Inhibited against challenging Islamo-Marxism since 9/11/2001, how will westerners rescue their societies from its growth?

London's Metropolitan Police are reporting a significant surge in antisemitic and anti-Islamic hate crimes in the city since the start of the Israel-Hamas conflict. 

In a statement Friday, they said that from October 1 to 18 the department saw 218 antisemitic offenses compared to 15 in the same period last year, while Islamophobic offenses jumped from 42 to 101, representing increases of 1,353 percent and 140 percent respectively. The department said the crimes include abuse directed at individuals or groups in person or online, racially or religiously motivated criminal damage and other offenses. 

Antisemitic Hate Speech Calling for Jewish Deaths in Several UK Mosques Amid Israel-Hamas.  

A TalkTV investigation has unearthed footage of hate preachers in several UK mosques calling for Jewish people to be killed. Antisemitic hate preaching has been suspected in Britain's mosques in the context of Israel's war on Hamas. 

The TalkTV investigation found footage of preachers in several mosques calling for Jews to be killed and Israel to be destroyed. These preachers have been filmed as they curse the Jews and the children of Israel in Arabic, and call upon Allah to grant them victory over their enemies. The language used is considered extremist and hateful, with some preachers calling for the destruction of homes, the dispersion of enemies, and the indiscriminate killing of civilians. 

It is noted that this rhetoric is similar to that of Abu Hamza, a known hate preacher who was deported from the UK. Jewish groups in the UK have expressed concern that some of the preaching is hate speech that could lead to hate crimes, extremism, and terrorism. Some have called for prosecutions, while others believe that the police are not doing enough. The Charities Commission is also examining the videos as some of the mosques are linked to registered charities hoping to gather evidence of wrongdoing.

Willful blindness 22-years past September 11th. 

Robert Spencer discusses the stance of Islam on dealing with the non-Muslim world. He argues that Islam is a supremacist, authoritarian, violent, and expansionist religion, with efforts always made to spread and extend its hegemony over non-Muslim political entities. Islamic groups in the United States have been successful in making people afraid to criticize Islam, even in regard to Jihad violence and Sharia expansionism. 

Mr. Spencer also mentions that there is a concerted effort by Islamic groups to bring Sharia prohibition on criticism of Islam to the West, and the left, which is censorious itself, eagerly supports this. He emphasizes the need for criticism and scrutiny of belief systems, but not to victimize innocent individuals. 

Mr. Spencer believes that the coordination between Islamic advocacy groups and leftist allies in silencing criticism of Islam is not a coincidence, as both groups have a vested interest in curtailing freedom of speech.  He concludes by stating that Sharia applies not just to Muslims, but also to non-Muslims, citing an example of Christians in Egypt who were brutally murdered for selling alcohol, which is not illegal in Christianity but is under Islamic law.


"Son of Hamas Co-Founder Denounces Group at UN, Exposes 'Savage' Indoctrination of Palestinian Kids."

Son of co-founder of Hamas, Mosab Hassan Yousef, denounces the group and its indoctrination of Palestinian children. Hamas's strategy of using human shields in Gaza led to the deaths of many innocent children, which the speaker calls a "crime that cannot be forgiven." He emphasizes that Israel's response to Hamas was necessary and that the defeat of Hamas in Gaza is necessary for global security to prevent the spread of terrorism. He calls on the international community to take action to bring an end to the violence in Gaza and prevent the spread of violence and terrorism.



GOP Congressmen explore the turmoil from Iranian-proxy, Hamas, and Marxist anti-Israel protests

R.J.C. director Lee Zeldin, with Republican congressmen Mike Waltz (FL),
Don Bacon (NE), Byron Donalds (FL) and Jim Banks (IN)

Former congressman Lee Zeldin (NY-1) moderated a Republican Jewish Coalition Forum panel last weekend with House Representatives Mike Waltz (FL-6), Rep. Don Bacon (NE-2), Rep. Byron Donalds (FL-19), and Rep. Jim Banks (IN-03). Zeldin, presently an R.J.C. Board Director, shepherded the GOP congressmen to discuss several key issues, including the threat posed by Iran, China, and Israel's ongoing conflict with Islamist imperialism.

Rep. Jim Waltz discussed Iranian-trained Hamas' October 7th invasion of Israel's southern towns being presumed a failure of the American intelligence apparatus. 

convinced it was the intelligence failure that we're being led to believe. I do think we picked up analysts, our collectors, are pushing those indicators up to our policy makers - that are either ignorantly or willfully on the side of Iran - were they then ignored? And when you have the lead negotiator for the Obama Administration Rob Malley - who was then the lead Rob Malley, that were obsessed with the Iran Deal 2.0. 
His entire ring is still sitting in government! He's being investigated by the FBI his security clearance has been pulled but (Ms. Ariane) Tabatabai is the chief of staff for Special Operations in the Pentagon right now - today! She is sitting on top secret systems with our most compartmented information across our most sensitive programs against Iran - and she hasn't been removed! This Administration won't remove her! 
But we're getting after it, Lee, and we're digging hard because there is, I believe, there is a scandal and a conspiracy here that only House Republicans can uncover. And then second, Lee, I don't believe this was an intelligence problem - this is a policy problem.

Reps. Byron Donald and Jim Banks discuss the economic sanctions on Iran and the reintroduction of the Maximum Pressure Campaign Act to codify previously successful sanctions under President Trump. Lee Zeldin introduces Jim Banks to highlight his and, particularly, former House Speaker Rep. Kevin McCarthy's role in the Select Committee on the Chinese Communist Party and its efforts to stop the flow of American investment dollars to China's military. 

recognize that our biggest adversary, China is Iran's best friend and China is no friend to Israel. They've called for a ceasefire in Gaza what as as Walt said one-third of Iran's oil exports go to China so we have to we have to recognize that that threat is very much linked and we have to do something about it and I believed that on the Select Committee on the Chinese Communist Party that we're going to make that one of our big missions over the year left that we is a bipartisan committee and that's the good part.

so bad and weak on the China subject today that you think that in many ways the political interests that are most friendly to China own the Democrat Party today. And that's something that's very sad to me someone who grew up in a working-class, union household in Indiana. To know that the Democrat Party is the power is the party that is most intertwined with the corporate interests that are that selling us out to China each and every day.
The panelists also touched on the ongoing conflict between Israel and Islamic State and the need for strong U.S. policy to support Israel and its allies in the fight against terrorism. Overall, the speakers emphasize the threats posed by Iran, China, and terrorist groups, and the critical role that the US needs to play in countering those threats.