Portrait honors discriminated war-hero, Ted Rubin, at Long Beach V.A. Medical Center renaming

Calif Jewish War Veterans Cmdr Greg Lee at Long Beach V.A.

Greg Lee, California commander of the Jewish War Veterans, initiated an effort for Holocaust-survivor-turned Korean War Veteran, Tibor ("Ted") Rubin.  Rep. Alan Lowenthal (D-CA-47) championed the initiative to obtain government ratification and enactment.

Pres.Bush bestowed Medal of Honor to Tibor Rubin in 2005
Mr. Lee told us, "It's a great honor for, not only the Jewish War Veterans and Tibor Rubin, it's a great honor for California, Garden Grove- his home town, and the city of Long Beach to have a US government facility of this magnitude and stature named for a resident of the community."

Excerpted from "Long Beach VA hospital renamed after Holocaust survivor, war hero. Local artist-veteran honors Tibor Rubin with portrait for new facility" bwritten by Cory Bilicko, Managing Editor, Signal Tribune May 11, 2017

55-years after the Korean War, Tibor Rubin finally received his Medal-of-Honor

It literally took an act of Congress, but the hospital at the Long Beach Veterans Administration is now the Tibor Rubin VA Medical Center, in honor of the late Holocaust survivor and Medal of Honor recipient.
Tibor's son Frank (in cap) and Rosie (red dress)
in front-row of Long Beach renaming ceremony.
Tibor's wife, Yvonne, wife is reportedly to frail to attend.

The local VA hosted a renaming ceremony Wednesday morning to honor the Jewish– and previously unsung– foreign-born hero who would eventually step up to serve in the US Army.

Born in Hungary in 1929, Rubin, as a teenager, would endure 14 months in the Mauthausen concentration camp in Austria during World War II. His parents and younger sister were killed, but he was among those whom the US Army eventually liberated on May 5, 1945.

That rescue inspired Rubin to enlist in the US Army, and he was eventually deployed in 1950 as a member of the 8th Cavalry Regiment, 1st Cavalry Division as a rifleman during the Korean War.

Despite facing religious discrimination from a sergeant who sent him on the most dangerous assignments and then withheld his commendation, Rubin fought “valiantly in several notable engagements,” according to the office of Congressmember Alan Lowenthal (CA-47), who introduced legislation last year to rename the VA center in Rubin’s name.

Rep. Alan Lowenthal addressing ceremony
Eleven years before Lowenthal’s effort to honor Rubin, President George W. Bush had honored him with the Medal of Honor, saying that “Rubin’s many acts of courage during the Korean War saved the lives of hundreds of his fellow soldiers.”

Among Rubin’s engagements that eventually earned him posthumous recognition was his enabling the complete withdrawal of his fellow soldiers by alone defending a hill under an assault by North Korean troops. While his regiment retreated to the Pusan Perimeter, Rubin stood alone and protected the Taegu-Pusan road from attacking forces and maintained his position for 24 hours, slowing enemy advance and allowing for the regiment’s successful withdrawal.

“One night near the Pusan Perimeter, Corporal Rubin had been assigned to hold a hill that was essential to the 3rd Battalion safe withdrawal,” Bush said in his speech. “For 24 hours, this lone rifleman would defend the hill against an overwhelming number of North Korean forces. By his actions, Corporal Rubin inflicted heavy casualties on the enemy, saved the lives of countless soldiers, and gave the unit time to withdraw.”

Bush continued with another of Rubin’s heroic acts.

“When Corporal Rubin’s battalion found itself ambushed by thousands of Chinese troops, the Americans’ firepower soon dwindled to a single machine gun,” Bush said. “The weapon was in an exposed position and three soldiers had already died manning it. That was when Corporal Rubin stepped forward. He fought until his ammunition was gone… He risked his life that day to protect his fellow American soldiers, and his heroism helped many of them escape.”

On another assignment, after being seriously injured and captured, Rubin was held in a prisoner-of-war camp, where he risked personal safety to sneak out at night in search of food for his fellow prisoners. He would later be credited for saving the lives of as many as 40 of his comrades.

Rubin’s army service ended in July 1953, and he became a US citizen about a year later. Watch an original video of the Long Beach VA Medical Center's renaming and portrait unveiling ceremony attended by many hospital and community lauders of Corporal Rubin.

Rabbi Moshe Engel and wife behind posing
Frank Rubin and Rep. Alan Lowenthal

Rabbi Moishe Engel also spoke at the event, saying Rubin’s self-sacrifice proved him worthy of the great honor that came much later in his life.  “His comrades recommended he receive the Congressional Medal of Honor for his bravery and his dedication to his comrades in arms,” Rabbi Engel said. 

“The sergeant’s response was, ‘No Jew will ever receive this honor under my watch.’ His risking his life again and again for his fellow soldiers went unrecognized. Many of the soldiers whose lives he had saved, as well as the Jewish war veterans, were on a campaign for America to recognize this hero. And, so, in 2005, 55 years after the Korean War, he received his due– the Congressional Medal of Honor. President Bush acknowledged at his presentation that it was due to prejudice that he received this honor 55 years late.”
V.A. Med Center chief Walt Dannenberg unveils
Wavell-Smith's portrait of Tibor Rubin

At the culmination of the ceremony, a portrait created by artist Stewart Wavell-Smith was unveiled. The painting shows Rubin wearing his Medal of Honor, in front of the VA Medical Center that will now bear his name.In an email to the Signal Tribune this week, Wavell-Smith explained the connection he felt to Rubin. He said that, at 19, he had visited the concentration camp where Rubin was interred, and that experience has stayed with him through the years. Also, like Rubin, Wavell-Smith himself had received treatment at the Long Beach VA.
Stewart and Walt present renamed hospital portrait
to Tibor's children, Frank and Rosie

“In researching Tibor, and him surviving that death camp, I was moved to thank him by painting him and the place of healing that saved my life in 2015,” the artist said. “This small token of my appreciation to Long Beach VA and being able to honor Tibor has been a blessing. Since 1965, I have had the honor to serve my country through my God-given gift.”

Wavell-Smith’s portrait– a two-foot-by-three-foot acrylic painting titled “Shalom Tibor”– will reside in the restored lobby of the medical center upon completion of a construction project to seismically retrofit and upgrade the building.
The Tibor Rubin portrait will hang once in the lobby remodeling
is completed in the next few months

The artist-veteran also has the distinction of having his work on display in one of the nation’s most important buildings.

Artist, Stewart Wavell-Smith shared his feelings on his patriotic portraiture before he left the event. 

“I also have had the honor to recognize young Americans in a mural that resides on the fifth floor on ‘A’ ring between corridors 1 and 10 in the Pentagon in Washington DC, that is called ‘Operation Enduring Freedom,’” Wavell-Smith said. “A reproduction of the mural resides near the emergency entrance of the [Long Beach VA] medical center. I feel very fortunate that I can thank Tibor and the VA Medical Center at the same time.”


Fascism's victims testify- and sound caution on pacifism toward Islamofascism- on Victory in Europe ("V-E") Day

    General Stumpf, Marshall Keitel and Admiral Friedeburg sign the German Instrument of Surrender
    at Russian headquarters in Berlin on May 8, 1945. (Credit: Keystone-France/Gamma-Keystone
    via Getty Images)

D-Day to V-E Day

World War II continued for almost 11 months after the successful Normandy landings in France on June 6, 1944, commonly known as D-Day. Here are some of the key moments that led to Victory in Europe Day on May 8, 1945.

Czech Republic Consul General Pavel Sepelak spoke at a Holocaust Remembrance event last May at the Museum of Tolerance. 

Bill Harvey, the late, Hollywood stylist and Czech Holocaust survivor (92 years of age when he recorded this) recounts his experience in Auschwitz. 

Belgian-born gentile, John P. Verbeke recounts his life under Nazi German occupation beginning in May 1940, through Allied liberation beginning V-E Day, 8 May 1945. He explains what life was like for Christians and Jews and the conditions Belgian inhabitants were placed under by the Germans and their collaborators. 



Guy Milliere: Les cent premiers jours de la presidence Trump. Les cent premiers jours de la presidence Trump sont un succes, et ne sont qu'un debut. Mon livre sur la revolution Trump expliquera ce qu'il faut savoir.


Emmanuel Macron est un produit de marketing. Un candidat gauchiste aux accents antisemites obtient presque 20%. La candidate du Front National est au second tour. Une election qui laisse entrevoir un avenir tres inquietant. Les Juifs francais sont bien davantage menaces par l'extreme gauche "antisioniste" et par l'antisemitisme islamique que par l'antisemitisme d extreme droite. Et en ce jour de Yom HaSAhoah, je pense aux Juifs francais tues par des islamistes. La derniere victime en date s'appelle Sarah Lucie Halimi.

Pourquoi je ne voterai ni pour Marine Le Pen ni pour Emmanuel Macron, et ce qui risqué de survenir quand Emmanuel Macron sera elu.


'France may elect it's final Christian president, in Macron'- writer Guy Milliere

French candidates Marine Le Pen and Emmanuel Macron
French Elections: Emmanuel Macron, a Disaster by Guy Millière in Gatestone Institute, May 1, 2017 
Anti-West, anti-Israeli and anti-Jewish diatribes were delivered to enthusiastic crowds of bearded men and veiled women. One hundred and fifty thousand people attended.
Emmanuel Macron promised to facilitate the construction of mosques in France. He declared that "French culture does not exist" and that he has "never seen" French art. The risk is high that Macron will disappoint the French even faster than Hollande did.
French author, Guy Milliere
"Twilight Over Europe"
Nothing Macron proposes can reverse the decline of the French economy and French society. Terror attacks will undoubtedly occur. Jews and others will undoubtedly be killed. Riots and discontent will undoubtedly take place.
On the evening of the second round of elections, people will party in the chic neighborhoods of Paris and in ministries. In districts where poor people live, cars will be set on fire. For more than a decade, whenever there is a festive evening in France, cars are set on fire in districts where poor people live. Unassimilated migrants have their own traditions.
Macron now has the support of the entire Socialist party, and the support of virtually all other politicians. He also has the support of all French Muslim organizations. The rector of the Great Mosque of Paris said that Muslims must "massively vote" for him. The Jewish community leaders also rallied on behalf of Macron. On May 7, he will likely get more than 60% of the vote.
Most will not be based on the support for a project; the risk is high that Macron will disappoint the French even faster than Hollande did. The French may quickly discover that he is just a man chosen by the French left to preserve an unsustainable status quo a little longer, and a member of the self-appointed élites who do not care about ordinary people's problems, who consider that terrorist acts are "imponderable events", and who believe that national identities can melt in a no-border globalized world. When the French discover who Macron is, there will be nothing they can do to change what they voted in.
French Elections: Concern for France- Guy Milliere interview

Self-exiled French writer, Milliere, predicts that under Emmanuel Macron, France's socialists will overwhelm the system with Muslim & African (Jew-hating) immigrant voters to promote totalitarian Islam. Anyone dissenting from the leftist multiculturalist ideal (particularly over its antisemitism) will face the same dilemma as he - and fascistic bigotry from leftists and Muslims will pressure them to leave their French lives, where financially possible. It's better to emigrate than to flee, Milliere quotes. 

French papers react to presidential debate: More like a boxing match! FRANCE 24 English


Indigenous Jews lead democratic Israel to 69 years of independence

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in the “Independence Hall”
Tel Aviv. Originally Dizengoff House, it's the site of Israel’s Declaration
of Independence signing. (Photo: Avigail Uzi/POOL/FLASH90)
Middle East Studies Professor Josef Olmert published in the Huffington Post on Israel's Independence Day (according to the Hebrew calendar) May 2, 2017"Israel At 69- Stability, Prosperity, Strength and the Future."
Celebrating the 69th Independence Day is not something, that all Israelis take for granted. Israel is the third expression of Jewish national sovereignty in the ancient historic homeland of the Jewish people, and that in itself is an indication of the specialty of Israel’s renewed independence and amazing history. Add up to this, that it is coming as it is, after the largest ever attempt to destroy the entire Jewish people, the Holocaust of 1939-1945, and it happens in the most unstable, volatile region of the world, the Middle East, where there are those, too many of them, who want Israel to simply disappear from the face of the Earth.
Line engraving of the destruction of Jerusalem from an 18th
century edition of Josephus' Antiquities of the Jews. The
destruction of the Kingdom of Judah's Solomon's Temple 
(587 B.C.) is visible in the background.
Addressing the history of Judea, Israel, (renamed Palestine) from ancient, pre-Roman to modern times, Ambassador Bradley Gordon reinforces Israel's legitimacy and ethicality in defending Jews from Islamist Palestinian-Muslim conquest.

How legitimate is Jewish sovereignty in Jerusalem? No city on earth other than Jerusalem is inhabited by the same people, speaking the same language, and worshipping the same god as there as they have for 3,000 years. 'The indigenous people of Palestine are Jews'- historian Bradley Gordon explained at AIPAC '14 Policy Conference.

If Sykes -Picot was the initiator of artificial political entities in the Middle East, then the ONE state which has betrayed all the odds and remained stable, is Israel. Can it be said about Syria, Iraq, Lebanon and Jordan? The on-going stability of Israel, contrasted with the chronic instability of the neighbors is the best indication, that Marxist or other so-called ‘’anti colonial’’ theories are not relevant in the case of Israel. Jews simply are NOT colonialists in their homeland.
Ryan Bellerose is a Métis, indigenous to Manitoba and Alberta. This expert on indigenous peoples, Ryan Bellrose explains further how Jews and not Arabs are the true "indigenous people" of Israel. (Upload courtesy Jacob Kornbluth)

Josef Olmert (continued):

... as we count the tremendous achievements of this state , no one can also ignore the enormous challenges facing a state and a people which still have to explain what otherwise no other people have to do, and this is that they have a right to exist in their historic homeland . Yes, this is where the conflict with many Arabs and Palestinians continue to cast a shadow over one of the greatest success stories of the last 100 years in the world, the reestablishment of Jewish national sovereignty in the land of the Jews.
Do "Palestinians" exist as a nation? by Project Stolen (in 3 Segments) (Modern Palestinians Myth)

Project Stolen

Those who support Israel are entitled to celebrate in this one particular day, but they are also reminded that the celebration is far from being universal and uncontested. Seventy is a symbolic number in Jewish tradition , and hopefully , the celebrations next year, the 70th anniversary, will be also about major progress, if not outright peace with the Arab neighbors. Not at all only Israel to do, also the responsibility of the other side.
"From Time Immemorial – The Everlasting Jewish Tie to the Land of Israel"

(Video: Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs)