Whitewashing Islamophobia- multicultural rabbi attempts to mollify objections to Islamic supremacism; Hindus, Jews, & Christians rally in opposition

Helen Freedman of Americans for a Safe Israel organized the protest
by concerned Jews, Christians, and Hindi outside the Manhattan JCC
Is Islamophobia rational or racism? Phyllis Chesler & Fern Sidman write:
On the Islamophobia Train: The Rabbi and the Imam
in Israel National News

As Islamist terrorists are being arrested in Baku for a plot to attack both the American and Israeli Embassies; as Muslims torture, murder, and exile Christians from their native Arab lands; as Hamas constantly bombards Israeli civilians with rockets launched from Gaza; even as Iran is threatening to send many "caravans of tens of thousands" of hostile Iranians to march on Jerusalem—guess what subject drew 225 eager audience members and the media to an upper west side Jewish Community Center?

The subject du jour was:“Combating Islamophobia,” which featured panelists Rabbi Marc Schneier and Imam Shamsi Ali. The moderator: None other than former First Daughter, Chelsea Clinton.

Why are Jews confusing "Islamophobia" with anti-Semitism? One understands why Muslims who are used to feeling superior to all other religions, would want to assume whatever remains of Jewish victimhood and make it their own in order to gain sympathy for real and imaginary slights and for terrorist aggression—but why are Jews enabling them to do so?

Helen Freedman of Americans for a Safe Israel organized the protest of concerned Jews, Christians, and Hindi outside the Manhattan JCC. In this exclusive interview, she addresses Israel resisting Islamist imperialism encroaching through an irredentist Arab state of Palestine.

In 2008, the FBI found that 66.1% of religious hate crimes in America targeted Jews, but only 7.5% of religious hate crimes targeted Muslims. Another 2011 study shows that religious bias crimes against Muslim Americans have remained relatively low, with a downward trend since 2001, and are significantly less than the numbers of bias crimes against Jewish victims.

Nevertheless, Islamists claim that Muslims are suffering far more than Jews in America.

Are Rabbi Schneier and his partner,, Imam Shamsi Ali, the leaders we need?
Xenophobia is an irrational fear of foreigners. What is Islamophobia? Are allegations of Islamophobia merely a "race card" to discredit critics of Islamism? Is Islamophobia an irrational or a rational response to Islamist totalitarianism?  Mrs. Suzanne Reyto, an Hungarian refugee who fled communist totalitarianism, is concerned about the convoluting of her rational fear of totalitarianism under the Islamist religious banner.

Mrs. Reyto commented following a presentation of Egyptian apostate, Nonie Darwish, who addressed the Malibu/BelAir Republican Women Federated.


How laxity towards Islamism and anti-Zionism results in massacres of Jewish westerners

Muslim leaders, politicians, and journalists who have participated in the agenda of lies and hatred against Israel should today hang their heads in shame. - The Commentator March 21, 2012
For it is now clear that the killer was motivated by the same kind of lies about Israeli actions in Gaza that have been peddled and therefore legitimised for years by Muslim leaders in France and across Europe. 
Let us be clear. There has not been one single instance, ever, of the Israeli military deliberately targeting Palestinian children in a school in Gaza. Palestinian children have died in the overall conflict of course. But even that indirect responsibility lies with the people who have started all the wars, namely Palestinian terror groups such as Hamas. 
That is the incontrovertible truth of the matter. Yet you'd never know it if you listened to Europe's Muslim leaders who have whipped up the kind of hysteria against Israel in which the sort of attack that took place on Monday was always likely to take place.

Victims Rabbi Jonathan Sandler, 30,with his sons Arieh, 5, &
Gabriel, 4, and Miriam Monsonego, principal's daughter, 7
From The Telegraph:
The al-Qaeda affiliated group who claimed responsibility for the attacks, Jund al-Khilafah, and the statement they posted on jihadist websites:

"On ... March 19th, our brother Yousef the Frenchman carried out an operation that shook the foundations of the Zionist Crusaders ... and filled their hearts with terror," said the statement apparently referring to the shooting of an Israeli-French teacher and three children at a Jewish school in France.
"We claim responsibility for these operations," said the statement, adding that Israel's "crimes ... will not go unpunished."

Henry Samuel, Telegraph's French correspondent, claims that Mohammed Merah filmed all his murders in gory detail, according to the prosecutor, and can be heard saying "you killed my brothers, I kill you!" in one execution.

Who did the civilian schoolteacher Rabbi Jonathan Sandler (who did not serve in the IDF) kill?  Which 'crimes' did French Muslim, Mohammed Merah believe he would avenge by blowing the brains out of Rabbi Sandler's children, aged 4 and 5, or 7-year old Miriam Mosonego?

According to the IDF Blog article, "Top Tweet on Gaza Proven False" from a week ago Monday, 12 March:
Two photos tweeted in the past 24 hours, both allegedly depicting the results of Israeli air strikes in Gaza in recent days, have been proven false. 
The photo first tweeted by Khulood Badawi (@KhuloodBadawi) and later by Diana Alzeer (@ManaraRam), allegedly depicting a Palestinian girl killed by an Israeli air strike yesterday, was proven to have originated in 2006 and to have had nothing at all to do with Israeli action. This photo is now the top tweet for #Gaza, with over 300 retweets. It is completely false.  
In fact, the photo was taken by Reuters on August 9, 2006. It was originally released with an incorrect caption, and then corrected a day later: 
A Palestinian man carries the body of three year-old Raja Abu Shaban, in Gaza August 9, 2006. The three-year-old girl who had been reported killed by an Israeli air strike in Gaza on Wednesday actually died of an accident (she fell off of a swing), Palestinian medical workers said on Thursday. Workers at Gaza’s Shifa hospital said on August 10, 2006 that the initial mistake over the cause of death appeared to have arisen because the girl’s corpse was brought in at the same time as the bodies of the gunmen. REUTERS/Mohammed Salem (Palestinian Territories) 
The original tweets, however, have already been picked up by hundreds of others and continue to circulate around the web, despite having been thoroughly disproved. (Honest Reporting). 

Melanie Philips addresses the mainstream media's complicity in rationalizing Muslim violence through "Laying the groundwork for the Toulouse massacre"
Not only are the media and ‘progressive’ commentators in the west desperate to sanitise Islamic terrorism and genocidal incitement; they also join in. The Toulouse jihadist said he was ‘seeking revenge for Palestinian children and French military postings overseas.’ 
But no Palestinian children have ever been targeted by Israel for murder. Quite the reverse: Israel regularly puts its own soldiers in harm’s way in order to any minimise civilian casualties in military operations against Palestinian terrorists and their infrastructure which it undertakes solely to protect its own people from further murderous Palestinian attacks. 
Any Palestinian child casualties in such operations occur solely as a tragic and inadvertent by-product of war – and as often as not because the Palestinians have put their own children in harm’s way. 
Yet this deranged belief that the Israelis deliberately kill Palestinian children is not only pumped out daily by the Arab and Muslim world inciting their people to hate Jews and to murder them as a holy act; not only do western progressives ignore this incitement and pretend instead that Islamic terrorism arises from legitimate ‘grievances’; these same western progressives themselves pump out precisely the same lies and incitement -- and then suggest that the deliberate murder of Jewish innocents is the moral equivalent of attempts by Israel to prevent the slaughter of yet more innocents.


The WMD ("weapons of mass destruction") which Islamists threaten with- Richard Perkins at AIPAC

Familiarize yourself with the various Arab weapons of mass destruction ("WMD"), biological, chemical, and nuclear, which Western military and political strategists cope to deal with.

Richard Perkins of AIPAC demonstrated and discussed the issues in this original DemoCast video from the annual AIPAC Policy Conference in Washington, DC. Recorded on March 5th.


Campaign-minded Obama puts self-interest over stopping Iran's nuclearizing against Israel; A handful of Zionist supporters valiantly resist 'Nazi-esque' anti-Jewish rally outside of White House meeting with Prime Minister Netanyahu

President Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu hold a chilly press conference following their White House meeting about whether the 2 countries can afford to wait and see whether current sanctions will deter Iran's mullah regime enough to abandon their nuclear weapons development.

Bob Kunst of Shalom International drove from Florida to the White House, sleeping in his car in the cold, winter night, to protest Obama's abandoning Israel to challenge Iran's offensive nuclear weapons alone.

Meanwhile, nearby, 13,000 people attended the AIPAC Policy Conference- but only 2 (Australian-Israeli Ari and your reporter) showed-up to support Israel against a loud, well-organized throng of hard-leftist activists from Occupy- DC and Code:Pink.

Anglo-Israeli, Ari, is appalled when confronted by the leftist anti-Zionist rally outside of the White House visit of Prime Minister Netanyahu.

Ari says that these anti-Israel rallies are reminiscent of the Nazi campaign rallies organized around "cleansing the world" of Jews- which brought them to power and empowered the public to serve-up their Jewish citizens for annihilation.