French Consulate salutes SoCal Yanks who defeated tyranny, saved world from fascism- Memorial Day ceremony in L.A.

An audience of hundreds of veterans, survivors, and patriots attended a ceremony for Memorial Day,  hosted by Forest Lawn, Hollywood Hills cemetery.

French Consul Gen. Axel Cruau awards "Legion of Honor" to
90-yr old WWII vets Reed Grier, Norbert Sizlak and Julius Posner 

Cresenta Valley ROTC cadets bear the flags as thee L.A. Police Department Concert Band performs a medley of each of the U.S. Armed Forces theme songs, as veterans of each branch rise to applause. Honor guard from the LA County Sheriff Department performed a 21-gun, rifle salute to America's fallen.

France's Consul General to Los Angeles, Hon. Axel Cruau, salutes Americans who restored liberty. He awarded 3 WWII veterans (Norbert Sizlak, Reed Grier, and Julius Posner) the highest honor that the French government bestows on non-citizens - the Legion of Honor.


Consul General Axel Cruau, explained to DemoCast the esteem his country holds for America in extending "the Legion of Honor," the highest award given to French citizens to foreign national.   The Consul says that French scholastic curriculum teaches the history of the Allied American liberation of France from Nazi occupation. 

Consul General Cruau says that he is personally touched to meet and bestow this award on American veterans of the Allied invasion of Normandy- and those others who fought to restore liberty to his country in 2 separate wars.


Los Angelenos seek a reformer to lead vital, but embattled, County Sheriff Department

The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department provides law enforcement services in unincorporated areas and 40 cities, operates jails, directs and coordinates emergency services and maintains security in superior courts.  On June 3rd, Southern Californians will vote to replace the office of L.A. County Sheriff vacated by the resignation of Lee Baca in January.  

Sheriff Baca spoke with DemoCast about his affinity for fellow military veterans at a ceremony at Forest Lawn 3-years ago.

The field of candidates Assistant Sheriff James Hellmold; Long Beach Chief Jim McDonnell; Retired Sheriff's Dept Cmdr. Bob Olmstead; Assistant Sheriff Todd Rogers; former Under-Sheriff Paul Tanaka; LAPD Detective Lou Vince; Former Sheriff's Lt. Patrick Gomez.

"Los Angeles County voters are soon to pick a new sheriff from a field of seven candidates, each with a reasonably decent chance of making it to a runoff, and it's hard to overstate both how unusual and how momentous that is," 
L.A. Times published in its Opinion/Endorsements section on April 30th.

KCAL9's Dave Bryan reports on the first public debate of the campaign between six of the seven candidates for Los Angeles County Sheriff sparred on March 19th.

The Times continued: "What is needed is a candidate with the law enforcement credentials, the integrity, the backbone and the skills to march the deputies, their leaders and their culture through a rigorous and soul-searching reinvention, all while raising performance standards and recommitting the department to transparency and humane and constitutional treatment of suspects, inmates and the public at large.

Janice and Stanley Black, Jim McDonnell, Jill Black Zalben, Jack Black
L.A. Sheriff candidate Long Beach P.D. Chief Jim McDonnell came to explain his positions to prospective voters and backers at a brunch organized by the family and friends of businessman and philanthropist, Stanley Black, in Beverly Hills on May 17th.

Among those attending were actor James Darren (seen listening with interest) and and City Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky, who spoke on McDonnell's behalf.


Congressional competitors convey views at gathering organized by Persian-Jewish civic group

Candidates Wendy Greuel and Elan Carr share a moment
30 Years After held its 7th Annual Pre-Election Mixer to introduce the civic group to candidates for both L.A.'s 3rd Supervisoral District and L.A.'s 33rd Congressional District, to succeed the retiring congressman Rep. Henry Waxman. The supervisoral candidates attending were Bobby Shriver (former Santa Monica Mayor and City Council member) and John Duran (West Hollywood City Councilmember and former Mayor).

The presenting congressional candidates: Elan Carr (deputy District Attorney prosecutor of gang-crimes), Wendy Greuel (former LA City Controller), Matt Miller (liberal radio host and author), and Ted Lieu (Calif. State Senator representing the city of Torrance).  The other major candidate, Marianne Williamson, did not attend.

The primary election will be held on Tuesday, June 3rd.  No particular party registration is required for you to vote for any candidate. The two candidates that receive the most votes will face each other in November.

DemoCast was on-scene to convey the candidates' views to the general public. 

Sam Yebri: 'Why 30 Years After mixes with the candidates.'

Wendy Greuel on the issues for L.A.'s 33rd District in Congress and her experience for Washington office.

Elan Carr for Congress: 'How my justice expertise internationally will benefit L.A., America, and the Middle East.

Calif. State Sen. Ted Lieu stumps on his anti-Iran, pro-Israel record.

Political-office newcomer, Matt Miller, a center-left radio commentator explains his perspectives for reforming education and the GOP-dominated House of Representatives.

Former City Controller, Wendy Greuel, conveys her affinity for Persian-Jewish issues for the June 3rd election.

How is Elan Carr oriented towards preserving California against nefarious elements? Communications Director, John van Winkle:

Why community leader, Dr. James Elist opened his home to invite L.A. political candidates to meet Persian-American Jewish youth.

Former Beverly Hills Mayor Jimmy Delshad explains the new, Persian-Jewish, civic activism.


At gravesite ceremony on Yom ha Zikaron, widow of Jewish Defense League's father & son, Irv & Ari Rubin, alleges gov't conspires to condemn Jews to rationalize the Islamist influence they're forced to tolerate

Chairwoman of the Jewish Defense League, Shelly Rubin speaks at the unveilings of her son, Ari and Uncle Arthur' s tombstones in Sylmar, California on May 4th, 2014.

Mourning before the gravesites of her husband, Irv, son Ari, Mrs. Rubin reveals who killed Irv Rubin- and alleges Jewish communal cowardice in failing to vindicate the arrest and in-govt-custody -deaths of Irv Rubin and co-defendant, Earl Krugel. 

Mrs. Rubin believes that the same Jewish complacency in this and in failing to effectively press for clemency to the over-sentenced Jonathan Pollard fails to deter further persecution of Jews, signaling that Jews are further easy targets for relativizing government officials's sucking-up to Arab-money-influenced government tolerance of Islamist supremacism in Western societies.