Conservatives distraught at Marxist contempt towards Pres. Trump's rescuing America

Americans disillusioned by a Democrat US administration which has devalued the dollar, doubled the price of gasoline, imposed censorship on conservative news, and pit the Left against the Right, welcomed President Donald Trump's  speech at CPAC Dallas, Texas in August. Part One of original video of speech:


Restore American greatness: Contrast Democrat-inflicted recession with conservative stability #CPAC_Texas, Part Two

Speech transcript excerpt:  "... national campaign to dismantle organized crimes these are street crimes. Organized crime today is on the streets and this administration doesn't want to talk about that crime. They want to talk about what they think are other crimes and many people say they're not crimes we have to round up the drug dealers the gang members and the dangerous offenders. Charge them for their crimes and get them either out of our country and back to where they came from or put them behind bars. If you look at countries throughout the world there's another thing. If you look at countries throughout the world the only ones that don't have a drug problem are those that institute the death penalty for drug dealers. 

When I was in China and, until the plague came in, I had a very good relationship with President Xi - we made a great trade deal for our manufacturers and farmers - but after the plague I don't even talk about that deal (too much damage done) but I had a great relationship with president Xi of China -a strong man - you could go all over Hollywood you couldn't get an actor to play the role of President Xi - he's a great guy in many respects but he he's not too in love with our country I can tell you that. But I said very innocently "do you have a drug problem?" First time ever and he looked at me like what kind of a stupid question is that - no I said "uh president do you have a drug problem in China?" "No I don't have it - why would we have a drug problem?" I said "Well what do you do?" "Oh, quick trial!" "Quick trial?" I said "What's a quick trial?"

A quick trial is they bring drug dealers quickly to trial and if they're guilty it's immediate execution. Now it sounds horrible, sounds horrible but every drug dealer in this country they say on average will kill at least 500 people some people think it's much higher than that so you would stop it. And I believe if you instituted the death penalty for drug dealers traffickers I believe that drug dealing would go down on day one. I really believe that. I think it goes down the day you institute it. I'll tell you one thing if I'm a drug dealer I'm going to say no thanks I'm going someplace else and so are other people.

Other countries likewise we form blue ribbon committees where we put our great first lady Melania she's in charge we have a blue ribbon committee headed by the first lady and very nice people fine, fine people dilletant socialites - if they ever met a real killer drug dealer, they ever met El Chapo or any of these people I think that would be the end of them. They'd say I'm not doing this anymore.

But we have blue ribbon committees headed up by great people that really are well-meaning and we were and I will tell you our First Lady did a good job she worked hard and we got drugs down 19% that's great but you know what that is that's like nothing and today it's worse than it's ever been. Because the border is so open that not only people are coming through and bad ones - criminals are emptying their jails into our country. But drugs are coming into a country at a level that we've never seen before. Fentanyl coming in from China. 

You know I was with Xi and I said listen you can't send Fentanyl you can't do it. He was they were really cutting down they were really cutting down things were going really well and then this tragedy happened in November two years ago. Tragedy - it was a tragedy for our country what happened because of what's gone on all they had to do is leave everything in place. 

This place was going so good and they couldn't help themselves what a what a sad thing but when I see these blue ribbon committees it's just and everyone wants to get on can I get on the blue ribbon committee says the local architect. Yeah, but they don't know what's happening here no you need the death penalty for drug dealers drugs will go down immediately by 50% and probably more but you have to mean it. And you have to mean it and when you look at China and other places- they don't have a problem if they had that problem they wouldn't be doing what they're doing right now. And they -  weren't they had this problem many many decades ago and other countries far smaller were able to invade them and take them over because everybody was suffering from drugs. And they said we can't do this.

So it's not very politically correct to say it but you'll save millions and millions of lives last year we lost probably 250 000 people to drugs 200 there's no war have you worked war these are numbers that are bigger than war numbers 250 000. they say it's a hundred thousand I say it's much more than that it's probably much more than 250 000 but you also have destroyed millions and millions of families throughout our nation because of drugs in places where there is a true breakdown of the rule of law such as the most dangerous ... "

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