Experts interpret the world's socio-political / economic changes at A.F.A's "World War III - the Early Days" Conference

American Freedom Alliance's Dr. Karen Siegemund - the conference chair of "World War III: The Early Years" - explains that the objective of their Spring '23 conference was to raise awareness about the ongoing war being waged against the United States on multiple fronts, including the Chinese Communist Party. She suggests that this war takes various forms, such as the virus and lockdown measures, as well as softer incursions. The conference aims to inform participants about these threats and empower them to take defensive action, if not overtly contesting the Chinese Communist Party. 


Dr. Siegemund also highlights the dangerous alliance between China and Russia, considering it a key factor in categorizing the current state of affairs as World War III.

Ed Dowd, RFK's treasurer and financial expert, discusses the anomalies in the financial system and his concerns about its future. He points out negative M2 money supply growth, which historically leads to financial panics and bank failures. Dowd predicts a deep recession and potential wars in the next five years, warning that the debt-based central banking system often leads to conflict. He advises holding cash equivalents like treasury bills in retirement accounts and suggests caution with gold in the short-term. Dowd also expresses skepticism about replacing the Petro dollar with the Petro Yuan and warns against digital currencies, which he sees as a form of social control. He encourages resistance to compliance and criticizes the concept of 15-minute cities.

Mr. Dowd believes individuals can exercise their power to seek alternatives and move away from oppressive areas.


Political scientist, Stephen Coughlin clarifies Marxist transforming of western societies. 

Expert Dave Walsh: Energy policies prioritizing 'environmental' over pragmatic- what we lose:

Resist the Deep State: whistleblower Col. (ret.) John Mills' tips from saga "The Nation Will Follow"

Conference chair, Dr. Karen Siegemund discusses the manipulation of reality by big tech companies and search engines such as Google. She recalls conversations with experts who highlighted the threat posed by search engines in shaping our perception of reality.

Dr. Siegemund also expresses concerns about the U.S. government's potential involvement in censoring misinformation, emphasizing the importance of free speech in combating such actions. She emphasizes the need for vigilance and acknowledges the significance of the work being done in this area.


Weimar America? Victor Davis Hanson: We may be headed for a 1930's nightmare

by Victor Davis Hanson in American Greatness Dec 4, 2023

Something eerie, something creepy, is happening in the world—and now in America as well. The dark mood is brought on by elite universities, the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion industry, and massive immigration from illiberal nations and anti-Enlightenment societies.

Something eerie, something creepy, is happening in the world—and now in America as well. The dark mood is brought on by elite universities, the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion industry, and massive immigration from illiberal nations and anti-Enlightenment societies.

At Hillcrest High School in Queens, New York, hundreds of students rioted on news that a single teacher in her private social media account had expressed support for Israel. Waving Palestinian flags, and screaming violent threats, the student mob rioted, destroyed school property, sought the teacher out and tried to crash into her classroom—before she was saved from violence by other teachers and an eventual police arrival.

The subtext was that the overwhelmingly minority students (whose school is ranked academically near the bottom among New York City schools) were acculturated to the racist reality that as the “oppressed” they were exempt from any punishment for hunting down their own teacher. As a Jewish (and thus white) “oppressive” supporter of Israel, she was reduced to, in the words an enthusiastic commenter on a Tik Tok video of the riot, a “cracker ass bitch.” And so the student pack tracked her down as if they were hunting an animal. The old Nazi youth gangs tried to kill Jews because they were not considered “white;” our new Nazis hunt them down because they allege that they are. The common denominator between the 1930s and 2023 is an unhinged hatred of Jews.

Hundreds of such incidents are now occurring on a daily basis—as the country is leaving its Weimar phase and heading at warp speed into normalizing Jew-hatred and worse. Instructors singled out Jewish students in classes at UC Davis and Stanford. Pro-Hamas students ripped down posters, swarmed public buildings, and disrupted traffic.

A pro-Israeli demonstrator in Los Angeles was hit on the head and killed by a pro-Palestinian university professor.

Jewish students were trapped in a Cooper Union university library surrounded by pro-Hamas demonstrators. At MIT, Jewish students were warned to keep away from particular areas of the campus deemed dangerous for them.

What would happen to a university president who warned black or Latino students to keep clear of areas where she could not guarantee their safety from other students?

A bankrupt media deserves much of the blame. They daily broadcast Hamas’s suspect casualty figures, as if that terrorist organization has ever been capable of speaking the truth.

The Western news regurgitated “500 dead at a Gaza hospital,” due to a supposedly deliberate Israel bombing. In fact, the hospital parking lot was hit by an errant Islamic Jihad missile intended to kill civilians in Israel.

No matter—few reporters apologized for spreading Hamas-fed misinformation, despite the previous Hamas lies that they never harmed civilians, that tunnels were not beneath hospital grounds, that they did not murder 1,200 Israelis; or their lies that Hamas gunmen do not rape, when they engaged in mass rape on October 7.

The media normalizes Hamas’s atrocities by treating it as if it were an ordinary government, not a murderous terrorist clique that decapitates civilians, takes children as hostages, and mutilates those it slaughters. That the terrorist organization has kidnapped at least ten American citizens and killed perhaps another 31 is lost on the “journalists,” many of them Americans who could care less about the fate of their fellow citizens.

The media fixates on the Israeli response to mass murder, but rarely the mass murder of 1,200 Israeli civilians that prompted the current war. During ceasefires do Israeli terrorists drive into Gaza cities, and shoot and kill innocent civilians—and then brag, as did Hamas recently, that such murdering will only increase?

Sometimes the anti-Semitic hatred reaches Orwellian levels of absurdity. A British reporter asked an Israeli official whether his country valued life less than Hamas did because it had agreed to Hamas’s demand to release three convicted terrorists in exchange for one Israeli captive. The media fawned over a released disfigured Gazan terrorist—without mentioning that her injuries came from a car bomb she exploded in hopes of killing Jews.

The media is further emboldened by the Biden administration. When asked about the outbreak of anti-Semitism across the U.S.—nearly 60 percent of hate crimes are committed against Jews, who make up 2.5 percent of the population—Biden Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre dismissed them with the false claim that the White House “had not seen any credible threats” to Jews. And then she claimed that the real danger to American residents was Islamophobia and threats to Arab-Americans. Hate crime and interracial crime statistics do not support Jean-Pierre’s assertions, which prompts the question of why she made them in the first place.

Note that almost all the violence in demonstrations over the current war comes from the pro-Hamas side that shouts “river to the sea” genocidal threats, swarms the Capitol rotunda and the White House wall, disrupts traffic, occupies bridges at peak traffic, defaces private and public property, shouts down speakers on campus, harasses passers-by, and often battles the police. One wonders whether, should the U.S. military be forced to try to rescue American captives, the demonstrators would cheer for the American troops or Hamas hostage-takers.

Abroad, the world has gone even crazier.

The United Nations has appointed Iran—a theocratic, terrorist-supporting government that kills dissidents and takes hostages—as the chair nation of the UN Human Rights Council Social Forum. What a cruel joke.

But what would one expect from the UN when its secretary-general, António Manuel de Oliveira Guterres, a former Portuguese socialist politician, condemns the Israeli response to October 7, but rarely, if ever, the Hamas mass killing of civilians that prompted it. Right after the mass killing Guterres opined, “The attacks by Hamas did not happen in a vacuum.” According to the secretary-general’s logic, I suppose, Pearl Harbor, the 1939 Nazi invasion of Poland, and the Russian invasion of Ukraine did not happen in a vacuum either.

When told that an Irish citizen hostage was freed by Hamas, Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar declared that the “lost” child was finally “found.” In other words, he wished to hide the obvious fact that a terrorist organization had kidnapped an Irish citizen child, held her hostage for 50 days, and released her only when Israel gave up convicted terrorists to obtain her release.

Our domestic political leadership is not helping the situation.

Just days after October 7, Secretary of State Antony Blinken, along with the foreign minister of the now often hostile Turkish government, were calling for a cease-fire to prevent an Israeli response.

When the Islamic Jihad rocket aimed at Israeli cities went off course and damaged a Gaza hospital (leading to the fake story that Israel bombed the hospital), President Biden joked, “You got to learn to shoot straight.” Did Biden mean that, had the terrorists only launched a successful terrorist rocket into Jewish neighborhoods, there would have been no ensuing controversies?

Biden later apologized for doubting fatality figures provided by the Gaza Health Ministry, which is controlled by Hamas—a terrorist organization that has lied about the hospital “bombing,” denied it had tunnels under hospitals, denied that it had engaged in mass rape in Israel, and has supplied no proof of its civilian casualty numbers. Has Hamas released figures of how many of its terrorists were killed, and does it separate those numbers from lost “civilians?” And so are there really vast new cemeteries in Gaza to handle the 15,000 graves for those who, Hamas asserts, were killed?

What explains the collective madness?

For the last 40 years, while Western leftists have naively supported Palestinian terrorists, their governments have appeased terrorist-supporting Middle Eastern governments for very practical reasons. The old subtext to such mollification was that 500-million irate Arab Muslims, and a Middle East with 40 percent of the world’s oil reserves, in realist terms, simply argued against the interests of 10 million Israelis.

But now there are two new, venomous elements in the matrix.

One is that the racist DEI industry assumes that all intersectional nonwhite communities are victims of white privilege and supremacy. Therefore, as permanently oppressed, they are declared incapable of being racist themselves. And so they can harass with impunity the supposed victimizers—in this case American Jews, who are declared culpable whites.

So the oppressed, according to the DEI bible, cannot be anti-Semitic, though many certainly are. And they apparently cannot be held accountable for their hatred or frequent violence.

Secondly, in the last two decades there has been an epidemic of immigration into Western nations from the Middle East. In often-divided democracies like ours, politicians seek to appease as many pressure groups as possible, whether citizen voters or merely resident demonstrators, to acquire and maintain power.

Such pro-Hamas demonstrators, rah-rahing from a free, prosperous, and secure West, expect no rebuke for their obvious hypocrisy in cheering on an autocratic, dictatorial Hamas that has wrecked the economy of Gaza, shoots dissidents, and allows no free expression. And Middle Eastern guests and immigrants are never reminded that their very demonstrations are predicated on not being physically present in their homelands, where they might be shot for what they say and do freely in the West.

We are on a trajectory similar to that of 1930s Germany.

Every time a student is cornered, harassed, or threatened; a high school mob tries to swarm and harm a teacher; a government spokesperson dismisses such hatred; or American soldiers are targeted by Iranian-fed terrorist organizations; the madness, racism, and anti-Semitism will increase—until it reaches a saturation point of abject violence in our streets.

Once a society mainstreams the values of thuggish brownshirts, and ignores their “from the river to the sea” eliminationist chants and screams of “beat the f—king Jew,” then the next emboldened step is foreordained.

True, most Americans were appalled by October 7 and accept that every nation has the right to defend itself from terrorist killers. Most Americans deplore vicious demonstrators and their calls for violence on behalf of the Hamas death cult. And most Americans want their President to demand the release of American hostages and to deter Iranian-backed terrorists who attack U.S. military personnel in the region.

But unless the public demands that their universities enforce on campus the Bill of Rights and the right to move freely in safety, that police enforce laws against mob violence on America’s streets and in our schools, and that the United States stops greenlighting mass immigration from anti-Western nations and extending student visas to residents of anti-American, terrorist-supporting, and autocratic Middle East regimes, then in suicidal fashion we are headed for a 1930s nightmare.


Inhibited against challenging Islamo-Marxism since 9/11/2001, how will westerners rescue their societies from its growth?

London's Metropolitan Police are reporting a significant surge in antisemitic and anti-Islamic hate crimes in the city since the start of the Israel-Hamas conflict. 

In a statement Friday, they said that from October 1 to 18 the department saw 218 antisemitic offenses compared to 15 in the same period last year, while Islamophobic offenses jumped from 42 to 101, representing increases of 1,353 percent and 140 percent respectively. The department said the crimes include abuse directed at individuals or groups in person or online, racially or religiously motivated criminal damage and other offenses. 

Antisemitic Hate Speech Calling for Jewish Deaths in Several UK Mosques Amid Israel-Hamas.  

A TalkTV investigation has unearthed footage of hate preachers in several UK mosques calling for Jewish people to be killed. Antisemitic hate preaching has been suspected in Britain's mosques in the context of Israel's war on Hamas. 

The TalkTV investigation found footage of preachers in several mosques calling for Jews to be killed and Israel to be destroyed. These preachers have been filmed as they curse the Jews and the children of Israel in Arabic, and call upon Allah to grant them victory over their enemies. The language used is considered extremist and hateful, with some preachers calling for the destruction of homes, the dispersion of enemies, and the indiscriminate killing of civilians. 

It is noted that this rhetoric is similar to that of Abu Hamza, a known hate preacher who was deported from the UK. Jewish groups in the UK have expressed concern that some of the preaching is hate speech that could lead to hate crimes, extremism, and terrorism. Some have called for prosecutions, while others believe that the police are not doing enough. The Charities Commission is also examining the videos as some of the mosques are linked to registered charities hoping to gather evidence of wrongdoing.

Willful blindness 22-years past September 11th. 

Robert Spencer discusses the stance of Islam on dealing with the non-Muslim world. He argues that Islam is a supremacist, authoritarian, violent, and expansionist religion, with efforts always made to spread and extend its hegemony over non-Muslim political entities. Islamic groups in the United States have been successful in making people afraid to criticize Islam, even in regard to Jihad violence and Sharia expansionism. 

Mr. Spencer also mentions that there is a concerted effort by Islamic groups to bring Sharia prohibition on criticism of Islam to the West, and the left, which is censorious itself, eagerly supports this. He emphasizes the need for criticism and scrutiny of belief systems, but not to victimize innocent individuals. 

Mr. Spencer believes that the coordination between Islamic advocacy groups and leftist allies in silencing criticism of Islam is not a coincidence, as both groups have a vested interest in curtailing freedom of speech.  He concludes by stating that Sharia applies not just to Muslims, but also to non-Muslims, citing an example of Christians in Egypt who were brutally murdered for selling alcohol, which is not illegal in Christianity but is under Islamic law.


"Son of Hamas Co-Founder Denounces Group at UN, Exposes 'Savage' Indoctrination of Palestinian Kids."

Son of co-founder of Hamas, Mosab Hassan Yousef, denounces the group and its indoctrination of Palestinian children. Hamas's strategy of using human shields in Gaza led to the deaths of many innocent children, which the speaker calls a "crime that cannot be forgiven." He emphasizes that Israel's response to Hamas was necessary and that the defeat of Hamas in Gaza is necessary for global security to prevent the spread of terrorism. He calls on the international community to take action to bring an end to the violence in Gaza and prevent the spread of violence and terrorism.



GOP Congressmen explore the turmoil from Iranian-proxy, Hamas, and Marxist anti-Israel protests

R.J.C. director Lee Zeldin, with Republican congressmen Mike Waltz (FL),
Don Bacon (NE), Byron Donalds (FL) and Jim Banks (IN)

Former congressman Lee Zeldin (NY-1) moderated a Republican Jewish Coalition Forum panel last weekend with House Representatives Mike Waltz (FL-6), Rep. Don Bacon (NE-2), Rep. Byron Donalds (FL-19), and Rep. Jim Banks (IN-03). Zeldin, presently an R.J.C. Board Director, shepherded the GOP congressmen to discuss several key issues, including the threat posed by Iran, China, and Israel's ongoing conflict with Islamist imperialism.

Rep. Jim Waltz discussed Iranian-trained Hamas' October 7th invasion of Israel's southern towns being presumed a failure of the American intelligence apparatus. 

convinced it was the intelligence failure that we're being led to believe. I do think we picked up analysts, our collectors, are pushing those indicators up to our policy makers - that are either ignorantly or willfully on the side of Iran - were they then ignored? And when you have the lead negotiator for the Obama Administration Rob Malley - who was then the lead Rob Malley, that were obsessed with the Iran Deal 2.0. 
His entire ring is still sitting in government! He's being investigated by the FBI his security clearance has been pulled but (Ms. Ariane) Tabatabai is the chief of staff for Special Operations in the Pentagon right now - today! She is sitting on top secret systems with our most compartmented information across our most sensitive programs against Iran - and she hasn't been removed! This Administration won't remove her! 
But we're getting after it, Lee, and we're digging hard because there is, I believe, there is a scandal and a conspiracy here that only House Republicans can uncover. And then second, Lee, I don't believe this was an intelligence problem - this is a policy problem.

Reps. Byron Donald and Jim Banks discuss the economic sanctions on Iran and the reintroduction of the Maximum Pressure Campaign Act to codify previously successful sanctions under President Trump. Lee Zeldin introduces Jim Banks to highlight his and, particularly, former House Speaker Rep. Kevin McCarthy's role in the Select Committee on the Chinese Communist Party and its efforts to stop the flow of American investment dollars to China's military. 

recognize that our biggest adversary, China is Iran's best friend and China is no friend to Israel. They've called for a ceasefire in Gaza what as as Walt said one-third of Iran's oil exports go to China so we have to we have to recognize that that threat is very much linked and we have to do something about it and I believed that on the Select Committee on the Chinese Communist Party that we're going to make that one of our big missions over the year left that we is a bipartisan committee and that's the good part.

so bad and weak on the China subject today that you think that in many ways the political interests that are most friendly to China own the Democrat Party today. And that's something that's very sad to me someone who grew up in a working-class, union household in Indiana. To know that the Democrat Party is the power is the party that is most intertwined with the corporate interests that are that selling us out to China each and every day.
The panelists also touched on the ongoing conflict between Israel and Islamic State and the need for strong U.S. policy to support Israel and its allies in the fight against terrorism. Overall, the speakers emphasize the threats posed by Iran, China, and terrorist groups, and the critical role that the US needs to play in countering those threats.


"The late, great Hamas finally got its wish and … ?" by Victor Davis Hanson

"Just this once, and for a while longer at least, no one is listening to the leftist, Islamist and antisemitic defense of the indefensible." (JNS.org)

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RFK's policy speech minutes after arrest of potential assassin at L.A. theater near where his father was assassinated

Robert F. Kennedy explaining threats of Biden-opened,
southwestern US border in documentary film
The man was who arrested at Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s campaign event Friday afternoon in Los Angeles, California, was identified Saturday. Adrian Paul Aispuro, 44, has been charged with a felony charge of carrying a concealed weapon. Aispuro was carrying "shoulder holsters with loaded pistols and spare ammunition magazines," "a U.S. Marshal badge on a lanyard, and belt clip federal ID" per Kennedy. 

Aispuro remains in police custody and his bail has been set at $35,000. 

Adrian Paul Aispuro

The campaign also claimed that the LAPD "took custody" of a second man they allege came to the event with Aispuro, but the LAPD said Saturday they have no information on a second armed suspect.

LAPD remains the lead agency on the case, the station's Watch Commander said earlier. In July, DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas and a bipartisan committee rejected a request from Kennedy for Secret Service protection.

Kennedy said at the time that his request "included a 67-page report...detailing unique and well-established security and safety risks aside from commonplace death threats." 

Kennedy, whose uncle and father were both assassinated (RFK Sr was shot at the Ambassador Hotel, less than 2 miles east of the Wilshire Ebell Theater), raised the issue of a Secret Service detail again in his statement on Friday night, claiming he was the "first presidential candidate in history" to be denied protection upon request. "I'm still entertaining a hope that President Biden will allow me Secret Service protection," Kennedy said.   

Here is the speech Mr. Kennedy delivered at the Hispanic Heritage Month event following the arrest. He is addressing various issues including open border policies, treatment of migrants, housing affordability, corporate dominance in the housing market, financial exploitation by credit card companies, disproportionate allocation of funds, and political corruption. Kennedy criticizes the Biden Administration's open border policies, highlighting the humanitarian crisis created and the cartel's influence. 

He emphasizes the exploitative conditions faced by migrants and refugees, the unaffordability of housing, and the rising cost of living. Moreover, he denounces the financial system's exploitation of the middle class and questions the allocation of funds to Ukraine. Kennedy also highlights the tactics used by those in power to distract and divide the American people.

  • 00:00:00 In this section, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. expresses his gratitude to those who organized the event and acknowledges the presence of Bishop Juan Mendes and Chris Clem. He references Elon Musk's recent comments about why he was a lifelong Democrat, emphasizing the Democratic Party's historical association with kindness. However, RFK Jr. criticizes the Biden Administration's open border policies, arguing that they have created a humanitarian crisis. He mentions his experience at the border, highlighting that many individuals crossing were from Africa, Asia, and other regions, indicating that they were not necessarily fleeing oppression but rather seeking work opportunities in the United States. RFK Jr. further explains that the cartels advertise their services on social media platforms, providing detailed instructions and charging individuals thousands of dollars to enter the country. He criticizes the demoralization of the border patrol, who are instructed to focus on processing immigrants rather than securing the border.

  • 00:05:00 In this section, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. discusses the treatment of migrants and refugees coming into the United States. He highlights the exploitative conditions they face, including extortion, robbery, and rape at the hands of cartels. Kennedy also criticizes the immigration court system, which sets court dates seven years in the future, leaving migrants without legal status or the ability to work legally. As a result, they are often exploited by unscrupulous employers, leading to their dependence on social safety systems. Kennedy mentions the impact on cities like New York, where the refugees are piling up on the sidewalks and causing significant financial strain. He connects his father's ally, Cesar Chavez, who advocated for closing the border, as someone who also saw illegal immigration as a threat to American workers.

  • 00:10:00 In this section, RFK Jr. discusses the issue of illegal labor and its impact on labor conditions and wages for farm workers. He emphasizes the need for a different approach towards immigration, advocating for a balance between strict border control and a simplified path to citizenship for legal immigrants. RFK Jr. criticizes the current immigration policies, stating that Mexican drug cartels have influence over them. He highlights the importance of repairing the relationship with Mexico and working together to address the immigration problem. RFK Jr. proposes solutions such as appointing more Asylum Court judges to expedite the adjudication process and closing the border to prevent control by drug cartels. Additionally, he suggests waiving passport card fees to ensure that all Americans have a government-issued picture ID, which is essential for various activities.

  • 00:15:00 In this section of the speech, RFK Jr. addresses the issue of requiring voter ID and proposes a solution that he believes would benefit both Democrats and Republicans. He suggests providing free federal government-issued picture IDs to all citizens, which would eliminate the need for demanding IDs at the voting booth. This would also address concerns of voter fraud and reassure both parties. Additionally, RFK Jr. highlights the problem of employers hiring illegal immigrants and suggests that requiring a federal photo ID for employment would discourage this practice and protect American workers. He also touches on the issue of housing affordability, particularly in Los Angeles, where many workers cannot afford to live due to high housing prices.

  • 00:20:00 In this section, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. discusses the housing crisis in California and its connection to the high rate of homelessness in the state. He highlights the disparity between the average housing prices in Los Angeles and the national average, attributing the skyrocketing prices to the housing issue. Kennedy argues that the homeless population in California is primarily native to the state, contradicting the notion that homeless individuals from other states are migrating to California. He emphasizes that the root cause of the problem lies in the unaffordability of housing and warns that this issue may soon spread to other parts of the country.

  • 00:25:00 In this section, RFK Jr. discusses the increasing difficulty for people to buy homes, with 35% of the population spending more on basic human needs than their income allows. He attributes this to inflation caused by wars and lockdowns, but primarily blames three giant corporations - BlackRock, Vanguard, and State Street - for owning 88% of the S&P 500 and now investing in farmland and family homes. He notes that the younger generation no longer believes in the American dream of homeownership, as cash offers from these corporations often outbid individuals and families, making it impossible for them to afford homes. RFK Jr. warns that within six years, corporations may own 60% of the homes in the country, leading to an aristocratic model where ordinary people become serfs on their own land. Additionally, rental prices are soaring due to these corporate investments, leaving 48% of renters feeling unable to afford their homes. Overall, RFK Jr. highlights the dire situation for the middle class and working poor, who are struggling to keep up with the rising cost of living.

  • 00:30:00 In this section of the speech, RFK Jr. criticizes the financial system, specifically credit card companies and banks, for taking advantage of the American middle class by imposing high interest rates and fees. He highlights that these companies, including BlackRock, are strip mining the wealth and equity from the middle class. RFK Jr. pledges to re-jig the tax code to make it unprofitable for these companies to exploit homeowners and promises to create a new class of mortgages at 3% interest. He explains that the mortgages will be financed through the issuance of tax-free treasury bills and Uncle Sam will co-sign the mortgages. Additionally, RFK Jr. mentions allocating the first 500,000 mortgages to teachers and questions the allocation of funds to Ukraine by comparing it to the proposed mortgage plan.

  • 00:35:00 In this section, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. discusses the disproportionate allocation of funds in the United States. He highlights that the entire budget for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is only $12 billion per year, while the US government has spent 12 times that amount in one year on Ukraine. Kennedy criticizes the prioritization of military and banking interests over the well-being of working Americans, citing cuts to food stamps and Medicare as evidence. He also exposes how the money sent to Ukraine is not actually going to the country but rather to US military contractors, benefiting American companies. Additionally, Kennedy reveals that Ukraine is being compelled to sell its valuable farmland, with the biggest buyer being the same American companies profiting from the war. He emphasizes that the rulers in power intentionally divide the American people to distract them from these injustices.

  • 00:40:00 In this section, RFK Jr. discusses the tactic of distracting the public by pitting them against each other while those in power carry out their hidden agenda. He emphasizes that while people are busy fighting over various issues, those in power are silently robbing the bank. RFK Jr. also addresses the corruption within the Democratic Party, pointing out that they did the same thing to Bernie Sanders as they are doing to him. He highlights the immense amount of money raised by the party and questions the motivations behind these large donations, suggesting that they are more of an investment rather than acts of patriotism or humanitarianism. RFK Jr. vows to ensure that these donors do not get a good return on their investment.