Wall St. Journal's Pulitzer-prize-winner slams mainstream press' subjective scrutiny of candidates as 'not journalism, but show-biz'

Political cartoonist, Michael Ramirez, characterizes the lack of journalistic integrity demonstrated by much of the mainstream media during this presidential campaign.

Despite numerous questionable associations, foibles, and imbroglios of Sen. Barack Obama and Sen. Joe Biden, mainstream news editors have chosen to mainly ignore them to hyper-criticize Sen. John McCain and Gov. Sarah Palin's candidacy.

Pulitzer-prize winning, Wall Street Journal Editorial Board member, Dorothy Rabinowitz, comments on the level of intellectual capacity the TV networks attempt to pass-off as broadcast journalism.

Ms. Rabinowitz refers to CNN-anchor Campbell Brown as
"One of the least informed people I have ever met holding forth on television."
Ms. Rabinowitz claims that this explains why she believes Ms. Brown has been so nasty towards Republican vice-presidential candidate, Gov. Sarah Palin: "She sees her own."

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