How Calif Gov. Newsom's "wokers' paradise" lost the programmer that debunked Mike Lindell's evidence

Bob Zeidman is a technology entrepreneur, author, and tournament poker player who discusses a variety of topics in this video interview. He starts by discussing his move from California to Nevada, where he enjoys lower taxes and a better quality of life. He then talks about the impact his conservative political views have on his business and personal relationships. He believes that some clients, upon discovering his political affiliation, did not hire him - despite being impressed with his work. 

Mr. Zeidman goes on to discuss the reluctance of some people to have their opinions challenged and how this is leading to the suppression of free speech. He also shares his views on socialism and communism, citing Israel as the only country where socialism came close to working. He hopes to warn people about the dangers of socialist ideologies through his books. 

Mr. Zeidman also talks about the challenge conservatives and libertarians face in Silicon Valley where people are pressured to conform to progressive ideologies. Lastly, he discusses the polarization of politics and the need for people to respect and compromise with each other.