Campaign-minded Obama puts self-interest over stopping Iran's nuclearizing against Israel; A handful of Zionist supporters valiantly resist 'Nazi-esque' anti-Jewish rally outside of White House meeting with Prime Minister Netanyahu

President Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu hold a chilly press conference following their White House meeting about whether the 2 countries can afford to wait and see whether current sanctions will deter Iran's mullah regime enough to abandon their nuclear weapons development.

Bob Kunst of Shalom International drove from Florida to the White House, sleeping in his car in the cold, winter night, to protest Obama's abandoning Israel to challenge Iran's offensive nuclear weapons alone.

Meanwhile, nearby, 13,000 people attended the AIPAC Policy Conference- but only 2 (Australian-Israeli Ari and your reporter) showed-up to support Israel against a loud, well-organized throng of hard-leftist activists from Occupy- DC and Code:Pink.

Anglo-Israeli, Ari, is appalled when confronted by the leftist anti-Zionist rally outside of the White House visit of Prime Minister Netanyahu.

Ari says that these anti-Israel rallies are reminiscent of the Nazi campaign rallies organized around "cleansing the world" of Jews- which brought them to power and empowered the public to serve-up their Jewish citizens for annihilation.

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