Conservatives distraught at Marxist contempt towards Pres. Trump's rescuing America

Americans disillusioned by a Democrat US administration which has devalued the dollar, doubled the price of gasoline, imposed censorship on conservative news, and pit the Left against the Right, welcomed President Donald Trump's  speech at CPAC Dallas, Texas in August. Part One of original video of speech:


Restore American greatness: Contrast Democrat-inflicted recession with conservative stability #CPAC_Texas, Part Two

Speech transcript excerpt:  "... national campaign to dismantle organized crimes these are street crimes. Organized crime today is on the streets and this administration doesn't want to talk about that crime. They want to talk about what they think are other crimes and many people say they're not crimes we have to round up the drug dealers the gang members and the dangerous offenders. Charge them for their crimes and get them either out of our country and back to where they came from or put them behind bars. If you look at countries throughout the world there's another thing. If you look at countries throughout the world the only ones that don't have a drug problem are those that institute the death penalty for drug dealers.