding this article. 

Episode 3: Jewish & Christian activists have taken steps to alert voters to perils of empowering Obama's philo-Islamist agenda - since the 2008 presidential campaign. Most liberals have shut their eyes. Rabbi Moshe Parry endeavors to open liberal Jewish donors' (and voters') ears at the visit of Pres. Obama to a Hollywood fundraiser. A Hal Lindsey Ministries Christian minister appeals to voters Americans to protect Israel by denying Obama a second, more perilous term.

Former presidential hopeful, Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, condemns the Obama Administration for breaking with Washington's historic relationship with Israel and championing Islamist revolutionaries. The late Andrew Breitbart discussed with DemoCast Obama's hidden personal history holds his pro-Palestinianist/Leftist, anti-Zionist upbringing. He praises conservative Christians for valuing Israel in their voting, more than liberal Jews- dedicated more to social issues.

Rabbi David Algaze, Jon Voight, Ed Ames, Obama's rabbi cousin in the concluding segment of "Israel under Obama." What transformed Barry Soetoro into Barack Hussein Obama? With so much undisclosed about him- except his demonstrated transforming the Middle East into Islamist-dominated societies- how can we risk he and Valerie Jarret won't continue "running interference" for Iran to nuclear weaponize - and be used to nuclear-blackmail the world? 

Rabbis David Algaze, Rabbi Moshe Parry, Obama's cousin Rabbi Funnye, actors Ed Ames and Jon Voight all espouse their observations about the Obama Administration's ideology and renewing its reign.

["Israel under Obama" was drawn from DemoCast's 29-hours of original, on-location (in Nashville, Florida, Washington, New York City, Dearborn, Michigan, and Los Angeles), video footage filmed since the 2008 Presidential campaign.]

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Observers of Obama's 1st term vs Israel caution a reprise- documentary series, "Israel Under Obama" broadcasts nationwide tonight at 10 ET and Sunday, Nov 4th at 4:30 ET

"Israel under Obama" - Obama's enabling Islamism against Israel & its affect on our world. (Part 1 of 3)

Obama's role in the Arab-Israeli conflict & its global ramifications. (Part 2)

Winning freedom's victory against the ascension of Islamism (Part 3)

The documentary will be broadcast on LegacyTV (now The Walk TV) throughout America - at 10pm ET, 9pm CT Nov 1st, 2012. Check for your for local listings.

The conclusion of "Israel Under Obama" will be telecast on Sunday, November 4th at 4:30pm ET/ 3:30pm CT.

If LegacyTV isn't available in your area, stream it here:

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With presidential debates behind us, DemoCast revisits Israel's plight under Obama - broadcast tonight - LegacyTV at 9pm/ 8pm CT

Obama's real record on Israel by Anne Bayefsky Oct 23, 2012 in FoxNews.com  Anne Bayefsky is director of the Touro Institute on Human Rights and the Holocaust. 
The question before American voters, who value our special bond with the Middle East’s only democracy, is whether the specifics of the president’s four-year record are consistent with the well-being of the people who live and breathe Jewish self-determination as a bulwark against modern anti-semitism. 
Just a partial rap-sheet speaks for itself: 
  • President Obama has never visited Israel during his time in office, despite having been as close as thirty minutes away in Egypt, and managing to go to Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Iraq 
  • President Obama told Jewish leaders in July 2009 that he was deliberately adopting a policy of putting daylight between America and Israel. Read More:

Before the candidates' debate rhetoric erased everyone's memory, during the Obama first-term, DemoCast chronicled a foreboding of the American-Israel relationship under Obama.

The second installment of the "Israel under Obama" series will be broadcast tonight on Legacy TV at 9pm ET/8pm CT. 

The program shows Obama's ceremonial pledges to be on Israel's side - contradicted by examples of his philo-Islamist Iran and Arab Palestine policies working against Israel's strength and self-defense. 

It features statements from Amb. John Bolton, former CIA director James Woolsey, Israeli analyst Barry Rubin, actor Jon Voight, radio host, Michael Medved, Malcolm Hoenlein of the Conference of Presidents of Jewish Organizations, and activist Bob Kunst at AIPAC and the White House. 

The show will be broadcast nationwide on LegacyTV across America- check for your for local station listings

If LegacyTV isn't available in your area, you may watch it here:

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Romney / Obama town-hall presidential debate - song-ified!

The morning after the town-hall style presidential debate between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama, Schmoyoho released this entertaining recap:


A glimpse into Obama Admin's leftist/Islamist Middle East agenda; More Jews find safe future with Romney

Presenting an award to Shimon Peres events doesn't outweigh undermining Netanyahu against Iranian enemy
If current trends hold, Mitt Romney is poised to capture the largest share of the Jewish vote by a Republican since Dwight Eisenhower. According to a new index, released by Investor’s Business Daily, Obama is pulling under 50% of the Jewish vote and Romney is pulling nearly 40%: 
Based on these figures, the Jewish vote aggregate average figures for today show President Obama with 48%, Mitt Romney with 39.1%, and 12.7% undecided. 
Obama sabotaged Israel's Azerbaijan attack plans against Iran
by leaking them to the press

These numbers mark the lowest level of support for a Democratic candidate since Jimmy Carter who received only 45% of the the Jewish vote running against Ronald Reagan in 1980, and the greatest amount of Jewish support for a Republican candidate since 1956 when Eisenhower attracted 40% of the Jewish vote. 
Barack Obama won an astounding 78% of the Jewish vote in 2008, meaning that he has bled 30 points of support among this vital coalition. This will be a major factor in a number of states, Florida chief among them. Romney is running 17 points ahead of John McCain’s abysmal 22% share four years ago. This is a major shift, one that can potentially oust Obama from the White House.  (Justin Higgins in JHPolitics.com)

Despite the campaign pomp & ceremony, the reality of the Islamo-Marxism flourishing under Obama means trouble for democracy in the Middle East. A look back at the leftist activism surrounding Netanyahu's visit to the White House and speaking appearance at AIPAC this year.  Commentary from luminaries including Jon Voight, Michael Medved, Amb. John Bolton, Prof. Barry Rubin, & Bob Kunst show and tell the breakdown of Zionist safety and trust by Obama's leftist undermining of Israel's security.


Obama's attitudes towards Israel and the Middle East

Obama on his own Middle East record: Zero Percent Success by Prof. Barry Rubin in PJ Media Oct 10, 2012
.... The (Obama Administration's) "peace process" policy has failed.  And this administration has done more to undermine Israel’s security than all the previous presidencies put together. The problems include: pushing Israel to ease the pressure on Hamas in the Gaza Strip; helping a genocide-oriented anti-Israel government into power in Egypt; same thing in Syria; making America’s leading ally in the region a Turkish regime that was viciously anti-Israel; and more.  Read more.

Romney's vs. Obama's attitudes on Israel by Daniel Pipes in Israel Hayom Sept 4, 2012

"President [Barack] Obama has thrown allies like Israel under the bus," Mitt Romney, the Republican candidate for president, said in his high-profile speech accepting his party's nomination last week, repeating a slang phrase for sacrificing a friend for selfish reasons that he has used before, notably in May 2011 and January this year.

This criticism of Obama fits a persistent Republican critique. Several other recent presidential candidates have also used or endorsed the same "bus" formulation to describe Obama’s attitude to Israel: Herman Cain in May 2011, Rick Perry in September 2011, Newt Gingrich in January 2012, and Rick Santorum in February 2012.

These Republican attacks on Obama's relations with Israel have several important implications for U.S. foreign policy. First, out of the many Middle East-related issues, Israel, and Israel alone, retains a permanent role in U.S. electoral politics, influencing how a significant numbers of voters — not just Jews but also Arabs, Muslims, Evangelical Christians, conservatives and liberals — vote for president.
Read more

DemoCast.TV shows commentary on the course of the Obama Administration's Middle East policies and its impact on the America-Israel relationship.

US Jewry’s cherished values by CAROLINE B. GLICK in The Jerusalem Post  10/11/2012

For 70% of American Jews, party loyalty trumps all of their conceivable rational interests.

Obama’s gutting of Medicare to pay for Obamacare has harmed the medical choices for older Jewish Americans.

His war on tax deductions for charitable contributions has placed synagogues, Jewish schools and nursing homes in financial jeopardy.

So with economics ruled out as a reason to support Obama we are left with American-Jewish values.

But is Obama really advancing those values? What are those values anyway?  Read more

Video chronicle of commentary on US-Israel relations during the Obama Administration from JooTube.TV:

Ms. Glick concludes: "The most disturbing aspect of the surveys of American Jewish voters is not that they are willing to vote for the most hostile US president Israel has ever experienced in order to remain true to their party. The most disturbing aspect of the American Jewish community’s devotion to Obama and the Democrats is that it indicates that the vast majority of American Jews have abandoned their faculties for independent thought and judgment in favor of conformism and slavish partisanship. They have rendered themselves unreachable."


DemoCast broadcasts "Israel under Obama" live on nationwide TV 9-10pm ET

The first installment of DemoCast's "Israel under Obama" series repeats tonight for an hour Legacy TV at 9pm ET/8pm CT. Tonight, Part 1 features "Absolutely Uncertain," the evolution of how the Obama Administration's Middle East polices imperiling Israel have disillusioned a Democrat who voted for him in 2008 to now oppose him.

Part 2 features "Daylight: The Story of Obama and Israel"- an examination of how deeply Obama has violated his 2008 campaign promises to stand-up for Israel's interests and pushed Israel into a corner.

The show is broadcast on LegacyTV throughout America - check for your for local listings.

If LegacyTV isn't available in your area, watch it here:

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"Israel under Obama" broadcast at 9pm edt Thursday 10/11/12

Barack Obama ran for president as a pro-Israel candidate -- but his performance tells a different story. Watch Daylight: The Story of Obama and Israel, produced by Noah Pollak and www.CommitteeForIsrael.com.

A new, 18-minute mini-documentary follows the journey of Irina, a 23-year-old liberal, Jewish New Yorker who voted for Obama in 2008. Yet as her connection to Israel has grown, and she has learned more about the President's policies across the Middle East and towards Israel in particular, Irina has come to realize that "when the chips are down," the President may not "have Israel's back" as he says.

The short film, produced by RightChange features:
  • Exclusive interviews with leading journalists and politicians in Israel (Bloomberg, London Times, Jerusalem Post, etc.)
  • Mainstream news reports (CNN, MSNBC, ABC, BBC, etc.),
  • Clips from longtime Democratic supporters including: Harvard Professor Alan Dershowitz Former NYC Mayor Ed Koch Senator Joseph Lieberman (I-CT) Senator Bob Menendez (D-NJ) Rep. Eliot Engel (D-NY)

"Israel under Obama" slated for broadcast 9pm 10/11/12 Thursday on LegacyTV network (check website for regional availability).


DemoCast new TV series, "Israel under Obama" premieres tonight in battleground states 9pm ET/8pm CT

The first installment of DemoCast's "Israel under Obama" series premieres tonight on Legacy TV at 9pm ET/8pm CT. Part 1 features "Daylight: The Story of Obama and Israel"- an examination of how deeply Obama has violated his 2008 campaign promises to stand-up for Israel's interests and pushed Israel into a corner.

Part 2 features "Absolutely Uncertain," the evolution of how the Obama Administration's Middle East polices imperiling Israel have disillusioned a Democrat who voted for him in 2008 to now oppose him.

The show will air on LegacyTV - check for your for local listings:

If LegacyTV isn't available in your area, watch it here:

Broadcasting live with Ustream

Please support future airings of the "Israel under Obama" series on Legacy and other channels by clicking the "Donate" link in the right-hand column.


How Obama's soft-on-Islamism policies undermine liberty in Middle-East & America- Prof Barry Rubin

Prof. Barry Rubin, known for his Middle East strategies work at the GLORIA Center at the IDC in Herzliya, Israel, is also Middle East Editor for PJ Media.

What to Say When You’re Handed the Obama-Is-Good-for-Israel Talking Points
[Jews for Obama boast that] "Obama just gave Israeli President Shimon Peres a presidential medal
of freedom."  Well, he also has just helped give Israel a second Muslim Brotherhood-dominated regime next door and insists that this is a good thing.

Question: [Jews for Obama claim that] U.S.-Israel bilateral relations are good especially with regard to military aid.

Rubin:  That’s true, but only a small part of that relates to Obama’s benevolence. Why?

a.  Congress supports Israel. There was more pushback against Obama from Democratic members on this issue than on any other, foreign or domestic. Thus, Israel is the only “target” of Obama whose constituency has vocal defenders within his own party that raise the cost of his actions against it, at least during his first term. (Note that last phrase.)

b. The same applies to public opinion, which is strongly pro-Israel. This factor also inhibits Obama, at least during his first term. (Note that last phrase.)

c. Regarding military relations, the U.S. armed forces are generally quite pro-Israel and want these programs. Many of them are based on previous commitments, which Obama merely continues.

An especially important reason why Obama’s administration hasn’t been far more hostile to Israel in practice is that the Arabs and Iran shafted his policy. Remember that Obama offered to support the
Palestinians, pressure Israel, and accelerate talks if only the Arab states and Palestinian Authority showed some flexibility. They repeatedly rejected his efforts—refusing even to talk–giving him no
opportunity or incentive to press Israel for concessions. Note too, though, that the repeated humiliations handed him by the Arabs never made him criticize them publicly, change his general line, or back Israel more enthusiastically.

The same point applies to Iran. While Obama has intensified sanctions on Iran, he:
  • Did so only after a long delay.
  • Did less than Congress wanted/
  • Exempted in effect China, Russia, and Turkey from observing the sanctions.
Obama has been visibly eager to make a deal with Tehran, even on bad terms. Only Iran’s hard line has prevented some kind of arrangement that favored Iran. Instead, though, Tehran has used Obama’s slowness and desire for some compromise in order to buy time for its nuclear program to progress.

Finally, there’s the most important factor of all. The main damage Obama has done to Israeli security is neither so much in the area of bilateral relations nor regarding the Israel-Palestinian conflict but
as a result of his regional policy in the Middle East. This includes his:
  • Soft line toward antisemitic, anti-Israel, and also anti-American Islamism.
  • Support for overturning the Mubarak regime and encouragement for a
    Muslim Brotherhood takeover there. During the 2011 crisis, Obama never
    even consulted Israel. The outspoken antisemitism, calls for genocide
    against Israel’s citizens, and support for anti-Israel terrorism by the
    Muslim Brotherhood have had no effect on Obama’s policy and brought no
    criticism by the U.S. government of that movement.
This point must be underlined. Do not forget for one moment that the Brotherhood is an explicitly antisemitic movement that calls for genocide against Jews in and often outside of Israel. It has never to the tiniest degree criticized or repented for its strong support for Nazi Germany. It is in fact the most important antisemitic movement in the world today. Anyone who claims that this movement is in fact moderate (denying its antisemitism and genocidal intentions) and helps it to achieve power, is acting profoundly against the interests of Israel and of the Jewish people. Period.
Read Prof. Rubin's full points


"The press have become an enemy of the American people"- Pat Caddell

Roger Aronoff in Accuracy in Media Sept 27, 2012 writes about analyst, Pat Caddell's address at their conference last week:

In remarks to the Accuracy in Media conference, “ObamaNation: A Day of Truth,” on September 21st, former Democratic pollster and analyst Pat Caddell said, “I think we’re at the most dangerous time in our political history in terms of the balance of power in the role that the media plays in whether or not we maintain a free democracy.” Caddell noted that while First Amendment protections were originally provided to the press so they would protect the liberty and freedom of the public from “organized governmental power,” they had clearly relinquished the role of impartial news providers.

Nowhere was this more evident than during the tragic death of a U.S. ambassador in Libya that was covered up for nine days because the press and the administration did not want to admit it was a terrorist attack.

“We’ve had nine day of lies over what happened because they can’t dare say it’s a terrorist attack, and the press won’t push this,” said Caddell. “Yesterday there was not a single piece in The New York Times over the question of Libya. Twenty American embassies, yesterday, are under attack. None of that is on the national news. None of it is being pressed in the papers.”

Caddell added that it is one thing for the news to have a biased view, but “It is another thing to specifically decide that you will not tell the American people information they have a right to know.”

Watch Mr. Caddell's entire "Audacity of Corruption" speech and/or a transcript of it here.


Benjamin Netanyahu to the United Nations: The Iranian Red Line (in One Chart)

Alana Goodman in Commentary Contentions  27 September '12:

At the United Nations this afternoon, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu sought to clarify an issue that has confounded President Obama for months — where to place “red lines” on Iran’s nuclear program — by using one simple, easy-to-read chart:

As you can see, that is a drawing of a bomb. It is divided into three stages. Iran has completed the first stage (amassing enough 70 percent-enriched uranium for a bomb), and, according to Netanyahu, can complete the second stage (amassing enough 90 percent-enriched uranium) as soon as next summer. The key here — and this is important — is to stop Iran before it enters the final stage, i.e. the completion of the bomb. Let’s hope the White House was paying attention.

Of course, the bomb drawing got its share of criticism on Twitter, as BuzzFeed reports:

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu punctuated his attempt to rally the international community against Iran’s nuclear program with a crude illustration of a bomb in a speech to the United Nations General Assembly in New York today — a move that drew him an immediate wave of mockery, but also reflected an astute grasp of the changing media climate.

The chart wasn’t unserious, it was simple. And it’s precisely what the public needs to see at this point. The White House has been able to drag their feet on the debate, in part, because they’ve portrayed it as murky and complicated. It isn’t. There will be debates, if and when the time comes, over whether Iran has actually reached the red line, and whether the intelligence is accurate or complete. But there’s no question that a clear and firm line needs to be drawn.


Documentary "2016 Obama's America" asks "If Obama wins, what kind of changes will we be living under in 2016?"

The documentary, 2016 Obama’s America takes audiences on a gripping visual journey into the heart of the world’s most powerful office to reveal the struggle of whether one man’s past will redefine America over the next four years. The film examines the question, “If Obama wins a second term, where will we be in 2016?”

Across the globe and in America, people in 2008 hungered for a leader who would unite and lift us from economic turmoil and war. True to America’s ideals, they invested their hope in a new kind of president, Barack Obama. What they didn’t know is that Obama is a man with a past, and in powerful ways that past defines him--who he is, how he thinks, and where he intends to take America and the world.

Immersed in exotic locales across four continents, best selling author Dinesh D’Souza races against time to find answers to Obama’s past and reveal where America will be in 2016. During this journey he discovers how Hope and Change became radically misunderstood, and identifies new flashpoints for hot wars in mankind’s greatest struggle. The journey moves quickly over the arc of the old colonial empires, into America’s empire of liberty, and we see the unfolding realignment of nations and the shape of the global future.
D'Souza walks the Jakarta, Indonesia where Obama was bred 

Barack Obama Sr's friend, Philip Ochieng, in Nairobi, Kenya 

Producer, Gerald Molen, has produced many of the most memorable films in the last three decades including blockbusters like Jurassic Park,
Twister, Days of Thunder, Hook and Minority Report. He was a producer for the Academy Award winning film Schindler’s List and coproducer for Rain Man which won the Oscar for Best Picture.

The documentary may be viewed online, here, for free, for a limited time. Share this article with your friends, family, and colleagues who would benefit by becoming better informed with the information about Barack Hussein Obama, Jr's anti-colonialist, anti-capitalist upbringing and worldview.

Watch the trailer here, below, and the full documentary.

The Daily Caller reports:
“Obama’s America” hit another roadblock last week when false reports circulated that Fox News Channel was planning to air the documentary for free. 
“The reports of the movie appearing on Fox before the election are completely untrue and we strongly suspect that they are the result of dirty tricks by our opponents who spread this rumor in order to confuse the general public and keep them from going to their local theaters,” D’Souza said.”We urge all Americans to ignore these efforts and go to their local theater and enjoy the movie on the big screen.” 
The film, which traces President Obama’s past in an attempt understand his worldview, has exceeded all box office expectations by becoming the second-highest grossing political documentary of all time. 
So far, it has earned over $30 million since opening in July, according to Deadline, meaning Michael Moore’s “Fahrenheit 9/11″ is the only political documentary to surpass “2016″ in ticket sales. 
Someone illegally uploaded the film to YouTube in “what they suspect to be an organized effort to drive viewers away from the theatrical showing of the film.” 
Late Sunday night, someone uploaded the entire film to YouTube. In a statement released Monday, the producers said that the suspect opponents of the film put it on the Internet to diffuse box office sales.
The full documentary may be able to be viewed here


Amb. John Bolton: Assessing Obama admin's ability to protect the free-world in defeating Islamofascism

Will our world be safer since 9/11, Iraq, and Afghanistan under Obama (& Hillary's) administration's management? Former U.N. Amb. John Bolton's address to the American Freedom Alliance, September 11, '11 at the Intercontintal Hotel in Century City, Los Angeles.

Amb. Bolton assesses how the Obama administration has proven itself unwilling or incapable to protect the world from Islamofascism.


9/11 ceremony in L.A. rekindles the memory of victims (civilian & civil-servants) of Jihadist terror attack- and reunites the free-world in resolve to defeat Jihad

Ceremony held 9/11/11 at the Simon Wiesenthal Center was moderated by Director, Rabbi Abraham Cooper, and featured in this video:
L.A. Police Band conducted by Sam Holcum; 
Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa; 
Rabbi Marvin Hier; 
LAPD Deputy Chief responsible for Counter-terrorism Michael Downing; 
Angeleno survivor of WTC attack, Steve Silva;
L.A. City Officials and foreign diplomats from around the world reciting the names of L.A.-affiliated victims of the jihadist attack on America on September 11, 2001;

Is Islam a threat to democracy? Rabbi Abe Cooper's perspectives:

Rabbi Marvin Hier discusses the media's unwillingness to address Islamist supremacism as a motivation of the terror aspect of the global Jihad movement.


DNC platform slip reveals Obama, Democrat Party disdain for Israel

Amidst boos and multiple votes, Democrat National Committee reverses White House position and reinstates G-d and Jerusalem to party platform.

Charles Krauthammer charges the Obama White House with "moving the party" by undercutting Israel's position by not reversing Obama's omitting previous rejections of Israel returning to 1967 borders, Palestinians to return to Israel, and isolating anti-Zionist Hamas.

PJ Media's Roger Simon gives his experience of the Charlotte vote:
... I was staring, again at least temporarily, into the gaping yaw of the 1930s.  For those fleeting seconds, I realized that, yes, it could also happen here, because, make no mistake about it, those copious boos were not for “God” (except, perhaps, for a few scattered nitwits), but for Israel. A sizable and serious claque on the Democratic National Convention floor was shouting and applauding against the Jews.
Back when I was a kid, when I used to see the Auschwitz numbers on the arms of the nurses in my doctor father’s office, I would wonder how something that horrible could happen. It was beyond my childhood imagination. No longer, unfortunately. Not that the Democratic Party is the equivalent of the Nazi Party, even remotely. I won’t indulge in that game. But those boos, taken with the overall theme of the convention — that we all belong to the government — are chilling. That people of color are often the ones being seduced by this garbage is even more depressing to this ex-civil rights worker. Where, oh where, is Martin Luther King? 
Conventions in general encourage group think, especially now that they are so planned and canned. That is why I cannot believe that Barack Obama (or his clone Valerie Jarrett) did not approve the platform in advance. They can deny that all they wish, but it is absurd to think people who devote their lives, more than anything, to political success would leave such a stone unturned. The platform reflected the manner in which Obama regards Israel, disdain tempered by desire for Jewish votes and money.
DemoCast has tracked Obama's alienating the US-Israel alliance, and movement towards Islamism over his term.  Here are several hours and dozens of clips worth of evidence:

Wayne Allen Root writes in Fox News:
Given the cold shoulder Obama has given Israel since his inauguration, it is not a major shock that he is the first US president to refuse to help Israel defend her citizens and national security. What is a major shock is his showing in no uncertain terms his bias against Israel’s right to defend herself BEFORE the election.
Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/opinion/2012/09/04/why-obama-has-abandoned-israel-and-jews-should-abandon-obama/#ixzz25jlLKyH3


Leftist Jewish pensioners disrupt Republican vs Democrat debate at Jewish Community Center in South Florida- again

Liberal hecklers shut-down the debate between  (left to right)
Rabbi Barry Silver & Palm Beach activist for Obama Mark Alan Silver; and
arguing for Mitt Romney- Tom Trento and Alan Bergstein 
Alan Bergstein writes in BIZPAC Review:  "The Palm Beach County Democratic Party on Tuesday let loose its new weapon, something I call the "Jewish Grandmothers Group," designed to stifle free speech. At the Ross Jewish Community Center in Boynton Beach, Mark Alan Siegel, the chairman of the local party, joined Rabbi Barry Silver to square off in a debate with Christian-Zionist Tom Trento and me. The topic: Should Jews vote for Obama or Romney?  In what should come as no surprise by now, the informational event was closed down early because of threats of disorder.

An early "uh-oh" sign popped up in our heads when, just one hour before the doors were opened, the JCC informed us that all videotaping and cameras were banned from the room. Just the day before, a JCC official carefully planned where the best locations for the cameras would be. Why was the recording of the event canceled? We found out during the meeting. Obviously, with the disruptions so well-planned, the Democrats wanted no record of this behavior to reach the public. They succeeded. An early band of about 50 elderly women, brandishing professionally designed "Women Will Remember in November" signs, occupied the front of the auditorium. Some had Obama stickers glued to their foreheads. The table occupied by Tom and me had a contingent of these seniors in the standing-room-only area right by us. During the event, until it was closed down because of their disruptive antics, they sauntered over to us, uttering denunciations and comments.

Debater Tom Trento was stifled by leftist Jewish seniors

During the debate, this raucous, rude, disrespectful, well-trained squad heckled, jeered and disrupted Tom and me so often that I announced to the time keeper that my speaking time had to be extended in order to compensate for the disorder in the room. The final straw came when a woman, adorned with an Obama sticker, was hauled away from the microphone while shouting indecipherable epithets. Armed security personnel roamed the hall to threaten anyone with an exposed camera that they were to be expelled for having them in view.

Just recall the Democrats' attempts to prevent their members from hearing the issues as explained by Republicans. Debbie Wasserman Schultz in Miami, or the threat of Republicans being arrested at B'nai Torah in Boca RatonThen there was the debate between Democrats and Republicans that was canceled by the sponsor, Hadassah, apparently at Wasserman Schultz's request.

It's clear that the Democratic Party in South Florida is fearful of its loyal members hearing anything that contradicts the tales told them by party leaders. "Keep them ignorant" is the mantra of the left. The media is already complicit with this group. Taking away open, clean, clear dialogue that leads to one making his/her own decisions on such matters as Israel, abortion, taxation or even education is as dangerous to Democrats as kryptonite is to Superman. "Keep free speech at arm's length from the sheep" is their motto.
The Beer Hall Putsch of 1923 was a failed revolution by which Adolf Hitler and other members of the Nazi Party attempted to seize control of Munich, Bavaria and Germany. Hoping to gain power over Germany and reign as a dictator, Hitler staged a coup d'etat during a speech from Bavarian Commisioner Gustav von Kahr at a beer hall in Munich. Hitler was able to establish some control over Munich, but soon it was obvious that the coup wasn't making much real progress. Hitler and other members of his group then decided to stage a march much like the March to Rome in Italy, but were soon stopped and arrested by Bavarian officers.
These incidents are reminiscent of the 1923 Munich Beer Hall Putsch that catapulted Hitler into the limelight. These incidents should send warning bells off in the heads of those who fear the loss of free speech and the dialogue that is expected and welcomed in a democracy such as ours. If the behavior of the "Jewish Grandmothers Group" is an indication that the vast, liberal Jewish community is in the hands of those who would turn this nation into another Nazi Germany, communist Russia, North Korea or Cuba, then all of us, Jews and non-Jews alike, and our descendants will suffer the inevitable fate of tyrannical rule by the few."