DNC platform slip reveals Obama, Democrat Party disdain for Israel

Amidst boos and multiple votes, Democrat National Committee reverses White House position and reinstates G-d and Jerusalem to party platform.

Charles Krauthammer charges the Obama White House with "moving the party" by undercutting Israel's position by not reversing Obama's omitting previous rejections of Israel returning to 1967 borders, Palestinians to return to Israel, and isolating anti-Zionist Hamas.

PJ Media's Roger Simon gives his experience of the Charlotte vote:
... I was staring, again at least temporarily, into the gaping yaw of the 1930s.  For those fleeting seconds, I realized that, yes, it could also happen here, because, make no mistake about it, those copious boos were not for “God” (except, perhaps, for a few scattered nitwits), but for Israel. A sizable and serious claque on the Democratic National Convention floor was shouting and applauding against the Jews.
Back when I was a kid, when I used to see the Auschwitz numbers on the arms of the nurses in my doctor father’s office, I would wonder how something that horrible could happen. It was beyond my childhood imagination. No longer, unfortunately. Not that the Democratic Party is the equivalent of the Nazi Party, even remotely. I won’t indulge in that game. But those boos, taken with the overall theme of the convention — that we all belong to the government — are chilling. That people of color are often the ones being seduced by this garbage is even more depressing to this ex-civil rights worker. Where, oh where, is Martin Luther King? 
Conventions in general encourage group think, especially now that they are so planned and canned. That is why I cannot believe that Barack Obama (or his clone Valerie Jarrett) did not approve the platform in advance. They can deny that all they wish, but it is absurd to think people who devote their lives, more than anything, to political success would leave such a stone unturned. The platform reflected the manner in which Obama regards Israel, disdain tempered by desire for Jewish votes and money.
DemoCast has tracked Obama's alienating the US-Israel alliance, and movement towards Islamism over his term.  Here are several hours and dozens of clips worth of evidence:

Wayne Allen Root writes in Fox News:
Given the cold shoulder Obama has given Israel since his inauguration, it is not a major shock that he is the first US president to refuse to help Israel defend her citizens and national security. What is a major shock is his showing in no uncertain terms his bias against Israel’s right to defend herself BEFORE the election.
Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/opinion/2012/09/04/why-obama-has-abandoned-israel-and-jews-should-abandon-obama/#ixzz25jlLKyH3

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