Cyber-jihadists hijack North American "Israpundit"; Meet the man they want to keep you from learning from

Atlas Shrugs reports that jihadists today briefly comandeered the pro-democracy, pro-Jewish website, Israpundit. Volunteers helped Israpundit overcome the "Hamas owned you," browser hijack to bring it back online.
Islamists impose ensorship of the Islamist world to stifle international criticism of their brainwashing. Meet Israpundit's publisher, Ted Belman, and appreciate the intellectual honesty of this kind, lucid political affairs analyst delivers from Canada, that cyber-terrorists are working to stifle.

Mr. Belman spoke with DemoCast.TV just days prior to the American Presidential election and addresses global affairs topics including domestic North American politics, Middle East politics, and defeating jihad.


Israel attempts to free Palestinians from Islamist-imperialist oppressors; NY Post calls Jewish State - "Damned if they do, but DEAD if they don't"

Benjamin Netanyahu, Israeli Likud candidate for Prime Minister, explains Israel's position on enduring 8-years of Hamas rocket attacks against Israeli civilians, more than 3-years since Israel vacated Gaza with Hamas' promises to cease rocket terror. Hamas launches from residential areas to deter retaliation and maximize casualties for PR value.
Video courtesy Fox News Channel.
Ralph Peters writes in the New York Post:

"Israel's airstrikes against confirmed Hamas terrorist targets in the Gaza Strip were overdue, discriminating and skillful. So far, this retaliatory campaign has been a superb example of how to employ postmodern airpower.

Israel's attack aircraft appear to have accomplished that part of the mission. As I write, some 300 terrorist dead have been reported in Gaza, while the propaganda-savvy information office of Hamas has struggled to prove that 20 civilians died.

Given the fact that Hamas adheres to the terrorist practice of locating command sites, arsenals and training facilities in heavily populated areas, the results suggest that the IDF - supported by first-rate intelligence work - may have executed the most accurate wave of airstrikes in history, with a 15-to-1 terrorist-to-civilian kill ratio.

The bad news is that it still won't be enough. While Israel has delivered a painful blow against Hamas, it's still not a paralyzing hit. The only way to neuter such a terror threat - even temporarily - is to go in on the ground and scour every room, basement and underground tunnel in a region.

That would mean high Israeli casualties and, of course, condemnation of Israel's self-defense efforts by every self-righteous, corrupt and bigoted organization and government on earth, from Turtle Bay to Tehran.

What have been Israel's "crimes?" Not "stealing Palestinian land," but making that land productive, while exposing the incompetence and sloth of Arab culture.

Israel's crime isn't striking back at terror, but demonstrating, year after year, that a country in the Middle East can be governed without resort to terror. Israel's crime hasn't been denying Arab rights, but insisting on human rights for women and minorities.

Israel's crime has been making democracy work where tyranny prevailed for 5,000 years. Israel's crime has been survival against overwhelming odds, while legions of Arab nationalists, Islamist extremists and Western leftists want every Jew dead.

But Israel's greatest crime was to expose the global cult of victimhood, to prove that hard work, fortitude and courage could overcome even history's grimmest disaster."

We may sympathize with the average Palestinian family, exploited by generations of corrupt leaders and now caught in yet another round of violence. But let us never forget that Israel hasn't fired thousands of blind rockets into Palestinian cities, that Israeli suicide bombers don't attack Arab restaurants and bus stops, and that Israel seeks to avoid harming civilians - while Hamas seeks to kill as many civilians as possible.

In a world where there are no good answers, Israel just answered as best it could. The world's response? "How dare Jews defend themselves."

Humanity doesn't progress. It just changes clothes."

The Israeli Army sends truckloads of humanitarian aid for Palestinians in Gaza via the Kerem Shalom crossing.

"There is no such thing as a disproportionate response to calls for genocide," published in Sigmund, Carl, and Alfred

From the Hamas Charter:

“Israel will exist and will continue to exist until Islam will obliterate it, just as it obliterated others before it…”

“Our struggle against the Jews is very great and very serious … The Movement is but one squadron that should be supported by more and more squadrons from this vast Arab and Islamic world, until the enemy is vanquished and Allah’s victory is realised…”

"Death is coming. O Zionists, hide yourselves!" long-time Hamas Television public-service announcement.

While the UN and much of Europe wring their hands at the heavy Israeli response to rocket fire by the Palestinians into Israel, there is talk of ‘disproportionate response.’

There is no such thing as a ‘disproportionate response’ to calls for genocide. All conflicts end with ‘disproportionate response.’

The Israelis are entitled to defend themselves from those who openly or not so openly call for their annihilation.

Peace among nations is arrived at when the cost of war becomes overwhelming.

Israel nationalist activist, Tsafrir Ronen, 53, suffers fatal of heart attack

Tzafrir Ronen, 53, a fighter for the Land of Israel and the Jewish People originating from deep within the secular left, suffered a fatal heart attack before the Sabbath. Survived by his wife and three daughters, aged 13 to 20, his funeral was held 29 December in his hometown Moshav Moledet near Afula.

A founder of the secular nationalist Nahalal Forum and a frequent contributor to Arutz-7’s Hebrew and English opinion pages, Ronen was raised on the ideals of the Labor party and the secular Kibbutz movement. He served as senior campaign advisor for Yitzchak Rabin in the 1992 elections, and was a founding member of Kibbutz Gilgal in the Jordan Valley. His change in thinking came in the wake of the Oslo Accords, signed by Rabin in 1993.
Video courtesy: Israel National News

At last year’s Jerusalem Conference, Ronen delivered an impassioned speech in which he said, “Show me a British person who would be willing to negotiate away parts of London for peace with Al-Qaeda, or an American who would be willing to give away Washington, D.C… Only we are willing to give away our heritage. How can we act this way? We need a psychologist! . . .

I was in a synagogue in the U.S., which has appeals for Dharfur, Bosnia, etc. – but when I wanted to talk about the Land of Israel, they refused to let me, saying it was a political matter. I told them that if the Land of Israel is a political matter, you can close up the Bible, and you can close up your synagogue… Look what happened here: We came back to our Land, we established a State – and we lost our identity!”


Samuel Huntington's death should tip media to Hamas' role against Israel: to remake world order; Muslim-raised, Nonie Darwish, confirms nature of plan

Israel is attempting to defend itself against ongoing terrorism from its self-professed enemy, Hamas-ruled, Gazan Arabs.

The foreign press has taken notice, accusing Israel of disproportionate response to Hamas' Kassam rocket attacks on southern Israel, which the press largely ignored during the many months that it harmed Israeli lives.   The press continues to minimize Hamas' antagonism in its mostly one-sided interpreting of the conflict as the Israeli forces' harming the Palestinians seeking 'liberation.'  But the liberation of what?

The press should take a clue from the noteworthy passing of seminal, Harvard political scientist, Prof. Samuel Huntington, this week.  In his 1993 tome, "The Clash of Civilizations and the Remaking of World Order," Prof. Huntington asserted that in a post-cold-war world, violent conflict would come not from nationalist friction between nations, but from cultural and religious differences among the world’s civilizations - predicting conflict between the the Muslim world and Western dominance. Charlie Rose interviewed him in this 1997 video.

Author and Muslim-born humanitarian, Ms. Nonie Darwish, exposes her view that the nature of the conflict being inflicted upon the West (and Israel) is motivated by fundamentalist Islamic theology and culture.

In her books, "Now They Call Me 'Infidel,'" and the January 6th scheduled release of "Cruel & Usual Punishment - The Terrifying Global Implications of Islamic Law," she demystifies Muslim cultural imperialism around the world.

She explains in this video conversation that Islamist imperialism against the West (e.g., al Qaeda, shariah law, the radicalizing of Western Muslims' mosques) is the same motivation of Arab world for the "Palestinian Peace-Process;" i.e., "The goal of the Arab-Israeli conflict is that the Jews of Israel must live under Muslim authority." 

She spends a wide-ranging discussion following the memorial service for Mumbai victims of Islamic terror group Lashkar-e-Taiba.

In the Gaza incursion, Israel is battling Islamic jihadism bent on Israel's destruction. It's the same militant, cultural imperialism seeking to convert or dominate Western civilization. Israel is defending its legitimate existence from genocidal Holy Warriors in this epitome of Huntington's "Clash of Civilizations." And the media had better recognize that - before the Shariah they are unwittingly defending ultimately turns against the media themselves.


Bethlehem Christians flee religious persecution by Muslims; Journalists blame Israel, mollify world to opposing Jihadism

Muslim mafia's intimidating and usurping of Christians' lives, homes, businesses responsible for Christian emigration. Journalists wrongly laying blame on Zionism distract world from appropriate reaction, response.

Even the New York Times had to admit that business is strong in Bethlehem. So who is making life so harsh for many Christians that they are forced to flee?

Correspondent Aaron Klein in WorldNetDaily writes "Media's 'cold deceit' descends upon Bethlehem"
...the mainstream media, which, like clockwork, file misleading reports from this important Christian city every year. They completely ignore Muslim intimidation of Christians while blaming Israel for ruining Christmas and for the drastic decline of Christianity in one of the holiest cities for that religion.
Please read it all.

The reality of Muslim on Christian crime was addressed by CBN News several weeks ago:

Some Christian leaders said one of the most significant problems facing Christians in Bethlehem is the rampant confiscation of land by Muslim gangs.

"There are many cases where Christians have their land stolen by the [Muslim] mafia," said Samir Qumsiyeh, a Bethlehem Christian leader and owner of the Beit Sahour-based private Al-Mahd (Nativity) TV station.

"It is a regular phenomenon in Bethlehem. They go to a poor Christian person with a forged power of attorney document, and then they say we have papers proving you're living on our land. If you confront them, many times the Christian is beaten. You can't do anything about it. The Christian loses, and he runs away," Qumsiyeh told WND, speaking from his hilltop television station during a recent interview.

Qumsiyeh himself said he was targeted by Islamic gangs. He said his home was firebombed after he returned from a trip abroad during which he gave public speeches outlining the plight of Bethlehem's Christian population.

One Christian Bethlehem resident told WND last year her friend recently fled Bethlehem after being accused by Muslims of selling property to Jews, a crime punishable by death in some Palestinian cities. The resident said a good deal of the intimidation comes from gunmen associated with PA President Mahmoud Abbas' Fatah organization.

A February Jerusalem Post article cited the case of Faud and Georgette Lama, Christian residents of Bethlehem who said their land was stolen by local Muslims and when they tried to do something about it, Faud was beaten by gunmen.

One religious novelty store owner I met recently told me Muslim gangs regularly deface Christian property.

"We are harassed, but you wouldn't know the truth. No one says anything publicly about the Muslims. This is why Christians are running away."


Family and friends' holiday viewing: "Obsession: Radical Islam" the Movie; Free on cable TV video-on-demand Shalom TV in USA

Enlighten your family and friends to the facts about the global conflict while relaxing around the cool-fireplace this holiday season. Here's the film's trailer:

Check to find Shalom TV Video on Demand availability on American cable TV systems. Please share widely. Have a happy (and wise) holiday.

"Palestine is racist Islamists' red-herring," reveals Muslim-reformist, Nonie Darwish. Sikh clergy leader denounces 'Holy War' against non-Muslims

Brought together by empathy for the victims of the pious, Jewish victims of Kashmiri 'unholy' warriors, Lashkar-e-Taiba, a Sikh leader and Muslim-reformist call for a global reform of Islamic supremacy and imperialism. They feel that the world and Muslims must acknowledge and address this problem candidly.

Nirinjan Singh Khalsa, Executive Director of the California Sikh Council, says, "Any community of good and light has to stand together against this darkness and evil (Jihad). Evil flourishes when good people do nothing. It's important that all communities together join to stop this insanity of terrorism." Kashmir's population which is 97% Muslim is less than 1% Sikh.

Egyptian born, Muslim-raised author Nonie Darwish explains, "Islamic cultural violence and political terror is a plague upon all peoples who must join to eradicate it from Islam.

The issue is not the land over Palestine- that's the lie. It is not a land dispute. This is a religious, Holy War against any nation that rules itself, but not under Islamic leadership. And what is the closest autonomous, non-Muslim nation to the heart of the Middle East? It is Israel. And that is the truth. And until Muslims face that truth and admit it to the world instead of playing games and killing all these innocent people... We must face our internal problems - we (Muslims) must look within."

Ms. Nonie Darwish just released her second book "Cruel and Usual Punishment: The terrifying global effects of Sharia law." Amazon's product description reads:
Nonie Darwish presents an insider's look at Sharia and examines how radical Muslim laws are destroying the Western world from within. Cruel and Usual Punishment is an insider's look at how Muslims sacrifice their basic human rights to obey the archaic and brutal laws handed down to their prophet centuries ago. Heed this warning: Sharia Law is attempting to infiltrate Western culture and destroy democracy.


Rice/Bush betray Israel through U.N. Resolution obligating Israel to dangerous Saudi plan

For the first time, the United States defies Israel in obligating her to a UN Security Council resolution. No prior discussions or consultation with Israel on matters directly affecting the well being of the Jewish state. Who are they trying to impress?

Jewish civil-rights group,"The 18," call out the danger of this dynamic and this resolution.

Columnist, Michael Freund, writes "Bush's December Surprise" on Dec 18, 2008 cricticizes the U.S. action more severely:
With just a month left to go before he leaves office, George W. Bush has decided to pull the trigger and drop a bomb on the Middle East. Only instead of targeting Iran's illicit nuclear program, or Syria's nefarious regime, the outgoing US president has inexplicably chosen to detonate a diplomatic device over the heads of all Israelis.

In a move that was said to have been "personally led" by Bush, diplomats from the 15 member nations of the UN Security Council convened for an emergency session on Saturday to discuss the text of a proposed resolution aimed at tying the hands of Israel's next government.

The draft resolution, which was slated to be passed Tuesday, calls on Israel and the Palestinians to continue to negotiate "core issues" such as dividing Jerusalem, even after the present Israeli and Palestinian governments leave office in 2009.

"The initiative," as Haaretz reported on Sunday, "is seen as a bid to cement the Annapolis process with the approval of the highest authority," with Bush hoping that Security Council backing will make it "irreversible." This, he believes, will result in "shielding it from the administration changes in both Israel and the US."


Video of Herb "I lost my country" London on America's liberal media electing Obama

Dr. Herbert London, president of the Hudson Institute, a Washington-based conservative think-tank, is a noted social critic and author of America's Secular Challenge: The Rise of a New Religion.

PowerLine reports:

"Dr. London took the results of November's election harder than we did, and wonders whether this country has undergone a profound change for the worse. Herb wrote this provocative essay for Power Line:
The results are in and my candidate lost the presidency. Since I love this country, I wish the newly named President Barack Obama every success. But this was an election unlike any other. I don't think the Republicans merely lost an election, I believe many of us lost a country.

This was a land that once rewarded hard work and enterprise. A place where one's word was his bond. America was the land of opportunity. If you can't do it here, you cannot do it anywhere. We were a people to be envied, not only because we had the highest standard living, but because we had the greatest degree of stability.

Americans were notoriously optimistic because we counted on tomorrow being better than yesterday. We were an open people dependent on fair play and a free market bounded by a standard of virtue. With all the blemishes in our past and breaches in our own ethics, we were a model of civic rectitude. "Dems that gives, gets;" those who wish to bilk the system will be discovered and isolated.

There was a time not so long ago when people did not depend on government to bail them out of financial difficulty, a time when the nanny state bred apprehension, not affection. Now, it seems, in the new America almost everyone wants a free ride. The non-tax payer wants a rebate from the taxpayer. The poor man wants everything the rich man has and he wants the rich man to give it to him.

Enemies of the nation, it turns out, are not enemies at all; we merely defined them as adversaries. Had we been clever in the past, we could have defined them out of existence. All we have to do is engage in "soft power," diplomacy and clever negotiating skill. Surely those who want to kill us will be persuaded that swords should be converted into plowshares. It's odd, but Osama bin Laden doesn't seem to embrace this position.

The America of now is one where Orwellian logic rules. Redistribution of wealth is fairness. Taxes are patriotic. The free market should be a regulated market. Big government is good for you. Politicians know what kind of health care is best for you. Choice should be limited, except when it comes to abortion. Power comes from being powerless. Progressive education is designed to promote progress toward socialism. Race doesn't count unless a person of color tells you it counts. Higher education gets lower each year. Those who create our problems should be asked to solve them. Religion should be a private matter that does not inform public morality. Liberal is radical. Free speech is selective speech. Courage is impetuousness.

Yes, Americans - many Americans - want change. The level of dissatisfaction runs deep. But the national cri de coeur hasn't a direction. That's what makes it so dangerous. Americans live better than at any moment in our collective history, notwithstanding the meltdown on Wall Street, yet despair is ubiquitous. Admittedly observing 401K accounts disappear as soap bubbles will make anyone angry. Nonetheless, it is a privilege to live in the land of the free, a privilege now regarded as an entitlement.

It was once wrong to use community groups such as ACORN to steal an election. It was once wrong to conceal one's past in order to invent an identity. It was once wrong to use the instrument of government finance to satisfy a constituency and then claim an unregulated market is what ails us. It was once wrong to lie in a campaign and still is except when the media panjandrums avert their gaze for the lies of a favored candidate.

Surely we face threats across the globe that cannot be easily forestalled. Arguably the most significant threat is from within in the form of an unregulated government, a government large, intrusive and seductive. This is the new American government that promises everything and demands very little from its citizens. "Shop until you drop" is the national anthem. After all, you don't have to fight if you don't want to and you don't have to sacrifice if that's too much for you. All you have to do is visit malls and keep opinions to yourself. Opinions are important since Truth Squads want to be sure you don't criticize the chosen candidate.

Where is my America, the place of fair play, individual rights, the rule of law and respect for private property? Was the past merely a dream from which I have awakened? Can that America of exceptionalism return? Can it find its way back into the public consciousness?

I have my doubts. Now the change agents scream "everything will be different." Alas, they are right. It appears as if everything will be different, most especially the end of an America I loved.


Big Clinton donors revealed: Muslim oil-imperialists out-lobby Jewish doves to curry influence with Clintons

The Huffington Post reports:
The records account for at least $492 million in contributions to the William J. Clinton Foundation. The foundation has raised $492 million from 205,000 donors in the last 11 years, but the former president had not previously made the list of donors public. He agreed to release the names after the nomination of Hillary Clinton to serve as secretary of state because of worries about the impact his business dealings around the world could have on his wife's new job.

Saudi Arabia, Norway and other foreign governments gave at least $46 million, and donors with ties to India delivered millions more. Corporate donors included the Blackwater security firm, at risk of losing its lucrative government contract to protect U.S. diplomats in Iraq, and Web company Yahoo, involved in disputes over surrendering Internet information to Chinese authorities that led to the imprisonment of dissidents there.  
Hollywood's Chaim Saban, an AIPAC supporter and the founder of the Saban Center for Middle East Policy at the Brookings Institution, gave between $5 million and $10 million to the foundation. Also at the same level was the Wasserman Foundation, founded by the late Universal Studios head Lew Wasserman. The non-profit organization only listed ranges of giving and not specific contribution amounts.

Saudi Arabia, whose donation was in the $10 million-$25 million range, donated more than any Jewish donor. 

An organization called "Friends of Saudi Arabia" (which the Wall Street Journal reports is a group of former diplomats and U.S. businessmen with interests in Saudi Arabia) as well as the "Dubai Foundation," and the governments of Kuwait and Qatar each donated between $1 million and $5 million.  (Source: The Jewish Telegraphic Agency)


International experts in "Facing Jihad" symposium speak in Jerusalem

MK Dr. Arye Eldad's Facing Jihad education conference was held in Jerusalem at the Menachem Begin Heritage Center on Sunday.
The conference had the participation of notable speakers like controversial Dutch Parliamentarian Geert Wilders, Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch, Professor John Lewis of Duke University, Sudanese former slave / now Christian freedom-fighter Simon Deng, the redoubtable Dr. Daniel Pipes of the Middle East Forum, Palestine Media Watch executive director Itamar Marcus, Dr. Davi Bukay, and others. Despite the lack of mainstream media attention, several bloggers have been following it.

Andrew Bostom has a post, Geert Wilders in Jerusalem “The Jihad against Israel is the Jihad against the West” with the full text of the Wilders speech at his blog. Hugh Fitzgerld has an important essay on this Jerusalem event, “Jihad Against Israel,” on Jihad Watch. (courtesy Israpundit's Jerry Gordon)
Gil Ronen reports at Israel National News)
An international conference like no other was held in Jerusalem Sunday. The conference, called Facing Jihad, organized by MK Aryeh Eldad, dealt with the current world wide threat posed by Islamic holy war, Jihad, and what can be done about it. Dutch MP Geert Wilders was also present, and the attendees watched a screening of his famous short film, Fitna.

”Islam is an ideology,” Wilders told Israel National News. “It rules everything, not only from birth to death but everything in between, everything in the life. So I believe Islam should not be compared with Judaism or Christianity, but with other totalitarian ideologies like communism or fascism. This what we are dealing with.”

Wilders added: “Your fight against Jihad is our fight against Jihad. It’s not a territorial conflict. It’s an ideological conflict.”
Watch the knowledgeable, American counter-jihad expert, Dr. John Lewis (Visiting Associate Professor of Political Science, Duke University) explains the goals and tactics of the "Islamic totalitarian state-ism" movement. (Sequential segments all follow Robert Spencer's repeated :20 second intro).


Minority-rights leaders call for universal condemnation of Islamic-sanctioned hatred, violence, and sedition

On the very same day as the Mumbai terror attacks (Nov 26 / 25th Pacific Time), San Franciscan  Jewish-physician, Dr. Dan Kliman fell into the Pacific Arabic Resources School's elevator shaft. The cause of the death of the advocate for vegetarian/ homosexual/ Israeli rights is under investigation. A memorial service  was be held on Sunday, Dec 14, 7:30 pm at the Beth Jacob Congregation in Oakland. He was also remembered in a moment of silence at L.A.'s StandWithUs dinner.

The pious Jewish victims of Kashmiri 'unholy' warriors, Lashkar-e-Taiba, were memorialized at a Chabad-organized ceremony by Los Angeles civic dignitaries and leaders from Sikh and Arab cultures. They called to rally all good people (especially Muslims) to rout-out supremacism and hate from modern Islamic practices.

Nirinjan Singh Khalsa, Executive Director of the California Sikh Council, says, "Any community of good and light has to stand together against this darkness and evil (Jihad). Evil flourishes when good people do nothing. It's important that all communities together join to stop this insanity of terrorism." Kashmir's population which is 97% Muslim is less than 1% Sikh.

Nonie Darwish, founder of Arabs for Israel states her mission is to "promote reconciliation, acceptance and understanding" between Israelis and Arabs. In this original video interview, she calls, "It's high time for good and peace-loving Muslims, who are the majority, it's up to Muslims to stand up (against Muslim-supremacism) and say, "Not in the name of my religion!' But I'm not seeing that," she bemoans.

Mrs. Darwish, founder of Arabs for Israel, explains in this video interview that Islamic fundamentalism seeks to spread Islamic dominance over all cultures and lands.

She cautions people of  the need to defend their societies from the Islamic revolutionary movement - which has radicalized Muslim communities towards revolutionary terrorism and hatred of and violence against non-Muslim civilians.

Mrs. Darwish says, "A Muslim group should meet in front of a mosque and say, "Not in the name of Islam - don't do terrorism in the name of Islam." But they're not. Because there isn't enough teaching of peace with the Jewish people - there's too much (unfortunately) teaching of hate and killing inside the Arab world and the Muslim world. Arab kids are inundated with demands to do Jihad and to kill and murder Jewish people - and this has to stop."

Mrs. Darwish first book, "Now they Call Me Infidel; Why I Renounced Jihad for America, Israel and the War on Terror," was released two years ago. Paul Vallely, major general, U.S. Army (Ret.), coauthor of Endgame, writes of her Infidel:
"We should all be thankful to Nonie Darwish for writing this insightful book on jihad and the global war on terror. As Darwish states in this great expose, nothing will change in the Islamic world until the voices in the mosques preach love and peace."
Mrs. Darwish's publisher has just released her second book "Cruel and Usual Punishment: The terrifying global effects of Sharia law." Amazon's product description of it states:
Nonie Darwish presents an insider's look at Sharia and examines how radical Muslim laws are destroying the Western world from within. Cruel and Usual Punishment is an insider's look at how Muslims sacrifice their basic human rights to obey the archaic and brutal laws handed down to their prophet centuries ago. Heed this warning: Sharia Law is attempting to infiltrate Western culture and destroy democracy.


Jews & Christians challenge SoCal Islamist/Leftists' rally for phased-destruction of Jewish Israel via "Liberate Palestine!" movement

Emboldened, perhaps, by the Jihad's public success against at killing Jews in Mumbai this week, Southern California Islamists try their hands at wiping-out Judaism's biblical-homeland and refuge - through a culturally-insensitive demonstration outside the Israeli Embassy in Los Angeles.

An unholy alliance of Islamist and Far-Left groups demonstrated outside the Israeli Embassy in Los Angeles on Thursday, December 4th. The demonstrators included the ANSWER Coalition, Free Iraq Now, International Action Center, LA Jews for Peace, and various Moslem, anti-Israel/pro-Palestinian nationalist groups united in the phased destruction of the world's only Jewish refuge in their Biblical homeland.

"Stand With Us" organized a multifaith opposition gathered to counter the anti-Zionists. A Persian-born woman cried-out warning about appeasing Islamic cultures' intolerance of minorities - which she alleges is the basis for the Muslim campaign to delegitimize the Jewish Holy Land from the Moslem-dominated Middle East.
"Stand with Us" college organizer, Karen, characterizes the anti-Zionists as not malicious, but "misguided" with regard to the historical legitimacy of Israel and the true intentions of Palestinian-state activists - which she contends is not a peaceful co-existence, but instead, the destruction of Jewish self-rule in Israel.

Scheduling their Islamist-Leftist rally within a week of the murders of 6 innocent Jewish civilians in Mumbai at the hands of Muslim terrorists perhaps amplified the subtext of the anti-Israel-ists crusade.

Do anti-Zionists condone violence or terrorism to intimidate people from disagreeing with or opposing their dogma?

The anti-Zionists demonstrated no acknowledgment or remorse shown about that, nor was any acknowledment of the mysterious death of the multiculturalist Jewish physician, Dr. Dan Kliman. Known for opposing Islamist-Leftist mis-information rallies against Israel with counter-protests (pictured,  courtesy of San Francisco Voice for Israel), Dr. Kliman's body was found this week at the foot of the elevator shaft in the Pacific Arabic Resources School. He took evening classes to learn the Arabic language from Muslim teachers there.

For years, Dr. Kliman voluntarily responded to slanderous, anti-Israel rallys. He reached-out to Muslims and Leftists to achieve mutually respectful resolutions of Muslim-Jewish / Arab-Israeli issues. But (according to the blog "At the back of the Hill") not all Muslims were as respectful towards Dan.
* Dan was very well-known to the other side, his picture was posted on several sites identifying him as a Zionist "conspirator" and one of the lead-activists in the Bay Area.

* He had received several death-threats over the years - he was known by name and address.

* The pro-Palestinian side has often either used violence or threatened to do so - Dan was assaulted several times.

* The building where he was found was where he was taking Arabic classes; there were NO classes that week.

* Several members of the other side also take Arabic classes - that is one of the few schools in the area where Arabic is taught, and there is a constantly changing roster of Israel-haters studying Arabic there.

*The defective elevator had been secured so no one could enter it.

And until the police PROVE that it was an accident, I have to suspect that Dan was jumped by pro-Palestinian opportunists, who knew who he was, that the building was nearly empty, and that they would not soon have so excellent a chance to "get that Zionist!" 

Dan was hated. And he was alone in a place frequented by many of his enemies.
 Joo-Tube has more background on this story as does Oy Bay, the SF Jewish site. Zombietime has an ongoing thread monitoring the quest for justice for the slain anti, anti-Israelist.


Jews eulogize massacre-victims in India and Israel

(Courtesy: Arutz Sheva)

India's Jewish citizens - world's 'miner's canary' to confront Islamic jihadism

Tense times for Mumbai's Jews from BBC News

Jonathan SolomonWe have been targeted once and the terrorists have succeeded - that makes us vulnerable
Jonathan Solomon,
community elder

The first Jews - B'nai Israel - arrived in India about 2,000 years ago. Later, they arrived from what is now Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan and other Arab countries.

In Mumbai, the community has nine synagogues, and runs a number of schools, a prominent community centre and an organisation running vocational courses. Most of the Jews here are employed and a few run small businesses.

The attack on the centre has thrown an unwanted spotlight on the community.

"It does not feel good at all. This was like a bolt out of the blue. I am an Indian first, and I am married to a Indian Hindu. I wear the Star of David, and I have never even thought of hiding it. But suddenly I am feeling conscious that I am wearing it. I am feeling vulnerable," says Reena, who was born in India.

"Indian Jews have never faced anti-Semitism, we have never been persecuted. India and Israel enjoy the best of relations. But I felt hurt by the way the rabbi and his wife were killed. As an Indian I have to be careful of terror attacks anyway. And now it seems as a Jew I have to be doubly careful."


Muslim-attacks on Judaism in India reveal religious (not political) motivation of global Islamic jihad

Horror scene: Blood spatters the walls inside the Jewish centre where 2-year old Moses was trapped as Islamic gunmen killed his parents Rabbi Gabriel and Rivke Holtzberg during last week's attacks (AP via Daily Mail).

"Hindus, Jews, and Jihad Terror in Mumbai" by Dr. Andrew Bostom in American Thinker

Simply put, "mujahideen" are Muslim jihadists, "holy warriors," because there is just one historically relevant meaning of jihad, despite present day apologetics.

Contemporary validation of the central principle of jihad terrorism -- rooted in the Koran -- (for example, verses 8:12, 8:60, and 33:26)-i.e., to terrorize the enemies of the Muslims as a prelude to their conquest -- has been provided in the mainstream Pakistani text on jihad warfare by Brigadier S.K. Malik, (originally published in Lahore, in 1979. Malik's treatise was endorsed in a laudatory Foreword to the book by his patron, then Pakistani President Zia-ul-Haq, as well as a more extended Preface by Allah Buksh K. Brohi, a former Advocate-General of Pakistan). This text -- widely studied in Islamic countries, and available in English, Urdu, and Arabic -- has been recovered from the bodies of slain jihadists in Kashmir.

Brigadier S.K. Malik emphasizes how instilling terror is essential to waging successful jihad campaigns:
Terror struck into the hearts of the enemies is not only a means, it is the end in itself. Once a condition of terror into the opponent's heart is obtained, hardly anything is left to be achieved. It is the point where the means and the end meet and merge. Terror is not a means of imposing decision upon the enemy (sic); it is the decision we wish to impose upon him...

"Jihad," the Koranic concept of total strategy...[d]emands the preparation and application of total national power and military instrument is one of its elements. As a component of the total strategy, the military strategy aims at striking terror into the hearts of the enemy from the preparatory stage of war...Under ideal conditions, Jihad can produce a direct decision and force its will upon the enemy. Where that does not happen, military strategy should take over and aim at producing the decision from the military stage. Should that chance be missed, terror should be struck into the enemy during the actual fighting.

...the Book [Koran] does not visualize war being waged with "kid gloves." It gives us a distinctive concept of total war. It wants both, the nation and the individual, to be at war "in toto," that is, with all their spiritual, moral, and physical resources. The Holy Koran lays the highest emphasis on the preparation for war. It wants us to prepare ourselves for war to the utmost. The test of utmost preparation lies in our capability to instill terror into the hearts of the enemies.

... Yet these same media offered no speculation about Islamic Jew hatred as an obvious potential motivation for the transparently selective attack on Mumbai's Chabad House -- a focal point symbol of the miniscule Jewish community of 5000 (or 0.03%) in a city of some 15 million inhabitants. More egregiously, this neglect of any hateful Islamic motivations for the targeted murder of such innocent Jews -- including a young Lubavitcher Rabbi and his wife -- was accompanied by consistently dehumanizing and demeaning references to these victims as "Ultra-Orthodox," and their entirely false characterization as "missionaries."


'Liberal societies made vulnerable by failure to distinguish Islam (religion) from Islamism (political movement)' - Steve Emerson

Clutching a toy basketball, his face contorted by tears, this is Moshe Holtzberg at today's memorial service for his parents. The two-year-old orphan's rabbi father and mother were murdered in Mumbai's Jewish centre (AP via Daily Mail)

In the wake of mainstream-media whitewashing the motivations of Islamic terrorists in India:

In They're Winning, terrorism expert Steve Emerson says there’s no hope of victory in the war on terrorism until we call it what it really is.
Watching and reading the last 5 days of reports of the Mumbai attacks was an Alice in Wonderland experience. Even after an Islamic terrorist group took credit, TV anchors and reporters assiduously avoided the term Islamic terrorist. They must have consulted with the Thesaurus for the Politically Correct to determine that the word “gunmen” would not offend any jihadist.

The real truth is that there is war against the West and the Jews by Islamic jihadists.

On Wednesday, even though everyone knew by then that the perpetrators were jihadists, CNN constantly referred to the terrorists as “extremists”—with no modifier. Hell, they could have been the Basque ETA or the ultra right wing U.S. militia. Then a CNN anchor asked his guest with totally innocence, “Now why would an extremist group target a Jewish house of worship?” Because, my dear politically correct anchor, it was an Islamist terrorist group.

Last year, the Departments of State and Homeland Security issued an internal memorandum that henceforth no one could use the term “Islamic terrorists” and could only use the generic term “militant” or “extremist.” Even President Bush, who once invoked the term “Islamofacism,” now refuses to use the term Islamic terrorist.

It is time to stop caving in to the PC crowd. If we refuse to use the term Islamic terrorist, we conveniently take away any onus of responsibility for Islamic groups to halt the murderous ideology they propagate. In fact, in nearly EVERY claim of responsibility, which I studied, for hundreds of violent Islamic attacks which took place since 9/11, the common justification by the Muslim terrorist perpetrator was that there was a “war against Muslims” by the West and the Jews that had to be avenged. The real truth is that there is war against the West and the Jews by Islamic jihadists. And no amount of territorial withdrawal or peace negotiations will assuage them.


'UN - prosecute inciters of suicide-terror-on-civilians as war criminals' - Holocaust-sentinel, Marvin Hier

"The world has never experienced such a plague of darkness as Islamic fundamentalism"- Rabbi Marvin Hier at tribute to victims of Islamic terror

"The world should be very clear- achieving martyrdom by killing innocent civilians is an abomination. It's a concept that desecrates all religions, denegrates humankind and defames G-d.

It is not only the terrorists who bear responsibility ... it is the religious leaders who programmed them, who inspired them, who sent them - who are equally culpable and are never mentioned.

Joseph Goebels and Julius Streicher never killed a human being - but they were named as major war criminals in Nurenberg because on a daily basis they poisoned the minds of tens of millions of Germans. That is exactly what the Imams of the Islamic fundamentalists do - and nobody does anything about it. The world must not remain silent. We have the tools to do something.

The United Nations must make suicide terror a priority. Why is it that the General Assembly of the United Nations can call special sessions - listen to the subjects (all of them important): drug cartels, AIDS, disarmament, apartheid, what is missing?

They have never called a special session to deal with the greatest crime of the 21st century - suicide terror! Why not??"

One final word to the supporters of terrorists, wherever you are. Your concept may be new but we've seen your prototype before... You're not the first to threaten our humanity.  For 3500 years we've seen your likes. During the pogroms, the Inquisition, and the Holocaust - and we've never changed our belief.

To use a metaphor that is appropriate from the upcoming fesival of Chanukah:
That one cruise of light that emanated from the Chabad House in Mumbai has contributed more to humanity than your whole ideology and your whole way of life.  And the Jewish people whom you seek to destroy will still be here long after you and your haters have been deposited in the dustbins of history - where you belong.


Islamic-supmemacists slay 6 innocent Jews to prove 'Holy War' essence of terror crusade, despite MSM denials

Jihadist terrorists (including 7 born and raised in Great Britain) massacre 6 innocent western Jews among 150 slain in Mumbai, 327 wounded.

Why? Jihad Watch answers:
Because they see their jihad in India as just one part of the larger jihad against America, Britain, and the West, and against Israel. And because the Qur'an says that "strongest among men in enmity to the believers you will find the Jews..." (5:82).
How many more such outrages, how many more wanton murders of innocent people, will the non-Muslim world endure before it wakes up? How many more iterations of "it's only a tiny minority of extremists," and "what about the Crusades?" and "speaking about Jihad violence is Islamophobia and bigotry" must we endure before the mainstream media (liberal and conservative) begins to talk about this issue seriously?
Here are more links providing different perspectives on the Jihad Terrorism in Bombay (Mumbai) India:

Six bodies removed from Jewish centre in Mumbai The Age (Australia)
Six people, including a rabbi and his wife, were killed at a Jewish centre in Mumbai, Israeli officials said - one of 10 sites besieged by suspected Muslim militants in a spectacular assault on India's commercial capital.

The orthodox Jewish Chabad-Lubavitch organization reported earlier from its New York headquarters that the victims included its emissary to Mumbai, Rabbi Gavriel Noach Holtzberg, who ran the centre, and his wife, Rivkah. The couple's toddler son, Moshe, 2, survived the assault and escaped the building with a centre employee on Thursday.

The organisation identified two other victims as Rabbi Leibish Teitlebaum ( son-in-law of the head of the Toldos Avraham Yitzhak Chassidic sect from Brooklyn) and Ben Tzion Chroman, his Israeli co-worker with dual US citizenship. An unidentified second Israeli woman was also killed, it said.

The Israeli Foreign Ministry later said the body of an unidentified third woman was also found inside the five-story building.
The motivation behind Mumbai jihadi terror:

Dr. Andrew Bostom, author of The Legacy of Islamic Antisemitism provides historical context on The Legacy of Jihad in India, published in The American Thinker in 2005. Click link to read.

Today Dr. Bostom updates the news: The ethos of the Mumbai Jihad on Chabad Jewish family: “Whenever a Jew is killed it is for the benefit of Islam.”
This tragedy within a much larger tragedy reminded me of the Indian Sufi “inspiration” for The Legacy of Islamic Antisemitism, Ahmad Sirhindi. Nearing completion of my first book compendium, The Legacy of Jihad, in early 2005, specifically the section about jihad on the Indian subcontinent, I came across a remarkable comment by the Indian Sufi theologian Sirhindi (d. 1624). Typical of the mainstream Muslim clerics of his era, Sirhindi was viscerally opposed to the reforms which characterized the latter ecumenical phase of Akbar’s 16th century reign (when Akbar became almost a Muslim-Hindu syncretist), particularly the abolition of the humiliating jizya (Koranic poll tax, as per Koran 9:29) upon the subjugated infidel Hindus. In the midst of an anti-Hindu tract Sirhindi wrote, motivated by Akbar’s pro-Hindu reforms, he observes, “Whenever a Jew is killed, it is for the benefit of Islam.”

The biographical information I could glean about Sirhindi provided, among other things, no evidence he was ever in direct contact with Jews, so his very hateful remark suggested to me that the attitudes it reflected must have a theological basis in Islam—contra the prevailing, widely accepted “wisdom” that Islam, unlike Christianity was devoid of such theological Antisemitism. Having originally intended to introduce, edit, and compile a broader compendium on dhimmitude in follow-up to The Legacy of Jihad, this stunning observation inspired me instead to change course and focus on the interplay between Islamic Antisemitism, and the intimately related phenomenon of jihad imposed dhimmitude for Jews, specifically.
Arab news agencies ignore Muslim terror massacre in India (ANSAmed)
Pan-Arab satellite programs and their main internet sites have paid modest attention to the attacks in Mumbai which caused more than 100 deaths, while 'jihadist' sites limited themselves to scant comments of celebration. The Qatar broadcast al-Jazeera has had several link-ups with its correspondent there but without following events with a special broadcast. Al-Arabiya, the More.. TV channel broadcasting from Dubai and financed by the Royal Saudi house, also reported the events in Mumbai using its journalists on the scene, but broadcast as part of the usual daily news. On its website Alarabiya.net, the attacks in India are in fourth place, after news on Lebanon, Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia. Another important London-based Saudi news website, Elaph, opens with the Mumbai attacks but along with other photo news on Iraq, sport and medicine. Al-Jazeera has the attacks in India and Afghanistan as its headlines for 'home in movement'. Islamic extremist forums also give it a low profile, in a 'posting' by some subscriber who adds laconically: "Allahu Akbar" (allah is Great).


MSMedia hides Islamist identity & motives of Mumbai attackers against Westerners & Jews

Election of Obama fails to appease jihadist quest for Muslim domination (and neither will a Palestinian state). The issue is political Islamist imperialism.

Global affairs analyst, Micah Halpern, of The Micah Report, author of the book, "Thugs," expresses how America's foreign affairs will suffer as a result of the naivete of such a rookie president-elect.

I'm Predicting:

For an idea of what future terrorist attacks will look like, look no further than last night's horrific terror attack in India.

Islamic terrorists like multiple, simultaneous, coordinated, attacks against Western targets especially when target is civilian.

All of the sites of yesterday's attacks are civilian sites. The terrorists and their handlers were trying to kill as many Westerners as possible.

The terrorists actually shouted out that they were looking for UK and America passport holders only.

Traveling abroad and having assets abroad comes with a huge responsibility. Learning to act safely so as to protect ourselves and our property when we travel is imperative.

Make no mistake about it: US citizens and US interests abroad are terrorist targets.


Enlightening documentary, "The Third Jihad" - the complete, 70-minute film

The complete 70 minute version of the educational documentary "The Third Jihad" now appears on Google Video.

The latest documentary from "Obsession" producers, Clarion Fund, The Third Jihad, illustrates the Islamist quest for global social, cultural, and political dominance in historic perspective.

ex-US Navy physician, Dr. Zuhdi Jasser explains how political-Islamists are hijacking control over America's moderate Muslims, its schools and Mosques. He explains the cultural jihad to exploit liberal, democratic processes to overthrow the native culture in pursuit of Islamism's own theocratic goals of establishing a global Islamist state.

Leaders and experts featured in the film include: American Muslim Dr. Zuhdi Jasser, Rudy Giuliani, former Mayor of NYC, CIA Director Jim Woolsey, NYC Police Commissioner Ray Kelly, Senator Joe Lieberman, former Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge, former terrorist group member Tawfik Hamid, Bernard Lewis, and Muslim minority-rights icon, Ms. Ayaan Hirsi Ali.


'Holy Land Foundation? American front-group for financing jihad terror,' Texas jury finds

A Dallas jury convicted five former officials at the Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development (HLF) on all counts related to the illegal funneling of at least $12 million to the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas.

The men, Shukri Abu-Baker, Ghassan Elashi, Mohamed El-Mezain, Mufid Abdulqader and Abdelrahman Odeh, could face life in prison for their convictions on conspiracy counts, including conspiring to provide material support to terrorists. The verdicts, read Monday afternoon, ended a two-year saga in what is considered the largest terror financing case since the 9/11 attacks.

Jurors in this trial saw three exhibits Israeli military officials seized from the Palestinian Authority which showed the PA also considered HLF to be a Hamas funder and that an HLF-supported charity committee was controlled by Hamas.

The unanimous verdicts are a complete victory for the government, which streamlined its case and worked hard to carefully educate jurors on the complex, massive evidence presented in the trial. Guilty verdicts were read on 108 separate charges.

The prosecution victory is also a major one for the lame duck administration of President George Bush, whose efforts at fighting terrorism financing in court have been troubled, even though the flow of funds seems to be effectively shut down.

The Justice Department is likely to claim victory not only with the verdicts, but by trumpeting the shutdown of what prosecutors say was a robust and unsettling American network of terrorist funding. Holy Land, regardless of the verdict, is defunct. And other international terrorism financing pipelines have been interrupted.

“The government has achieved an awful lot of success here,” said Dennis Lormel, who created the FBI’s Terrorist Financing Operations Section after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks and is now a security consultant.

“A lot of people will only look at the win/lose of the jury verdict,” said Mr. Lormel, of IPSA International Inc. “I’m looking at it from the perspective of the flow of funding through charities to terrorists. There’s been an incredible amount written and attention put out on this. That’s a deterrent to those who want to fund terrorism.”

The case revealed this Muslim Brotherhood memo exposing the agenda of the jihadist, Muslim Brotherhood and their affiliated organizations in North America as of 1991. Excerpted points:

In order for Islam and its Movement to become "a part of the homeland" in which it lives, "stable" in its land, "rooted" in the spirits and minds of its people, "enabled" in the live [sic] of its society and has firmly-established "organizations" on which the Islamic structure is built and with which the testimony of civilization is achieved, the Movement must plan and struggle to obtain "the keys" and the tools of this process in carry [sic] out this grand mission as a "Civilization Jihadist" responsibility which lies on the shoulders of Muslims and – on top of them – the Muslim Brotherhood in this country.

The process of settlement is a "Civilization-Jihadist Process" with all the word means. The Ikhwan must understand that their work in America is a kind of grand Jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and "sabotaging" its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers so that it is eliminated and God's religion is made victorious over all other religions. Without this level of understanding, we are not up to this challenge and have not prepared ourselves for Jihad yet. It is a Muslim's destiny to perform Jihad and work wherever he is and wherever he lands- until the final hour comes, and there is no escape from that destiny except for those who chose to slack. But, would the slackers and the Mujahedeen be equal.


US House to Palestinians - 'Change Fatah Charter from 'liberating Israel' via terror. ZOA to Abbas: Fulfill Oslo promises to prove state-worthiness

76 members of the US House of Representatives co-sponsored a resolution (H.Res.758) “urging Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, who is also Chairman of his Fatah party, to officially abrogate the 10 articles in the Fatah Constitution that call for Israel 's destruction and terrorism against Israel , oppose any political solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and label Zionism as racism.”

The offending articles are:

(1) `Article (4): The Palestinian struggle is part and parcel of the world-wide struggle against Zionism, colonialism and international imperialism.';

(2) `Article (7): The Zionist Movement is racial, colonial and aggressive in ideology, goals, organization and method.';

(3) `Article (8): The Israeli existence in Palestine is a Zionist invasion with a colonial expansive base, and it is a natural ally to colonialism and international imperialism.';

(4) `Article (12): Complete liberation of Palestine , and eradication of Zionist economic, political, military and cultural existence.';

(5) `Article (17): Armed public revolution is the inevitable method to liberating Palestine. ';

(6) `Article (19): Armed struggle is a strategy and not a tactic, and the Palestinian Arab People's armed revolution is a decisive factor in the liberation fight and in uprooting the Zionist existence, and this struggle will not cease unless the Zionist state is demolished and Palestine is completely liberated.';

(7) `Article (22): Opposing any political solution offered as an alternative to demolishing the Zionist occupation in Palestine, as well as any project intended to liquidate the Palestinian case or impose any international mandate on its people.';

(8) `Article (23): Maintaining relations with Arab countries . . . with the provision that the armed struggle is not negatively affected.';

(9) `Article (24): Maintaining relations with all liberal forces supporting our just struggle in order to resist together Zionism and imperialism.'; and

(10) `Article (25): Convincing concerned countries in the world to prevent Jewish immigration to Palestine as a method of solving the problem.'

The resolution also “condemns the continuing existence of these articles as part of the Fatah Constitution.” The measure now has a total of 76 co-sponsors from both parties: 21 Democrats and 55 Republicans.

Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) National President Morton A. Klein said: “This Fatah Constitution is one that the President of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, would proudly support. Why should Israel make concessions to the ruling Fatah when Fatah’s own Constitution calls for its destruction? If Abbas fails to condemn the Fatah Constitution or abrogate its clauses, then it will be crystal clear that he and Fatah are not the peace-desiring moderates they claim to be.

Concomitantly, Abbas must fulfill the Palestinians’ commitments under the signed Oslo and Roadmap agreements -- including arresting terrorists, confiscating terrorist weapons, and ending the incitement of hatred and murder in the PA-controlled media, mosques, schools, and youth camps.

It is clear that any Israeli concessions must come after, and in response to, these fundamental changes in Fatah, not the other way around.

Fatah is openly and doctrinally committed to terrorism and the destruction of Israel. The effort by so much of the media and diplomatic corps to present Fatah as 'moderate' shows a very troubling eagerness to ignore terrorist acts, public statements and even Fatah's own governing document in an attempt to continue a so-called 'peace process' with Palestinian entities that have no interest in peace.”

We urge the Bush administration and the incoming Obama administration to discontinue granting $700 million a year to the Palestinians in US taxpayer funds while this constitution exists and while their other peace agreement obligations remain unfulfilled. Abbas has consistently failed to implement long-standing Palestinian obligations under the Oslo agreements and the Roadmap peace plan to arrest and jail terrorists, close the bomb factories and end the incitement to hatred and murder in the PA-controlled media, mosques, schools and youth camps that feeds terrorism.

“As ZOA made clear in our full page NY Times ad on this issue: ‘President Bush said that we need to end terrorist states. We dare not create a new one in the Middle East'."


Flying hundreds of cultural, political, and religious pilgrims to Israel this week, El Al chiefs explain their unique mission

The annual United Jewish Communities' General Assembly in Jerusalem beginning this Sunda includes speakers: Israeli President Shimon Peres, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, Head of Opposition Benjamin Netanyahu, Minister of Defense Ehud Barak, Bank of Israel Governor Stanley Fischer, IDF Chief of Staff Lt. Gen Gabi Ashkenazi, and El Al's Prof. Israel Borovich.

The annual United Jewish Communities' General Assembly will transport some 2,500 Jews from North America flying to Israel, many being flown on El Al Israel Airlines.
Flying large numbers in pilgrimages and missions to the Holy Land is just one of the unique aspects of El Al. The owners of Israel's domestic carrier, Arkia Israel Airlines, became the largest shareholders in El Al upon privatization in 2003. Prof. Izzy Borovich, of Knafaim-Arkia Holdings, has combined civic and profit-making responsibilities as Chairman of El Al.
Here he and Mr. Offer Gat, Chief Executive, North America, relate how El Al's uniqueness as the flagship carrier of Israel provides global travelers a special travel experience.
El Al has a colorful history beyond commercial aviation, it's also a 'magic carpet' which rescues Jews in peril around the world in times of crisis, e.g., historic airlifts from Yemen and Ethiopia, and recently in the Republic of Georgia.

'When you fly with El Al,' Prof Borovich proclaims, 'you're flying with Israel!'
He explains why he came to head the privitized national carrier, and discusses some of the company's related commercial endeavors which prospective shareholders may find interesting. 30-minute total-running-time original video).

Mr. Gat gives some insight into how he manages El Al's extraordinary North American operation (including special charters for Zionist missions) from New York. Prof. Borovich will retire his chairmanship at the end of November, but maintain his seat on El Al's Board of Directors.


Kristallnacht: 70-year reminder to heed antisemitism's portending of threats to society

Popular consciousness (or denial) of society's unwillingness to recognize Jew-hatred as a portending of general evil this 70th anniversary of Kristallnacht in Austria and Germany is marked with 2 new pair of related stories.

Israeli journalist discovers ransacked Kristallnacht Judaica near Berlin
Israeli journalist, Yaron Svoray, says he has found what could be a dump site used for the debris from Kristallnacht, the night 70 years ago in 1938 that the Nazis unleashed a wave of destruction & murder on Jews throughout Austria and Germany.

Failure to heed the warnings Kristallnacht portended, resulted in the deaths of 50 million Europeans in World War II. Proof was highlighted this weekend in Germany's Bild newspaper:

"Original plans for the Auschwitz death camps have been discovered in Germany."

"Original plans for the construction of the Nazi extermination camp of Auschwitz, including a gas chamber and crematorium, have been found in a Berlin apartment, a newspaper reported Saturday.

The daily Bild published copies of some of the 28 plans, which the head of Germany’s federal archives, Hans-Dieter Krekamp, called “authentic proof of the systematically planned genocide of the Jews of Europe.”

There are dates on the plans: It said they were dated between 1941 and 1943 and stamped, “Waffen-SS and Police Construction Directorate.” Some were signed by senior SS officials and one initialed by the head of the Nazi ideological corps, Heinrich Himmler.

Kreikamp told the newspaper the documents were “extraordinarily important.”

One plan, drawn by a detainee as early as November 1941, when experiments in eliminating prisoners were already under way, had a gas chamber clearly labeled, Bild said.

Another showed a crematorium with places for ovens marked, and storage space for bodies."

SS chief Heinrich Himmler, who oversaw the Nazi extermination program, appears to have marked his initials on one of the pages, in green ink.

These documents invalidate revisionist historians and Holocaust-minimizers, according to web-publisher Meryl Yourish:
This evidence contradicts directly MSNBC commentator Pat Buchanan’s claims that it was the intervention of Britain that caused the Germans to start murdering the Jews.

That Hitler was a rabid anti-Semite is undeniable. “Mein Kampf” is saturated in anti-Semitism. The Nuremberg Laws confirm it. But for the six years before Britain declared war, there was no Holocaust, and for two years after the war began, there was no Holocaust.

Not until midwinter 1942 was the Wannsee Conference held, where the Final Solution was on the table.

That conference was not convened until Hitler had been halted in Russia, was at war with America and sensed doom was inevitable. Then the trains began to roll.

And why did Hitler invade Russia? This writer quotes Hitler 10 times as saying that only by knocking out Russia could he convince Britain it could not win and must end the war.

In our 2006 article, "Never Again or Ever Again?" in 2006, we illustrated the world's malfeasance to recognize the appearance of violent Jihad shooting for global domination in the intentional downplaying the 1990 assasination of Rabbi Meir Kahane as merely an act of anti-Semitism. DemoCast wrote:
Had the government pursued the inciters behind El Nosair, in addition to averting the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, they could also have deported Imam Gulshair Shukrijumah (averting the September 11 2001 World Trade Center destruction in NYC). This would have averted his son, Adnan's, ability to implement al-Qaeda's "American Hiroshima," which today threatens the entire world.

Today's example of ignoring the warning signs- the media's disparaged Israeli strike on Syria's nuclear weapons facility (ostensibly aimed at the Jewish nation) Israel National News' Maayana Miskin reports that
investigators for the United Nations' International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) have found traces of uranium contamination at the site of an Israeli air strike in Syria, diplomats told Reuters and German media sources on Monday. The report is the first sign of a “smoking gun” proving that Syria was in fact building a secret nuclear reactor on the site, as Israel and the United States have insisted.

And the result of ignoring the action towards the Jews is revealed in the global Jihad and its facilitators in the Obama administration:

Several sources report that President-elect Barack Obama lied about divesting his team of Robert Malley as his Middle-East foreign policy advisor, and has in fact sent him to Syria to tip-them-off to the incoming, contradictory, U.S. Middle-East agenda- more pro-Arab, and less-supportive of Israel. Egypt's Daily Star Newspaper reports:
It emerged that Obama had sent his senior foreign policy advisor Robert Malley to both Cairo and Damascus these past few weeks to outline the president-elect’s plans for the region, which indicates a willingness to further strengthen ties with staunch US ally Egypt and begin boosting relations with Syria.
Israel National News reports:
"The tenor of the messages was that the Obama administration would take into greater account Egyptian and Syrian interests," an aide to Malley was quoted as saying. The aide said Obama plans to launch a U.S. diplomatic initiative toward Syria. Malley met both Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak and Syrian strongman Bashar al-Assad "to explain Obama's agenda for the Middle East."
The Jerusalem Post reports that subsequently:
Syrian President Bashar Assad accused Israel on Sunday of not being genuine in its professed desire for peace with its Arab neighbors and criticized a proposed US-Iraqi security agreement that would keep American troops in Iraq for three more years. In a speech to Arab parliamentarians in Damascus, Assad said Israel must prove it desires peace by offering to withdraw from all territories captured during the Six Day War.

"Until this moment, we still see that the peace slogan is used as part of an internal political game in Israel and as a major factor in external political maneuvers," the Syrian president said.
History has shown that examples of enmity towards the Jewish people (or the Jewish state) have served as reliable indicators of tyrannical threats to the world - if you heed them in time.


Ayaan Hirsi Ali lauded by rights group as example of living the "courage of her convictions"

Outspoken critic raises public awareness of civil-rights concerns about Islamic orthodoxy.

Former Dutch parliamentarian, Ayaan Hirsi Ali is presented the inaugural, "Ziegler Prize for Courage of Convictions," from Community Advocates human-rights group, led by David A. Lehrer in Los Angeles. Former Los Angeles Mayor Richard Riordan introduced and presented Ms. Ali with the award.

Ms. Ali describes her courageous transformation from a repressed woman under Islamic culture, to a Western freedom-icon. For exposing the repressiveness of orthodox Islam (including oppressing women, subjugating non-Muslims, and hatred towards Jews), she has been forced to live under constant fear of murder for perceived apostasy. She gives an acceptance speech in this video (runs about 20 minutes):
(Please note that the stage-microphone kicks-in at around 10:55 & adjusts to normal volume at 14:22).

In describing the message Ms. Ali conveys through her auto-biography, "Infidel," Pulitzer-prize winning author, Anne Applebaum wrote in The Washington Post:
Ms. Ali (also) describes how horrified she felt as an adult after Sept. 11, 2001, reaching for the Koran to find out whether some of Osama bin Laden's more blood-curdling statements -- "when you meet the unbelievers, strike them in the neck" -- were direct quotations.
"I hated to do it," she wrote, "because I knew that I would find bin Laden's quotations in there." And there were consequences: "The little shutter at the back of my mind, where I pushed all my dissonant thoughts, snapped open after the 9/11 attacks, and it refused to close again.
I found myself thinking that the Quran is not a holy document. It is a historical record, written by humans. . . . And it is a very tribal and Arab version of events. It spreads a culture that is brutal, bigoted, fixated on controlling women, and harsh in war."

That moment led Hirsi Ali to her most profound conclusion: that the mistreatment of women is not an incidental problem in the Muslim world, a side issue that can be dealt with once the more important political problems are out of the way.

Rather, she believes that the enslavement of women lies at the heart of all of the most fanatical interpretations of Islam, creating "a culture that generates more backwardness with every generation."

Ultimately, it led to her most controversial conclusion too: that Islam is in a period of transition, that the religion as it is currently practiced is often incompatible with modernity and democracy and must radically transform itself in order to become so.

"We in the West," she writes, "would be wrong to prolong the pain of that transition unnecessarily, by elevating cultures full of bigotry and hatred toward women to the stature of respectable alternative ways of life."

That sentiment, when first expressed in Holland, infuriated not only Hirsi Ali's compatriots but also Dutch intellectuals uneasy about criticizing the immigrants in their midst, particularly because both Hirsi Ali and Theo van Gogh went further than the usual criticism of radical, political Islam: Both believed that even "ordinary" forms of Islam, such as those practiced in Hirsi Ali's Somalia, contain elements of discrimination against women that should not be tolerated in the West.

Thanks to this belief in female equality, Hirsi Ali now requires permanent bodyguards. But having "moved from the world of faith to the world of reason," Hirsi Ali now says she cannot go back.