French reporter's early experience among Palestinians contradicts press' benign portrayals

Professor Guy Millière, a Distinguished Senior Fellow of the Gatestone Institute, taught Law History at the University of Paris.  He has published 27 books on France, Europe, the United States and the Middle East.  He is the authors of thousands of articles published in France, Israel and the United States. His last book, The Resistible Rise of Barack Obama, is an analysis of the policies and consequences of the Obama administration. He is working on an autobiography, Dissident, that will be published this year.

In this exclusive interview Guy Milliere retells what he learned in his experience with Arafat's Palestinian resistance-fighters - and through years of Islamist socio-political spread via antisemitism in Europe.  He has published an overview of this evolution in thinking in his book (paperback and Kindle)

"Israel explained to my daughter (Israel and Jewish Memories)" December 1, 2022