Glenn Beck says, 'Only YOU can prevent (anti-Zionist-kindled) fascist fires.' With video from speech at Z.O.A.

The Zionist Organization of America presented its annual Defender of Israel Award to media activist, Glenn Beck at its annual gala, Sunday November 20th. Here he addresses some 800 gathered attendees.

Mr. Beck discussed with Shalom TV the parallels between how Germany's National Socialists attained popular support turning good Germans against Jews, and today's Islamo-Fascist interests maligning Israel and the Jews. But will today's defenders of liberty act boldly, decisively and promptly enough?


Sound the call against Obama Admin enabling Iran to nuclear-weaponize:Glenn Beck, Michelle Bachmann, and Ileana Ros-Lehtinen at Zionist Organization of America event

Rep. Michele Bachmann urged the Pentagon to develop a war plan “immediately” that would evaluate ways to prevent Iran from developing a nuclear weapon.

Zionist Organization of America Director Morton Klein
joined by Rep. Michelle Bachmann and honoree Glenn Beck
The Zionist Organization of America annual banquet featured Republican congresswomen Florida’s Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen and Minnesota's Rep. Michelle Bachmann joining against the Obama Administration's Middle East policies in concert with keynote speaker, GBTV's Glenn Beck.

Six Congressmen attended, including Rep. Michelle Bachmann, who called on President Barack Obama “to accelerate covert operations and cyber operations in Iran and order the CIA Director to take all means necessary to stop Iran from getting the bomb before it is too late,” said Bachmann, a member of the House Intelligence Committee.
“And the Pentagon should prepare a war plan immediately to tell us what to do to prevent Iran from gaining those nuclear weapons,” she continued.
Z.O.A. reception (Courtesy: Pamela Geller)
In Prime Minister Netanyahu’s video message, he praised Z.O.A. Exec. Director Morton Klein for being a “passionate Zionist” and the ZOA for ”promoting the truth no matter what the consequences are."

Netanyahu also lauded Beck, telling him, “You too have been fearless in defending Israel against the slanders that are hurled against [it]. You’ve done that with considerable personal cost, but you’ve never backed off, you’ve never flinched, you’ve never walked away. And I want to tell you how deeply we appreciate this stand of courage and integrity.”

Glenn Beck portrayed the challenges facing Israel and the Jewish people in apocalyptic terms -- as the ultimate showdown between good and evil. Beck was the only speaker at the dinner whose voice reached a pitch more feverish than Klein’s.

Beck said he came to the ZOA as a brother. “It’s personal,” he said repeatedly.

And clearly he has not been chastened by the urgings of some Jewish groups to tread lightly with the Holocaust analogies. Again and again he invoked them, saying the world stood on a precipice like the one it faced in 1939 -- only this time it’s worse, as not only is the world ignoring rising evil, he said, it is actively helping it along.
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Freedom isn't cheap - guardians of democracy celebrated at Veterans' Day ceremony in Los Angeles

Many military veterans served to preserve democracy - and some continue in public service today. Los Angeles' civic leaders lead this ceremonial salute to veterans of the US Armed Forces- presented at Forest Lawn Cemetery, Hollywood Hills, 11/11/11. 

Captain Justin Babcock, Company Commander, US Army Recruiting gives a profound, main address.

Video comments by L.A. County Supervisor (US Army Reservist) Michael Antonovich and L.A. County Sheriff Lee Baca. 

Musical performances by 42nd Highlanders Regimental Pipes & Drums (George Hall, pipemaster), vocalist Nick Palance sings "God Bless the USA," and patriotic musical accompaniment given by the Notre Dame Irish Knight Marching Band. Associations of Korean-Americans and and African-American Marines veterans sit prominently.


'Palestinian liberation' actually a ruse for jihadist genocide against Jews- Lucid analyst, Pat Condell in new video

Pat Condell calls the "Palestinian Liberation" movement actually a front for Islamic Jew-hatred, aiming for a genocide against the Jews in Israel. Watch video:
Posted October 6, 2011

He follows-up with a counter-punch to the hate-mail he received after almost a quarter of a million views in a month - in this candid speech video, November 4, 2011.