Pat Condell rants against "Islamophobia Awareness Month"

Libertarian social pundit, Pat Condell, takes the opportunity to point out exploitation of the label "Islamophobia" for legitimate criticism of Islam has rendered it ineffective.  To better characterize the growing, hostile, supremacist movement, Mr. Condell proposes a 'Cultural Terrorism Awareness Month' or a "Hatred and Violence in the Koran Awareness Month'- because, unlike Islamophobia, it really does exist in black and white for everyone to read."

UN lets Palestinians circumvent peace-talks on 65th anniv of UN resolution they rejected. Palestinian and Israeli nationalists- what are each side's intents?

David Bedein of Center for Near East Policy Research

Prof. Judea Pearl: What's the difference between the U.N. empowering Palestine vs Israel 65-years earlier?

(accompanied by Ruth Pearl and Father Alexei Smith following a staging Judea championed about "The Vote" which partitioned Palestine to create Israel- at American Jewish University, 29 Nov 2012).

Robert Spencer: Will Israel's Muslim neighbors ever stop fighting a Jewish state?

Rabbi Moshe Parry at pro-Israeli defense against Hamas rockets rally in L.A.

Bonfire of Dogmas- Pro-Palestine rally in L.A. reveals Muslim existential threats to Jewish Israel



Pro-Palestine / anti-Israel rally at Israeli Consulate to L.A. reveals a bonfire of dogmas- original, DemoCast documentary coverage

Outside of the Israeli Consulate in L.A on Thurs 15 Nov, Islamist & far-leftist anti-Zionist groups (led by American Muslims for Palestine) staged a vitriolic protest to Israel's attempt to stop incessant Palestinian terrorist rocketing. The protest (which drew reporters from all local TV stations) drew not one  organized, funded pro-Zionst group to counter-rally in Israel's defense.

Rabbi Moshe Parry, leading fewer than half-a-dozen individual Jews in the absence of organized pro-Zionist organizations, stepped-up to challenge the protestors and provide a Zionist perspective to the media.

But the Muslim protestors we interviewed reveal an agenda which goes far beyond just ending the missile defense or a state in Gaza and the West Bank - their goal to conquer the State of Israel. Rabbi Parry states that Jews will never be safe alongside an irredentist movement following a conflicting religious dogma to conquer the state from the Jewish guardianship entrusted to the Jews in the Holy Bible.

The Pro-Israel groups who were absent on Thursday plan to rally support outside the same Consulate on Sunday, 18 November at 1pm. The address is 11000 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles.


DemoCast documentary series, "Israel under Obama" highlights philo-Islamist, Obama administration's special risks to liberty, safety from terror, Middle-East instability, & anti-Semitism - 8:30pm & 11:30pm ET on JLTV - DirecTV & cable

Documentary, "Israel Under Obama," addresses Israel's difficulties with the Obama administration as endemic of its philo-Islamist ideologies- and the threat that poses for Americans and the world.  Two episodes will be telecast on JLTV: 
At 8:30pm ET/7:30 CT/ 5:30 PT, and the other at 11:30pm ET/10:30 CT/ 8:30 PT.  Find JLTV nation-wide on DirecTV on Channel 366. On cable, check local listings or at the end of this article.

An Op/Ed on CNN.com, Israel doesn't swing Jewish voters, by Amitai Etzioni, professor of international relations and director of the Institute for Communitarian Policy Studies at George Washington University
yesterday stated that "it's a myth that the Jewish vote goes to whoever supports Israel more fervently."
Most Jews who will change the party they vote for will not "swing" because of his position on Israel. 
For the vast majority of Jews, Israel ranks surprisingly low in their considerations as voters. Early in 2012, the Public Religion Research Institute found that among self-identified Jewish adults, 51% of those registered to vote cited the economy as the most important issue driving their voting decision. Fifteen percent cited the growing gap between the rich and the poor, while 10% cited health care and 7% the deficit. Only 4% cited Israel as the most important issue to their vote.
As when good Germans elected the National Socialist Party without considering its potential hidden-agendas, so, too many Jewish-Americans go to the polls tomorrow with so much willful blindness to what's behind the least amicable administration towards Israel, at the time when Iran poses the greatest threat to the world, with Israel first.

When Zionist-scapegoating, Statist ideologues like Barack Obama's regime vilify Israel and Jews to distract from their enabling of Statism and Islamist totalitarianism, dormant anti-Semitism proliferates.  As it was done in Germany, and exported to the Muslim world (carried out today by tyrants like Islamic Iran) anti-Zionism/anti-semitism is demogogues' ticket to power. But the power to punish the wicked Jews is not their end-all - as the Nazis showed, it's garnering power and expanding regional political conquest. It's Iran's objective and the Obama Administration has already demonstrated its complicity in empowering Islamism there, in Libya, in Egypt, soon in Syria.  Statism and Islamism are proliferating in American society under the protection of the Obama Administration.  The mainstream media is complict in shielding Obama from scrutiny and culpability regarding recognizing the spread of Islamist influence in American government, politics, and society.

In the DemoCast original series, "Israel Under Obama," savvy celebrities, clergy, a former presidential candidate & Zionistic Americans caution to how Obama Administration's pro-Palestinian, philo-Islamist bent imperils Israel, America & the world.  Watch Episode 2 of "Israel under Obama" here (in 3 sequential segments) in this window.

DemoCast's complete, original documentary series, "Israel Under Obama," was aired over the past month nationally by LegacyTV (aka The Walk.TV). 

Jewish Life TV (JLTV) broadcast Episode 2 yesterday and will rebroadcast it tonight (at 11:30pm Eastern/10:30pm Central/ 8:30pm Pacific). 

Watch the concluding Episode 3 of Israel under Obama, "Hearken!  Modern-day prophets caution us to the perils Obama" below and on JLTV tonight, Nov 5th at 8:30 ET/ 7:30 CT/ 5:30 PT. Inform your friends and neighbors to see it by forwarding this article. 

Episode 3: Jewish & Christian activists have taken steps to alert voters to perils of empowering Obama's philo-Islamist agenda - since the 2008 presidential campaign. Most liberals have shut their eyes. Rabbi Moshe Parry endeavors to open liberal Jewish donors' (and voters') ears at the visit of Pres. Obama to a Hollywood fundraiser. A Hal Lindsey Ministries Christian minister appeals to voters Americans to protect Israel by denying Obama a second, more perilous term.

Former presidential hopeful, Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, condemns the Obama Administration for breaking with Washington's historic relationship with Israel and championing Islamist revolutionaries. The late Andrew Breitbart discussed with DemoCast Obama's hidden personal history holds his pro-Palestinianist/Leftist, anti-Zionist upbringing. He praises conservative Christians for valuing Israel in their voting, more than liberal Jews- dedicated more to social issues.

Rabbi David Algaze, Jon Voight, Ed Ames, Obama's rabbi cousin in the concluding segment of "Israel under Obama." What transformed Barry Soetoro into Barack Hussein Obama? With so much undisclosed about him- except his demonstrated transforming the Middle East into Islamist-dominated societies- how can we risk he and Valerie Jarret won't continue "running interference" for Iran to nuclear weaponize - and be used to nuclear-blackmail the world? 

Rabbis David Algaze, Rabbi Moshe Parry, Obama's cousin Rabbi Funnye, actors Ed Ames and Jon Voight all espouse their observations about the Obama Administration's ideology and renewing its reign.

["Israel under Obama" was drawn from DemoCast's 29-hours of original, on-location (in Nashville, Florida, Washington, New York City, Dearborn, Michigan, and Los Angeles), video footage filmed since the 2008 Presidential campaign.]

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Observers of Obama's 1st term vs Israel caution a reprise- documentary series, "Israel Under Obama" broadcasts nationwide tonight at 10 ET and Sunday, Nov 4th at 4:30 ET

"Israel under Obama" - Obama's enabling Islamism against Israel & its affect on our world. (Part 1 of 3)

Obama's role in the Arab-Israeli conflict & its global ramifications. (Part 2)

Winning freedom's victory against the ascension of Islamism (Part 3)

The documentary will be broadcast on LegacyTV (now The Walk TV) throughout America - at 10pm ET, 9pm CT Nov 1st, 2012. Check for your for local listings.

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