Flag Day patriots' special: Jon Voight denounces Administration's foreign policy- in exclusive video interview with Democracy Broadcasting

In this dramatic interview, Mr. Voight gives his views about the Obama Administration's foreign policy enabling a moral inversion - facilitating Jihadist & liberals' demonizing of Israel through the U.N. - emboldening the Islamist axis weakening the image of America of protecting the world's oppressed against Islamism.

In 2008, Voight played Jonas Hodges, the villain, in the seventh season of the hit Fox drama 24, a role that many argue is based on real life figures Alfried KruppJohann Rall and Erik Prince. Voight plays the CEO of a fictitious Arms industry called Starkwood, which has loose resemblances to Blackwater USA and ThyssenKrupp. Voight made his first appearance in the two-hour prequel episode 24: Redemption on November 23. (Wikipedia)

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