MSMedia hides Islamist identity & motives of Mumbai attackers against Westerners & Jews

Election of Obama fails to appease jihadist quest for Muslim domination (and neither will a Palestinian state). The issue is political Islamist imperialism.

Global affairs analyst, Micah Halpern, of The Micah Report, author of the book, "Thugs," expresses how America's foreign affairs will suffer as a result of the naivete of such a rookie president-elect.

I'm Predicting:

For an idea of what future terrorist attacks will look like, look no further than last night's horrific terror attack in India.

Islamic terrorists like multiple, simultaneous, coordinated, attacks against Western targets especially when target is civilian.

All of the sites of yesterday's attacks are civilian sites. The terrorists and their handlers were trying to kill as many Westerners as possible.

The terrorists actually shouted out that they were looking for UK and America passport holders only.

Traveling abroad and having assets abroad comes with a huge responsibility. Learning to act safely so as to protect ourselves and our property when we travel is imperative.

Make no mistake about it: US citizens and US interests abroad are terrorist targets.

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