Cal State L.A. students block ticket-holders from Ben Shapiro extending "diversity" to political viewpoints- with officials' complicity

Leftist-students and faculty protestors prevented school and community members from entering a public lecture by author, Ben Shapiro, at Calif State Univ at Los Angeles on Thursday, February 25th. 

Organized by club Y.A.F. (Young America's Foundation/ Young Americans for Freedom) Mr. Shapiro's speech was cancelled by College President William Covino, but then begrudgingly permitted at the last minute. Students, accompanied by faculty, assaulted individuals who came to attend the lecture, and protested so violently that the police locked themselves in the auditorium, leaving people on the waiting line to the whims of the aggressive mob. 

Campus police declined to get involved and control the mob to protect attendees from harrassment and assault at both the front and rear entrances.
College's actions validate author, Ben Shapiro's premise about liberal intolerance silencing diverse viewpoints

In this 7-minute story, we show what took place among the protestors and attendees outside the locked-out lecture. Mr. Shapiro is the author of (among several books),"Bullies: How the Left's Culture of Fear and Intimidation Silences Americans." Inadvertently, the protesters confirmed his premise.

Ticket-holder, John Minter, attempts to inquire why one of the protesters assaulted him in the theater lobby- and on camera, he confronts both Mr. Minter and the cameraman. When we approached the group of police gathered down the stairs, they refuse to intercede between the aggressors and the attendees that the students harrassed. Amy Lutz of Young America Foundation explains her understanding that the police's directions came from the college President's office.