Obama Admin's latest "change?" Driving U.S.' "tectonic rift" from Mid-East ally - Israel, Amb. Mike Oren denies disclosing to Israeli diplomats who allegedly leaked it to newspaper

Despite Obama's uncharacteristic charm-offensive towards PM Netanyahu, Israel's Amb. Oren says of Washington: "Relations are in the state of a tectonic rift in which continents are drifting apart!"

Ha'Aretz newspaper's Barak Ravid reports that: "Israel's ambassador to Washington, Michael Oren, denied painting a dark picture of U.S.- Israeli relations during a briefing at the Foreign Ministry in Jerusalem last week. Israeli diplomats say Oren described the current situation as a "tectonic rift" in which Israel and the United States are like continents drifting apart." 

And yet, he (Amb. Mike Oren) is neither deluded nor dishonest, so he concedes — he thought, privately — that Obama is pulling the relationship apart, replacing a robust alliance based on shared values, interests, and, yes, affection with an arms-length, if not antagonistic, one, in which Israel is treated as an encumbrance to Obama’s foreign-policy objectives.

There is a weird bit of play acting going on. The Israeli government, the Obama team, and the American Jewish groups publicly declare that things are “much improved” between the two countries and that Obama is really, honestly, a stalwart defender of the Jewish state. But, in fact, none of them believe this to be so. Bibi’s government walks a tightrope, attempting to defend its country’s interests but wary of enraging the American president, who is all too eager to look for excuses to demonstrate to the “Muslim World” that he’s not four-square behind Israel. The Obama team thinks that a “charm” offensive will be sufficient, and looks to do the least possible in defense of Israel without provoking American Jewry. And Jewish leaders privately grumble and rage over Obama’s assaults on Israel, but dare not make their fury public — for they might lose access to the White House, as well as their liberal members.
The Kabuki dance, however, matters less than reality. Israel’s foes see the separation between the U.S. and the Jewish state. Iran sees Obama’s unwillingness to consider military force to thwart its nuclear ambitions. The Arab nations see that America is an unreliable ally, and consider lining up with the Iran-Syria axis, which is growing in prestige as ours diminishes. In sum, Israel’s foes and ours are not fooled; they understand all too well the “tectonic rift” between the U.S. and Israel. 
Perhaps, it is time, at least in the U.S., for Israel’s friends to be candid about the depth of the problem and to devise a strategy for challenging the president, whose foreign policy is so antithetical to Israel’s interests that its ambassador can only reveal his true sentiments in private.


16-year-old Daniel breaching "Lions' Den" haters- reveals insights into the nature of the global conflict

Garnering 3/4 of a million views in its first 2-weeks, the "Daniel in the Lions' Den" viral video phenomenon has been shared by viewers all around the world, several times over.

What motivates this brave 16-year old boy to singlehandedly stand against a mob of anti-Zionist protestors? What does he think about the Flotilla incident as a metaphor for the Palestinian-Israeli conflict that others would be interested in knowing?

Democracy Broadcasting News takes an in-depth look into what makes this young hero tick. In an exclusive video interview, Daniel Pereg reveals what was going through his mind as the confrontation unfolded, his spiritual make-up, and his perception of the motivations and issues of what he sees as the mis-guided antagonists to Israel and America.

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Video: Turkish aggressors arming to kidnap Israeli navy-men- new photos; YouTube-banned Israeli satirists bounce-back with new video: The "Peace Activists'" Heroic Fight

YouTube's wrongly-banned LatmaTV rebounds with a sketch about fictional Flotilla "peace activist", Kenneth O'Keefe, sharing the story of his heroic 1-against-27 fight against the blockade-enforcing Israeli sailors.

In reality, the Turkish militants aboard the Mavi-Marmara beat and kidnapped the boarding Israeli sailors. See video:

These real-life videos (see link) shows the terrorists preparations for battle against the Israelis. Courtesy  Terrorism-Info.org.il

1. This video file contains a number of clips documenting the stages of the hard core of IHH operatives aboard the Mavi Marmara preparing themselves for the violent confrontation with the IDF. Some of the videos were taken by the ship’s security cameras (close to the time of the confrontation IHH operatives disabled some 20 security cameras on the upper deck) and others were taken by media correspondents or photographers on board who documented the events.
2. The videos illustrate the intensive preparations made for the confrontation, which began immediately after the Israeli Navy hailed the ships and asked them to return to their home ports. At that point all the ordinary passengers were sent below decks while all the operatives of the hard core mounted the upper deck and began preparations for the confrontation (statements to that effect were also reported when passengers and crew members were questioned).
3. The videos show some of the preparations:
A. Dividing the operatives into avtion teams: Every team was briefed by a senior operative. During the briefings one leader is heard listening to orders (in Turkish) on his walkie-talkie and repeating them to his team. He orders, “Don’t move from here.”
B. Cutting chains and iron bars from the ship’s railings using disks brought on board in Istanbul. The lengths of chains and bars were used to attack the IDF forces.
C. Removing wooden clubs from their hiding places on the ship and distributing them to the operatives.
D. Putting on gas masks and handing out filters.
E. Gathering the operatives on the upper deck, facing the sea. The operatives are armed with clubs to meet the IDF forces.
4. When the first soldier landed on board the ship he and those following him were viciously attacked by the IHH operatives who used the weapons they had prepared in advance, to the point of trying to kill the soldiers.


Flag Day patriots' special: Jon Voight denounces Administration's foreign policy- in exclusive video interview with Democracy Broadcasting

In this dramatic interview, Mr. Voight gives his views about the Obama Administration's foreign policy enabling a moral inversion - facilitating Jihadist & liberals' demonizing of Israel through the U.N. - emboldening the Islamist axis weakening the image of America of protecting the world's oppressed against Islamism.

In 2008, Voight played Jonas Hodges, the villain, in the seventh season of the hit Fox drama 24, a role that many argue is based on real life figures Alfried KruppJohann Rall and Erik Prince. Voight plays the CEO of a fictitious Arms industry called Starkwood, which has loose resemblances to Blackwater USA and ThyssenKrupp. Voight made his first appearance in the two-hour prequel episode 24: Redemption on November 23. (Wikipedia)

UC Irvine suspends Muslim Student's Association for disrupting Israel's Amb. Oren talk

LOS ANGELES (AP) — The University of California, Irvine, has suspended a Muslim student group for at semester quarter because of a protest that disrupted a talk by Israel's ambassador and led to the arrests of 11 students.

The university on Monday released a letter from a student affairs disciplinary committee to Muslim Student Union leaders. It says the group was found guilty of disorderly conduct, obstructing university activities and other violations of campus policy.

The Muslim Student Union condemned Ambassador Michael Oren's appearance in February. It has insisted it did not organize the protests, but the committee found it did engineer the protests and instructed participants to lie about its involvement.

Muslim Student Union spokesman Hadeer Soliman did not immediately respond to an e-mail from The Associated Press requesting comment.

Watch DemoCast's original video of the incident here.


California Republican Party primary victors' debut; party reaches-out to disillusioned Obama voters

(DemoCast-original video) On the morning after Primary Night 2010, the California Republican party, led by Chairman Rob Nehring, reaches out to disillusioned Obama voters, traditional Democrats, independents, and minorities.

Excerpt from Rob Nehring's speech:
"We will go into the African-American community and challenge the Democrats. Why shouldn't African-American children have options and alternatives to the failed schools, where no teaching . . .

We will go into the Jewish community in L.A. and make clear the weakness which this administration projects invites hostility upon America and our allies! And this party understands that America stands with Israel and our allies - forever!"

The newly elected, California Republican victors are introduced to the audience as a ticket for the first time (NBA-style), including Meg Whitman for Governor, Carly Fiorina for Senator, Steve Cooley for Attorney General, and Damon Dunn for Secretary of State.


Chuck DeVore - defends Israel's before rally of thousands of Zionistic Christians and Jews at Israeli Consulate in L.A.

Assemblyman Chuck DeVore gives a rousing address to an audience of Israel supporters on Sunday, 6 June in response to the critical rallies staged outside the Israeli Consulate by Communists and Islamists over the interception of an antagonistic Islamist provocation of Israel's sea blockade of Gaza.

Pick Poizner: He's the worthiest of the candidates in Calif GOP gubernatorial primary

L.A. Daily News' editorial choice: "In choosing the nominee for the gubernatorial primary, we urge GOP voters to ignore the ubiquitous and nasty ads and ask themselves which of the two candidates – Steve Poizner or Meg Whitman – is best prepared to be governor of a state in dire financial trouble.

They should consider which candidate has the experience in both government as well as private industry, which has been willing to meet with the press and public, and which one has a record of public service and an interest in public policy long before this election.

If Republican voters do that they will find that Poizner, the current insurance commissioner, is the worthier candidate.

Whitman, the former CEO of eBay, may have solid business background, but she lacks the political and public service background essential for the state’s top executive. She didn’t even bother to vote in many California elections.

Poizner, by contrast, was co-founder of two education groups, EdVoice and the California Charter Schools Association. He also was a White House fellow, focusing on cybersecurity and emergency communications and taught a semester of 12th-grade American government at a San Jose high school. In 2006, Poizner won a statewide election to become California’s insurance commissioner. …

Both would attack the state’s chronic fiscal problems, illegal immigration and pension problems, but only Poizner truly grasps what it takes to solve problems in government.

More importantly, of the two, only Poizner stands a chance in the election against Jerry Brown, the master politician who will have the might of the Democratic Party political machine on his side. That alone makes him the best choice in this primary."

Guarantee California election integrity - elect Orly Taitz to Secy of State in today's Republican primary

Jane Jamison of Uncoverage.net explains why she is endorsing Orly Taitz for Calif Secy of State (hat-tip to Olga):
Calif Secy of State Republican candidate, Dr. Orly Taitz, is the controversial attorney/dentist who has litigated many of the Obama eligibility issues around the country. She is a Russian immigrant and a great patriot. Her opponent, Damon Dunn, is the GOP favorite. Dunn has just moved to California to run for the office, was registered in Florida as a life-long Democrat, and admits never voting until last spring.
Orly Taitz grew up in Russia, where there was no freedom. She is a patriot. As an attorney, she is a stickler for the rule of law and the constitution. Despite being be-littled and smeared by the Obama administration as she attempts to obtain proof of the president’s citizenship and ability to serve, she soldiers on.
Click to watch original, DemoCast video interview.

"Before you write this off as “birther” kookiness, please realize I have given this a lot of thought the past few weeks. I make the following recommendation to help your choice when voting in California. Please make use of the links I am providing for your own research and voting decision. You will see why I choose the way I do.

What makes a democracy? The ability to vote in free elections, right? It should follow that the person/agency in charge of counting those sacred trusts with democracy, the voter ballots, should be someone of the highest ethical caliber.

Such a candidate is Orly Taitz, a Russian immigrant, dentist and attorney. You may not know her name, but she is controversial for being one of the lead attorneys in the United States in the legal action to obtain proof that Barack Obama is eligible to be president of the United States.

Orly Taitz is running for secretary of state in California. She is very concerned about voter fraud that is occurring here and she pledges to require that all candidates who seek to be on an election ballot in California are legally able to run for office.

Let me run that by you again. Orly Taitz wants to make sure all candidates for office in California elections are legal American citizens. If they are not legally able to vote, Taitz is pledging that they won’t be on the ballot in California. So if you are a candidate running for office, you may not get on the ballot in California if you aren’t a legal citizen of the United States.

Damon Dunn, the other Republican in the race, has a lot of resume qualities that look great: young, former NFL receiver, good-looking, millionaire, important friends like Condoleeza Rice. The problem is, Dunn was registered from 1999 on as Democrat, claims Barack Obama is his hero, and has only voted once in his life, in the spring of 2009.

It also appears that Mr. Dunn not qualified to run for office. At the very least, he appears to be a Democrat outsider to the state who is opportunistically changing parties and moving here to run for office in California. He is favored by the GOP establishment in California over Ms. Taitz, recruited to run here by former Bush operative, Karl Rove.

Orly Taitz is yes, controversial. She will be controversial if elected. However, if elected, she may be able the only one, due to her legal background, to stop the progression of progressivism in this country, in the most populous state in the union. Damon Dunn looks good, talks the talk, but appears to be a “construct” of either the GOP or the Democratic party."


"Anti-Israelism is barbarism vs civilization!" declares Calif US Senate candidate Chuck DeVore to Republican & indy voters for Tuesday's primary

Orange County Assemblyman Chuck DeVore - explains his understanding of the Islamist movement's war against Western civilization in this video. DeVore complemented his speech earlier at a pro-Israel rally in Los Angeles. He asserts here, "If Israel were to be conquered by Islamists, they would be emboldened, not appeased, and would next move to step-up their Jihad terrorism against California for their movement."

On Tues, 8 June, Californians will vote in primary elections (polls will close 8pm PDT). Registered Republicans and "undeclared" (independent) voters can vote in the Republican primary for either Assemblyman Chuck DeVore, Carly Fiorina, or Rep. Tom Campbell for U.S. Senate, to confront Sen. Barbara Boxer (D- CA) this November.

On anniversary of D-Day, thousands protest NYC's planned Ground Zero Mosque near WTC site

Ground Zero Mosque is named Cordoba House as a symbol of Muslim conquest of America

Robert Spencer, co-founder of Stop the Islamization of America, speaks at a protest that they organized against the building of a mega-Mosque 600-feet from Ground Zero.  Atlas Shrugs claims that close to 5,000 people of every race, creed, color and religion showed up.

British contra-jihad commentator, Pat Condell, vlogs: "The Ground Zero Mosque on conquered sacred ground is what Islam has always done to assert its supremacy - and that is what's happening here. Once it's built, it will be a permanent affront to all Americans. It will be a major bridgehead in the ongoing stealth Jihad. (Allowing) it will confirm what they've already suspected - that America is a decadent country, crippled by political-correctness, confused and guilt-ridden, with no backbone and no pride."


Calif. Senate candidate Chuck DeVore releases platform statement to Jewish community for June 8th Republican primary

"Barbara Boxer will not stand up for Israel. But she will stand beside the President who is doing grave harm to Israel -- and to America -- so long as he fills her reelection coffers. It tells us everything we need to know about her -- and it tells us why she'll be a former Senator in January 2011.

Israel is our only true ally in the Middle East -- and indeed, one of our few true friends in the world. It deserves better than the attacks it has suffered from the Obama Administration of late. More important, America deserves better. We expect our President to have a clear-eyed understanding of America's interests. Instead, Barack Obama's policy on Israel is apparently driven by petty vindictiveness, coupled with a shocking naïveté, married to an unforgivable ignorance of the Middle East.
Read it all on Joo-Tube


A Daniel walks bravely through lions' den - spurring pro-Palestine Islamists & Communists to reveal their fangs and true intent: conquest of Israel & American democracy

anti-Zionist Communists join with Islamists in crusade against
democracy and individual liberties 

The true agenda of the self-proclaimed, Palestinian peace-proponents seeking to embarrass Israel for having to shoot its way out of an Islamist lynch-mob ship on Sunday - was revealed on Monday in Los Angeles. One courageous, Israeli-born, American high-school student stood-up for his right to publicly support Israel - and a rally of hundreds of Muslim and far-leftist, pro-Palestine demonstrators nearly turned-into the lynch-mob they sought to downplay.

Outside of the Israeli Consulate to L.A. on Memorial Day, Daniel a Jewish high-school student defiantly waved the Israeli flag through a crowd of Israel-haters - to defend what he perceives as the Israeli Marines' justified handling of the Flotilla blockade when they came under attack.

The L.A.P.D. had to establish a human wall to intervene to protect Daniel (and afterwards, a couple of other Israel supporters) who stood-up in opposition to the mob mentality of the Gaza protestors, with their version of the facts of the case and rights of expression.

When a Muslim protestor cries, "Allahu akhbar" to incite the crowd against the Jewish boy - the opposition to Israel's politics become subordinated to the perception of "Holy War" as a driving force of the Muslim side of the Arab-Israeli conflict.

American-born Muslima's professes
allegiance to Palestine, not America
"Was Israel Jewish in the Bible?
I don't know about that?"
An American-born, young woman of Palestinian heritage rallying to "Free Palestine," reveals that it means more than just drawing-down Israel's presence in the West Bank. When she saw the Israeli-American demonstrator, she shrieked, "I'll kill him! You killed my family! Take that flag down! You killed my people!" In DemoCast's original video, she confesses that the objective of their movement is not for Palestinian autonomy to co-exist with Israel, but to destroy Israel and conquer it for Palestinians to rule.