Holiday parade marches through Hollywood - how well is the State being led?

US Marines guide The Nutcracker balloon
at the Hollywood Christmas parade
A study published in September 2020 claims that Wuhan Virus cases in the US first rose the same month that the Hollywood Christmas Parade aired on TV in 2019. Associated Television (in conjunction with the City of L.A) stages and films the parades weeks before they're broadcast (so the outbreak was not causal), but this 2021 Parade could be seen as book-end,
2-year milestone of the pandemic.

Prior to the parade, a red-carpet is staged for Hollywood celebrities and politicians to appear before their, respective, fans and constituents. A few of them spoke with us about their experience over the past - nearly 2-years - of pandemic, national (and state) electioneering, and government mandates on vaccinations and vaccination I.D.'s.

Rioting B.L.M. youth destroy an L.A.P.D. patrol car

We asked the iconic actor, Eric Estrada, who portrayed "CHiPs" California Highway Patrol officer "Ponch" Poncherello - about the effects of the left-wing, Defund the Police movement's budget re-allocations for "community groups' to reduce crime.

The B.L.M. protests bolstered the election of leftist District Attorneys in N.Y., and California who so liberalized prosecutions, they increased armed assault, robberies, and crime in both L.A. and San Francisco.

We inquired of Calif. State Senator Maria Elena Durazo, that why, despite California having one of the lowest infection rates in the country at (0.22 per 100,000) after 20-months, why did Gov. Gavin Newsom renew his Emergency Powers through the end of March- longer than 2-years?

The 501st Legion Stormtrooper Cosplay'ers
led by Emperor Palpatine and his commanders
Katy Grimes in the California Globe (11/11/21) wrote:

The real benefit to the governor’s emergency powers has already played out, but appears to be on track to continue: unchecked powers; a compliant, uninvolved Legislature; emergency executive orders making law, no-bid contracts, increasing vaccine mandates (K-12 and now children ages 5-11), employer vaccine and mask mandates; and provides county public health officers unchecked power. If Gov. Newsom’s emergency powers end, so do the mandates. And the executive orders.

Vaccine supply article (Photo: KTLA-TV )
Lynette Romero field-reports for KTLA-TV's Morning News and co-anchors on the weekends. We asked her about the role that corporate (and corresponding political) influences play in shaping news story selection and editorial angles. We are interested in reference to news-story partiality (rather than objective reporting) regarding the Wuhan Virus origins, government lockdowns, school closures, vaccine (and mask) mandates (and hesitancy), and vaccination I.D's.

Ms. Romero replied: "I've never had corporate tell me how to do a story. ... People say all the time you have to be an objective reporter. You have to be a fair reporter. You know, we are human beings. So we bring our perspective, our culture, our beliefs, our values with whatever we do - and that's what makes us human beings. But your job as a journalist is to be fair and to be accurate - so that's what we do!"

One of the other Parade co-hosts, Montel Williams, made the news in 2019 when 2001 news pictures of
Montel described Kamala as his girlfriend.
Ron Galella Collection via Getty in Daily Mail
his relationship with Kamala Harris
(which originally appeared in Ebony and Jet) turned up. According to an Inside Edition TV show report from 2019, “At the time, Harris was an under-the-radar lawyer in San Francisco.” Ms. Harris was actually a prosecutor at the San Francisco City Attorney's Office. The couple walked the red carpet together at the Eighth Annual Race to Erase MS which Mr. Williams was diagnosed with in 1999.


But once Ms. Harris became District Attorney of San Francisco in 2004,

Harris oversaw more than 1,900 marijuana convictions in San Francisco, previously unreported records from the DA’s office show. Her prosecutors appear to have convicted people on marijuana charges at a higher rate than under her predecessor, based on data about marijuana arrests in the city. (San Jose Mercury News 9/11/19)

News about her former relationship might have become sticky when Montel, a proponent to legalize marijuana for medical remedies such as his Multiple Sclerosis, got involved in the business of selling marijuana derivative products.  "Montel Williams Starts Medical Cannabis Company for MS and Other Chronic Diseases" in Multiple Sclerosis News Today (9/15/2016)

"Williams is considered one of the highest-profile advocates for medical cannabis in the country, and he has been using cannabis products — at the advice of his doctors — to help manage his MS symptoms.

Mr. Williams served as a host of the Hollywood Parade both in 2018 and 2021, but when we got to speak with him in 2018, his characterization of Democratic Socialism may reveal another reason the Sanders-drawn Democratic Party may have preferred journalists not publicize candidate Harris' prior relationship with him. 


Samuel Anthony wrote in American Thinker: "Too many friendships and families have been divided by politics lately, and this tribalism only benefits the politicians, not the people they are supposed to be serving. We need to end the tribalism and bring back civic discourse in which we as a nation can come to a consensus on the correct course of action for each issue. That will include compromise, a delicate art that seems lost as everything these days is viewed as a zero-sum game. 

Our country was not founded on the premise of one viewpoint dominating the other. It was intended that we compromise, and in the end we have the freedom to choose; not to be dominated by a ruling elite. Politicians have forgotten, they are our equals, citizens of the United States, not superior to us. 

It is time to end the tribalism of left versus right, male, female, black and white and to realize we are one tribe seeking the same goal. We are Americans, and all any of us wants is to live our lives without being subjugated by a ruling elite. A return to our founding principles will cure the division and end the corruption."

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Republican Jewish Coalition conference evokes politicians' concerns over Middle East policies

Buoyed by GOP victories, the Republican Jewish Coalition leadership conference — a key stop for potential 2024 presidential candidates and other party luminaries — held in Las Vegas over the weekend offered a model for the party’s midterm strategy.

“This is an incredible day, an amazing turnout, incredible amount of energy,” RJC Executive Director Matt Brooks told reporters. “The results from Tuesday, it’s got everybody excited… And we’re thrilled to be able to bring people together to continue… to build on the increasing support for the Republican Party within the Jewish community.”

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) addresses R.J.C. conf.
Among the popular speakers at the conference — garnering the most and loudest applause — were former Vice President Mike Pence, Sen. Ted Cruz and former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley. Sen. Cruz praised Pres.Trump but emphasized his own role in some of the former president’s signature foreign policy moves — relocating the U.S. Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem and pulling out of the Iran deal, decisions that are highly popular with the RJC crowd.

The Texas senator said that some officials in the Trump administration opposed both moves, but he helped convince the former president to ignore those who disagreed.

“I engaged actively, directly and repeatedly with the president,” Cruz said of his advocacy on the embassy issue. “I urged the president, I said, ‘Look, if we want to see peace, nothing produces peace more than clarity, than absolute clarity.’” (source: Jewish Insider)

Sen. Ted Cruz explains the problems with this Democrat administration's approach towards MidEast peace. The Republican Jewish Coalition Annual Leadership Meeting hosted Republican leaders at the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas.

We ask Sen. Cruz why does the Biden administration strive to undo MidEast peace and Trump era de-nuclearizing of Islamist Iran? Is the Biden Democrat administration just undoing Trump administration accomplishments or intentionally empowering Iran over Israel as the regional hegemon, forcing Israel to defy Washington's imposed limitations?


On the Iran deal, Cruz stressed his role in supporting the withdrawal from the 2015 agreement. “Once again I repeatedly went to the president in the Oval Office saying sending billions of dollars to the Ayatollah Khamenei who chants ‘Death to America’ and ‘Death to Israel’ is a recipe for destruction and death,” Cruz said.  (Journalist Marc Rod contributed to this article).


White House importing Europe's troubles with Afghani immigrants on sex-crime and Islamist allegiance

Afghan Brought to U.S. by Biden Accused of Raping Teenage Girl in Montana by John Binder in Breitbart News, 21 Oct '21
Pres. Joe Biden and Zabihullah Mohmand, 19,
charged with rape. (Photo: Western Journal)

A Muslim Afghani, 19, brought to the United States by President Joe Biden’s massive resettlement operation out of Afghanistan, is accused of raping a teenage girl in Missoula, Montana.

Montana Talks reports that Zabihullah Mohmand arrived in the U.S. on “humanitarian parole,” the process by which the Biden administration has brought tens of thousands of Afghans to the U.S. over the last two months. 

Montana Gov. Greg Gianforte (R) told Montana Talks that “this situation and others across the country raise serious concerns about whether the Biden administration is meeting its obligations to fully vet Afghans prior to resettlement.” 

Congressman Matt Rosendale (R-MT) released a similar statement

The charges against the Afghan male come after two Afghan men at Fort McCoy in Monroe County, Wisconsin, are being prosecuted for separate charges of domestic abuse and child sex crimes.

In those two cases, one of the Afghans is accused of strangling and suffocating his wife, whom he has allegedly abused for years. The other Afghan is accused of molesting 12-year-old and 14-year-old boys and threatening them with violence if they reported the abuse.

Two Afghan refugees staying at Fort McCoy charged with violent crimes

Here is another incident involving the newly arrived refugees resettled in the US following the Democrats' botched evacuation of Afghanistan in August.

According to ABC News' El Paso affiliate, KVIA-TV, the FBI is investigating the sexual assault of a female Fort Bliss soldier by several male Afghan refugees at the Army’s Doña Ana Complex camp where thousands are currently being housed.

“We can confirm a female service member supporting Operation Allies Welcome reported being assaulted on Sept. 19 by a small group of male evacuees at the Doña Ana Complex in New Mexico,”- Fort Bliss Public Affairs spokeswoman, Lt. Col Allie Payne said in an emailed statement.

"The Risks Afghani Male Immigrants pose to Western Europe and America's Dilemma" by Dr. Nasrin Parsian, Ed.D  (asylee from Islamist  Iranian).

As Afghanistan saw a great power change that is now in the hands of Taliban. The change in government of Afghanistan results in higher rate of migration. A large number of people of Kabul migrate to different countries as a result they face migration setbacks. Many studies shows that during the time of this political crisis, the ideas are generated that only America can stand against Taliban. But according to different researches, from 2017 'til today many Afghan males migrate to Turkey. (Hakimi, 2021)

Europe seen a large number of immigrants from different countries and now it’s the time for Afghanis. There are different issues and challenges that are faced by hosting countries as well as immigrants, most of them had no passport or any other document of identification. America started their identification process through screening and they identify thousands of immigrants that came from Afghanistan only.

Different countries, including Albania, set their camps to identify immigrants. U.S aimed to reject their migration policy this time as they did during Syrian civil war. Now Europe is going to implement the policy of pushbacks which results in inhumane behavior against immigrants. This time, the rulers of European nations want to keep away immigrants of Afghanistan. Migrants have been living in camps in poor condition. They feared Taliban and wish to flee from Afghanistan because they claim that there is no employment for them in Afghanistan due to continuous war and political distress. On the other hand, European countries refuse them asylum in these countries. (Matthew Dalton, 2021)

The president of Turkey said that Turkey is not made compensate these immigrants that came from Afghanistan and applied for European countries. There are different setbacks that are faced by afghan immigrants the first and foremost issue is access to the country where they want to go. They faces issues in filling their application and the process are also create issues for them because they have no documents to prove their identity. The host countries most of the time refuses them to take asylum in their country due to large number of migrants already living in their countries. (Robert Burns, 2021)

U.S withdraw its 20 years military possession in Afghanistan so many researchers write the fall of America’s military favored by the people of America but the world saw this change as the end of U.S neoliberalism. After U.S withdrawal from Afghanistan people of this region fear of Taliban, especially women and girls, due to strict Islamic policies and those males who work with Americans. It led to large number of migration from Afghanistan to different countries - but most of the countries denied absorbing such large number of people in their country. People saw that America lost its imperialism in Afghanistan, but also expect that it must its play its due role to help people of this country that are suffering from war and other issues in Afghanistan. One of the most prominent problems is unemployment in their own America. (Blake, 2021)


"Democrat Antisemitism: It's Not Just the Squad, but the Entire Party" Op/Ed by Laureen Lipsky

Congress-people who regard themselves The Squad members
"Democrat Antisemitism: It's Not Just the Squad, but the Entire Party" Op/Ed by Laureen Lipsky

Moderate Democrats point that ‘it’s just The Squad’ but it is time to say the quiet part out loud: from remaining silent on the antisemitic Iran Deal to not supporting the U.S. embassy move, to re-instating funding to the Palestinian Authority and Hamas, supporting the antisemitic Black Lives Matter -- it’s the whole damn party.

DNC Chair L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa had to force 3 votes as 2012 Democratic National Convention rejected a traditional platform amendment supporting Jerusalem as an undivided city, September 5, 2012 in Charlotte, North Carolina.  
In the Democrat party’s latest unsurprising political stab against Israel, on Sept. 21st, House Democrats voted against funding Israel’s aerodynamic defying defense system. $6.3 billion for African refugees remained in place. Israel’s famed Iron Dome has prevented not just the deaths of numerous Jews, Muslims, and Christians living in the only Jewish country, but averted more frequent large-scale defense wars with two of Iran’s proxies: Hamas and Islamic Jihad. Though the Iron Dome will continue in operation via a stand-alone bill which was passed days later, due to the realization of diplomatic suicide, the Democrats are solidifying their hatred of Jews, both in Israel and domestically.  

A ‘Moderate’ Democrat currently occupies the White House, who has a massive history of antisemitism. In 1982, then Senator Biden threatened to cut aid to Israel which prompted Israeli Prime Minister Begin’s most famous speech, “I am Not a Jew with Trembling Knees.” Jihad Joe, as he should be aptly titled, made the latest Hamas war against Israel, this past May, possible by reinstating funding to the terrorist Palestinian Authority, and provided ‘humanitarian aid money’ to Gaza which is equivalent to funding Hamas as Hamas not so surreptitiously steals 10% of such ‘aid.’ But most damning was the easing of economic sanctions on Iran, which rapidly funded Iran’s terror proxies against Israel. The entirety of the Democrat party remained silent as Biden attacked Israel through his antisemitic policies. To add further insult, Democrats had the temerity to establish a ‘Palestinian’ Affairs consulate in Jerusalem. His Vice President is of the same antisemitic stock; just recently, Kamala replied with "your truth should not be suppressed" to a George Mason University student who spewed lies about Israel's 'ethnic genocide.'


Yoo-hoo, Tucker Carlson, We’re Here (and We’ve Got Your Back)!

In fact, it is Jonathan Greenblatt of the ADL who needs to be terminated, not Tucker.  

Jonathan Greenblatt, CEO of ADL; Tucker Carlson, Fox News host/author (Photo: CNN.com)

Writer, Rabbi Dov Fischer, Esq. (a high-stakes litigation attorney of more than twenty-five years and an adjunct professor of law of more than fifteen years) is rabbi of Young Israel of Orange County, California.  This article originally appeared in The Spectator, September 26, 2021

Jonathan Greenblatt - at the so-called Anti-Defamation League (ADL) - is back at it again, demanding Tucker Carlson’s termination at Fox News for speaking simple obvious truths that have absolutely no bearing on matters pertaining to Jews or to bigotry. So it now devolves on me once again to join this nonsensical fray on the other side — to defend Tucker, to reiterate that Greenblatt simply is an Obama Administration holdover who managed to get hired by the ADL after Obama’s people found themselves out of jobs when that Administration’s tenure ended. Greenblatt has turned a once-vaunted organization that was created to fight anti-Semitism into a wing of the Democrat Party.

Replacement theory absolutely is correct. It indeed is true that Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and the Democrats have embraced and are busily executing a methodical plan to replace — to replace — the American GOP majority electorate with an imported foreign voter pool, brought in from outside the United States. For the pedantic, the term Replacement” as used in this context does not mean literally to remove from the country and to replace 74,216,154 voters with 74,216,154 other voters. Rather, it means that a conscious, concerted, methodical Democrat effort is afoot to import into the American voting pool a sufficient number of people from outside the demographic of conservative- and centrist-oriented United States citizens eligible to vote so as to create an overwhelming imbalance in voting margins that assures a quasi-permanent majority for the Left’s agglomeration of liberals, progressives, socialists, and others identifying among  their Intersectionalists” and their Woke.”

The Replacement Voters carefully have been targeted to come from societies that have left them destitute so that they depend desperately on government handouts to survive. Thus, they are not being imported from Madrid, Barcelona, Seville, or Valencia. It is not about language. Such Replacement Voters will vote Democrat by the millions for years to come until they finally get on their own two feet (multiplied by millions). None of this has anything to do with color, religion, language. Rather, it has to do with the culture of the societies from which they now are being imported. It plainly is true.


What western leaders left us ill-prepared for by denying since Sept 11, 2001

Twenty years since the Islamist attacks of September 11th, how aware are we of "political Islam's" quest for the West - and the risk of importing thousands of Muslim Afghani fighters into America?

Islamists crashed 2, hijacked US passenger planes
murdering 3,000 people in WTC Twin Towers
"Celebrating Our Enemies, Twenty Years after 9/11" by Bruce Bawer.
America dives, Islam thrives.  
(FrontPage Magazine, Sept 10, 2021)
On 9/11, the world was shown, in one horrific, indelible image, precisely what Islam is all about. Today, to write the previous sentence is to be guilty of Islamophobia. How did that come to be?

It began in the days after 9/11 itself, when George W. Bush - by repeatedly insisting that the cause of the jihadists had nothing to do with Islam - effectively ruled out of bounds any criticism of that religion, or any honest education and open discussion about it. Instead, Bush - who had gotten it into his head that all religions are basically good, and who was manipulated by advisors who wanted to project American power in a part of the world about which they knew very little - used 9/11 as an excuse to rein in Americans’ civil liberties and go nation-building abroad. It was a massive folly, doomed to failure. Why doomed? Because Islam is utterly irreconcilable with American-style freedom and incapable of reform, at least not without a far more aggressive effort than America was willing to commit to. Unlike America, moreover, Islam has a long memory. Muslims recall their forebears’ foiled attempts to conquer the Christian West at Tours in 732 and Vienna in 1683; the attacks of 9/11 were part of a history of such actions that goes back to Islam’s earliest days. Yet few Westerners know about this history or are aware that 9/11 was part of it.
Article continues

Egyptian Muslim-raised, Nonie Darwish: 9/11 memorials must quit avoiding & start addressing who attacked us and why 

Pres.Biden is importing thousands of Muslim Afghanis
with Afghan/US army experience into American cities
(Photo: BBC News)

"One hundred Afghan evacuees flagged for possible terror ties: report"
by Kyle Morris. Fox News.com Sept 3, 2021

Two of the flagged Afghans are being sent to Kosovo for further review amid security concerns

An estimated 100 Afghan refugees from Afghanistan to the United States have been flagged for potential ties to terrorist organizations, including the Taliban, according to a new report.

Of more than 30,000 evacuees from Afghanistan to the U.S., about 10,000 needed additional screening as of Friday," NBC News reported, citing two sources familiar with evacuation efforts. "And of those about 100 were flagged for possible ties to the Taliban or terror groups."

The report stated that two of the flagged Afghans "raised enough concern for additional review" and are being sent to Kosovo for further review amid security concerns.

Many of the fighting-trained Afghani that Pres. Biden couldn't (or won't) properly vette for terror-ties in Afghanistan-vicinity are still ripe for Islamist activism and even jihadism inside of America.

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'Californians, vote YES for Larry Elder to restore liberty from Islamo-Maoists' - Iranian, human-rights educator

B.L.M. cofounder, Cullors, boasted about movement's
Marxist revolutionary objective. She and Melina Abdullah,
a Black Muslim revolutionary, both live in Los Angeles
Larry Elder, the longtime, outspoken debunker of Democrats' white-scapegoating via black-leftists, recognized revolutionary forces facilitating the Black Lives Matter riots during Democrat-governors-and-mayors' hyper-imposed, societal-restrictions America.

Nasrin, demonstrating in D.C. in '06 seeking US
justice for the regime-slaying of brother, Akbar

Fifteen years ago,
two freedom-seeking brothers of Iranian woman, Nasrin Mohammedi (Akbar and Manoucher) were tortured by the Islamist regime for protesting its tyranny - a dynamic which the governance of today's Democratic Party leaders echoes eerily for Nasrin.  

Around Memorial Day 2021, prior to declaring his candidacy for the California gubernatorial recall election, Mr. Elder attended the doctoral thesis-acceptance reception for
the now
Iranian-asylee / human-rights advocate, renamed Dr. Nasrin Parsian, Ed.D. 

Mr. Elder stands with Dr. Parsian in this video
to explains why he feels it vital for the West to learn from dissident Iranian voices in this Democrat-ushered era of Sino/Islamist Marxist  imperialism across the globe.

Guest author article by Iranian-Californian, Dr. Nasrin Parsian:

Larry Elder is a front runner in the Recall Election race to succeed Gavin Newsom as governor of California (Singh, 2021).
Larry Elder speaks about Iranian imperialism against
America and Israel at Nasrin Parsian reception

Larry Elder switched to the Republican Party in 2003. Mr. Elder came along after months of refusal of the Republican Party to recognize him as a candidate.

The Democratic Party of governor, Gavin Newsom, endeavor to smear Mr. Elder as an extremist. They allege that his reign would be a challenge to the progressive movement in California and America. 

Mr. Newsom recounted Elder’s statements to argue “he’s even more extreme than Trump in many respects.” Elder said “Newsom is an "elite dictator" who "abused power" during the pandemic” (White & Marinucci, 2021).

While making a campaign stop in Venice Beach yesterday, a white Democrat woman clad in a gorilla-mask, flung a raw egg in an attempt to strike Mr. Elder.

On Monday, Melina Abdullah, the Farrakhan-praising, Black-Muslim co-founder of Black Lives Matter attempted to smear Mr. Elder as "A black face on white supremacy.” (Nightingale, 2021).

Autocratic Iran spreads its Islamic Revolution against America & Israel via the global
Palestinian nationalism movement. George Floyd as rebel icon on W. Bank wall with Israel

Mr. Elder is a decent man with peaceful mind who is opposes gun control and any minimum wage, believes climate change policies are not worth the cost. He has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame (White & Marinucci, 2021).

During the reign of Gavin Newsom, there has been rapid increase in public disorder. Homelessness has reached every corner of the State (Eide, 2021).

In an interview question regarding homelessness and approach to housing, Mr. Elder explained that California housing has always been somewhat more expensive than in the rest of the country, because it has been a truly, great place to live.

But today, housing in California costs about 150% more than in the rest of the country. Fewer and fewer Californians can afford housing costs in their own state. Regulations and laws that benefit a select few have sent home prices soaring. I will repeal those perverse regulations.

One of the incumbent governor's campaign offers was to build 3.5 million new housing units by 2025. But where is the construction? We have builders eager to build for the large and growing population in California, but their hands are tied by unnecessary regulation.

Poor policy making in Sacramento has left our state ranking 49th in the union for the rate of construction. Why? Because, as is the case for gas prices, housing prices in California are being substantially and artificially inflated by meddling politicians in Sacramento. I (Larry Elder) will alleviate the housing crisis by letting the home builders build new homes!

The California College Republicans Chair says “I think that a lot of people were excited for the first time about Larry running.” (White & Marinucci, 2021)

Dr. Parsian concludes, "I believe that Larry Elder will be the governor California needs to restore balance to the state."

Early voting for the California Recall Election on Tuesday 14 September opens widely on Saturday 11 September. Find your nearest California polling place here.


Eide, S. (2021, September 3). "Homelessness is behind the anger at Gavin Newsom."
The Wall Street Journal.

Elder, L. (2021, August 13). "Q&A: Larry Elder, Recall candidate for California governor".
San Diego Union-Tribune, Interviewer.
https://www.sandiegouniontribune.com/  opinion/commentary/story/2021-08-13/q-a-larry-elder-recall-candidate-for-california-governor/

Nightingale, H. (2021). "Larry Elder attacked by protester throwing eggs in Los Angeles     neighbourhood."  Daily Advent.

Singh, M. (2021). "A complete shock’: the rightwing contrarian leading the California recall race."  The Guardian. 

White, J. B., & Marinucci, C. (2021). "He opposes gun control, the minimum wage and could be  California’s next governor"  Politico.


Afghanistan: Biden's Benghazi? Op/Ed by Alan Bergstein

OpEd by Alan Bergstein, retired, Bronx middle school principal, residing in Boca Raton, Florida.
It's fitting to begin this piece with a request for our readers to offer a silent prayer for the souls of our 13 military heroes murdered in Kabul last week. May their souls rest in peace. These men and women, from all walks of life, embodied what America once stood for: Honor, loyalty and devotion to country. We fear these traits have been ripped from our legacy.

Names of those killed

  • Marine Corps Lance Cpl. David Espinoza, 20, of Rio Bravo, Tex.
  • Marine Corps Sgt. Nicole Gee, 23, of Roseville, Calif.
  • Marine Corps Staff Sgt. Darin Taylor Hoover, 31, of Utah
  • Army Staff Sgt. Ryan Knauss, 23, of Corryton, Tenn.
  • Marine Corps Cpl. Hunter Lopez, 22, of Indio, Calif.
  • Marine Corps Lance Cpl. Rylee McCollum, 20, Jackson, Wyo.
  • Marine Corps Lance Cpl. Dylan R. Merola, 20, of Rancho Cucamonga, Calif.
  • Marine Corps Lance Cpl. Kareem Nikoui, 20, of Norco, Calif.
  • Marine Corps Cpl. Daegan William-Tyeler Page, 23, of Omaha
  • Marine Corps Sgt. Johanny Rosario, 25, Lawrence, Mass.
  • Marine Corps Cpl. Humberto Sanchez, 22, Logansport, Ind.
  • Marine Corps Lance Cpl. Jared Schmitz, 20, of Wentzville, Mo.
  • Navy Hospital Corpsman Max Soviak, 22, of Berlin Heights, Ohio
By the time you read this column, the deadline for the removal of all Americans, military and civilian, together with the thousands of those Afghans who were loyal to our forces has already passed. And there is no doubt that an unknown number of the above have been left behind, amid the confusion, panic caused by the incompetence of our  brainless and spineless military and political leaders, who have insulted us by calmly repeating, over and over that they did as well as they could in that primitive land. 
These brazen liars who all read from the same script, White House truth fabricators, Jen Psaki, Anthony Blinken, Jake Sullivan, John Kirby, their counterpart cowardly military midgets, Mark Milley and Lloyd Austin, should all be whisked out of their cozy offices and dropped into the Taliban cesspool of hell to get their just desserts for their involvement in pushing the acts of criminal disloyalty to this country that borders on treason. 
What are the odds that a Congressional investigation will ever be mounted to discover who was behind the pathetic panicked retreat from Afghanistan? No way! They're too busy digging into the "January 6th Conspiracy."
We'll sadly say, with all honesty, that although President Biden is obviously suffering from some mental/judgment impairment, he calls the shots. He is the Commander in Chief of all of our armed forces and what orders he gives, must be carried out. As he told us last week, "The buck stops here!" But that's not the best of news for us to hear at this time. Former Secretary of Defense, under Obama/Biden, Robert Gates, has voiced repeatedly, "I think he (Biden) has been wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades." This statement has so far hit a home run for accuracy. 
Look at the Biden caused chaos at our southern border, his re-entry into the Paris Accords, cozying up to Hamas and making us once again energy dependent on our enemies. And with nearly three and a half years left in his term to look forward to, that's indeed scary. Joe, as VP, was against the assassination of Osama bin Laden. He's not a man of character. He has lied about his achievements and plagiarized the words of others in his speeches. But now he sits as leader of the free world. How was that made possible?
And he's criminally crashed in Afghanistan. Biden robotically read to us that he has extracted a promise from the Taliban that this group of primitive savages will guarantee the safe exodus of left behind Americans and those Afghans who formerly worked with us, who wish to leave that war ravaged land. He believes them. Is he familiar with the term, "Taqqiya," a Koranic order that requires Muslims to lie to infidels when dealing with them? Evidently not. Arafat used that with President Clinton when signing the Oslo Accords and the Mullahs of Iran pulled he same stunt with Obama with the Iran Nuclear Deal. 
Biden has bought another bridge over the East River. A massive human disaster looms. No one in authority, not even Biden himself has addressed the major concern of many that the women of Afghanistan, under the Taliban will once again be treated as less-thans. When we took over in 2001, women were given the freedom to doff their burkas, go to school and learn to read and write, to become professionals, to have human rights. But now they will be forcibly returned to the Islamic dark ages. But where is the American women's movement on this? Where is Linda Sarsour, herself an American Muslim, who led marches against President Trump, accusing him of being a woman abuser? Where are the voices of Congresswomen Omar, Tlaib, AOC and Pressley, the Gang of Four, to warn the Taliban not to revert to the rape, beating and humiliation of their women? Not a word. Should they not know better?
We've always believed in he superiority of the American military leadership. Our generals and admirals were the bravest and finest. So how did none of them speak up publicly to oppose the order to first pull out our troops from Afghanistan and then, without military protection, follow up by evacuating our own (defenseless) civilians and Afghan allies? What buck private would simply hand over 83 billion $ of our most modern weapons to our enemy? And who among our military leaders nodded in approval when the highly fortified and secure Bagram airbase was turned over to the Taliban, leaving us the use of the single runway, indefensible civilian airport located smack in the middle of Kubal? Have our be-medaled military leaders suddenly become "yes men" for Biden? Have they sacrificed their honor and loyalty and pledges to their country in order to gain future promotions or jobs in the military/industrial complex? Are they too busy transforming our warriors into a "woke" fighting force? Are not our enemies in Russia, China, Iran and North Korea, licking their lips, not fearing our ability to ward off any of their aggressions in the future? Israel, Taiwan, South Korea and Japan will now feel the heat. Their futures are bleak.
A dark cloud has formed over our country with this fiasco unfolding in Afghanistan. Sadly, our nation has sunk to a near low. We're leaderless. Nationally we are at one another's throats. Blacks against whites, have-nots versus haves, our school systems in shambles, the Chinese Virus crippling every industry, no longer energy independent, Congress bankrupting the nation and our southern border wide open to one and all. But, nevertheless, we pray that the (Hebrew) New Year will bring us all a glimmer of hope for the future. So, to one and all, take a deep breath, with or without a mask.
Alan Bergstein retired from a career in education, culminating as a principal in middle-schools in The Bronx, NYC. He founded and serves as Executive Director of Judeo-Christian Republican Club of Palm Beach (Florida) County.


At first Memorial Day since autocracy over America, senior veterans balk at Democrat Party's imposed ethos

For the first time since Democrat-imposed lockdowns in California, the Air-Force-centric, military veterans' fraternity, "Wings over Wendy's" held a gathering to commemorate Memorial Day. Director, Bob Donovan, describes the group's purpose (transcript below).


Longtime Democrats alienated by leftward-drawn politicians; why do they prefer Memorial Day with Republican veterans?

A retired, Jewish physician declares: 'We didn't leave the Democratic Party. The party left us!' He and his wife preferred not to disclose their names publicly.

The good doctor elaborates:
"I was a civil rights worker as a junior medical student I did voter registration and gave lectures on health in Black Baptist churches in Mississippi. I remember one night I was arrested on a trumped-up, reckless driving charge. And they put me in jail and they put me in the Black section of a segregated jail. I spent the night in the Black section and i must say the Black prisoners were were shocked in awe that a White man was in there with them and in the jail. . . .

I volunteered to be in the United States Public Health Service so I could legally discharge my duties as a commissioned officer. In the public health service, I worked as a doctor in migrant clinics in the in the 70s. I worked in a Black neighborhood during the Johnson Great Society Era, but I converted to Conservativism in the year 2000 to 2004 because of my love of Israel - and my realization that the Palestinians did not intend to ever have a peace and they basically wanted to destroy Israel. I realized that the Republican Party and especially the Conservatives had a clear vision that we had to fight against this worldwide Islamic Nazism. And little by little, I became a Constitutional Conservative, even though in my younger days I was quite liberal!"
Transcription of interview with Bob Donovan:  DemoCast  asked:
"What was the the gist here of Memorial Day? The cemeteries are closed or they aren't holding ceremonies (due to political policies) unfortunately, anymore. The cemeteries are open just for people to come and visit. But veterans' gathering, where do they go?"

Bob Donovan  00:22
Well, that's right, where DO they go? We've always met on every Monday. And even since the pandemic has hit, we've still gotten together on Monday, but strictly through Zoom. This is the first time we've been able to get together live. And as much as anything, it's the camaraderie and fellowship that these fellows find, which drives them to come. It's not to swap war stories, it's to see each other! How much they thoroughly enjoy each other's company. And I think you can see that when you see them, they're thoroughly happy to see each other. And the wives or the wives or their children, whatever. So that is the big thing. And they understand more than anybody the respect that you have for the fallen. Many of them have witnessed their own friends fallen. And so you realize the power of that. 

Bob Donovan  01:03
And like you say, you can't go to the cemetery. So where do you go? Here, it gives everybody a chance to, to think about that and think about it in a good soulful way. And you heard Barney Leone's wonderful invocation, which is very appropriate for almost any day, but particularly for Memorial Day. So yeah, it's it's a wonderful thing. I thoroughly enjoyed being here. We had a few technical glitches, but that's to be understood - we had two hours prep, and working off of three different computers, so it wasn't easy. 

Bob Donovan  01:30
But all in all, it went pretty well. I think most of the folks are pretty happy. And these are a really great group of fellas, they really are. And ladies and ladies, too, excuse me, yeah. We have a few ladies - matter of fact, we have one, World War Two, Ethel Margolin is our only female WWII veteran, and a very proud, proud veteran she is.

DemoCast  01:48
What's the common thread of the the gathers here of - this isn't just this one occasion, but but the Association? 

Bob Donovan  01:57
Well, the most common thread, of course, is that most of us have military service. But not all, some just support the organization. Because it's a, it's an organization that really reflects what America is truly about. Its heart and soul, about the freedom about the right of private ownership of property, the right to be free, and in your speech, in your everyday life not to be burdened by large government intrusions, taxes and things. And that's what these people are all about. They are the freedom loving Americans who are willing, if need be, to die for that freedom, and many of the friends did. That is a really common thing. 

Bob Donovan  02:32
And just a wonderful group of fellows. I mean, and ladies there, they're a lot of fun to be with all the time. And so we're you can't find many other places that on a Monday, you'd get people - probably the average age is in the low 80s. People like myself taking it down 20 years for the World War Two guys, that would show up anywhere at eight, or 8:30 in the morning on a Monday. They just don't do it. They stay home, they wake up at 10 or 11. And watch TV or old black and white reruns or something, but they don't come out and participate. 

Bob Donovan  03:02
But it means so much to these folks that if they don't make it, they apologize. Geez, I'm so sorry. I can't be there today. Usually, it's the same thing. It's usually doctor's appointments. But that's all right. For me, it's a joyous occasion, I thoroughly look forward to seeing these faces. And when you look at the board over there, you saw all the ones that have passed, and it touches your heart, when you look at them go wow, there's another one that didn't make it, you know, for the long haul. But no, it's a wonderful thing. And as you can see people that aren't really affiliated with the military still have that same feeling. And they come back. We've had young kids that come back, say, You know what, I enjoy talking to some of these old guys so much, and I like what you do. You don't have to beg these people to sing "God Bless America." As soon as it starts, they're all singing and happy to do it! And that is something you don't get often. So they stand up, they're proud to salute the American flag and do the Pledge of Allegiance. They're patriotic - they grew up at a different time. And so it's, I can definitely say it's fun. It is emotionally stirring, and makes me feel good. But it's fun. Most of all, it's just fun. And the right to pursue happiness. Happiness is fun. It was Justice Louis Brandeis said the key to happiness is liberty. And the key to liberty is courage. That's what all these people have. They all had courage. 

DemoCast  04:21
it seemed from watching the Memorial Day concert hosted by Gary Sinise and Joe Mantegna, that the producers - and of course it was PBS - that they're advocating a pacifist vision of America. That this notion of diversity and equity is more important than, and of course there are physical material threats against ... in global geopolitics ...  that Americans have to be willing to, to defend to fight for. Why is this group now so important to message to convey to the public - in view of the way that the administration is trying to, to downplay a military defense?

Bob Donovan  05:11
Well, it's sad, but it's absolutely true. It's a good observation. I think that we have people that would rather apologize to our enemies than be kind to our allies. And we've seen that time and time again. And it encompasses every part of society, whether you talk the media, the military, and they're all told that you must obey these rules, and they, whether it's told just in the quiet of one person to another - this is how you will behave, you will not encourage or pay great homage to those who have been in war because they say you're a warmonger. But if you don't have a strong defense, you will be at war. When you're weak, guess what, you get attacked! And we've seen that time and time -whether it's a country or an individual, you have to stay strong. And they don't want you to stay strong, they want to be weak, because they think that that's a good way to go. It's not we know it, historically, we know it. But for some reason, this seems to be the the basic idea that and premise that the people are going on, they're thinking about... We're supposed to promote the general welfare, and provide for the common defense. The two keywords are general and common. But that's not the case anymore. It's about specific groups that are very loud and vocal. They seem to be in charge of everything, and they're dictating how the rest of us should live and think. And freedom is not about someone telling you how to think - not at all. That's the last bit of freedom that you should ever, ever give up is your freedom of thought. 

Bob Donovan  06:37
I think it was Madison was doggedly about freedom of thought. Freedom of thought to Madison was freedom of religion. But that was considered freedom of thought. But to have any thoughts, right or wrong compared to whether you should not be censored. And censorship is incredible. Now, there is what's known as a supremacy culture, which is very sad. Most of your dictators always suffered from that. And they would isolate you whether they put you in a gulag, or the Pol Pot took and put you in a prison. And now of course, you don't have to do that. You do it electronically. They make you null and void and make your voice quiet, electronically, much easy to do. 

Bob Donovan  07:16
And you see it time and time again, whether it's high ranking military person, political person, they don't like your ideas what you say. They just wash you away electronically, and you've, you might as well be in the gulag, because no one's gonna hear you. And you they can ruin you financially, emotionally. And it's very sad. You have to stand up once in a while and decide, wait a minute, there's something worth fighting for. And if there's anything worth fighting for your country, because without your country, your life is no good. You can talk to anyone that's lived under the Soviet Union, lived in China, any country that has been pounced upon by dictators and the left. They can all tell you don't let it happen. But you see, it's slowly happening. Eroding. It's very sad. It's frightening. I'm about to have my first grandchild. And it frightens me. 

DemoCast  08:02
Do you mean in the future - under the political trends?

Bob Donovan  08:07
Yeah, if the political trend will continue, most of our freedoms would be gone. And they take them from - and people don't notice it. Really. They quietly just give all this that doesn't mean that much to me. Yeah, but it means something. I mean, one of the worst ones is they squash, they squash, the squash school choice. How can you squash school choice, I mean, the right to to get a good education? And many people say no, they don't want you to do that. They want you to be at the school they want you to go to so that they can teach you what they want, which is not teaching anything. It's indoctrination. Pure indoctrination on the left. Well, that's not going to help us much and build a strong country. 

Bob Donovan  08:44
The founding fathers knew exactly what they were looking at. And people would say a bunch of I hear it all a bunch of old white men, but those old white men knew what it was about because they lived and saw the tyranny in Europe and how bad it was and wanted something different. I think they wrote a pretty good document. We've, we've amended it a couple times. But still, the document is there and it's to be respected and loved. And if you don't love your country and your family, you don't have much. So anyway, that kind of sums it up for me.