"Anti-Israelism is barbarism vs civilization!" declares Calif US Senate candidate Chuck DeVore to Republican & indy voters for Tuesday's primary

Orange County Assemblyman Chuck DeVore - explains his understanding of the Islamist movement's war against Western civilization in this video. DeVore complemented his speech earlier at a pro-Israel rally in Los Angeles. He asserts here, "If Israel were to be conquered by Islamists, they would be emboldened, not appeased, and would next move to step-up their Jihad terrorism against California for their movement."

On Tues, 8 June, Californians will vote in primary elections (polls will close 8pm PDT). Registered Republicans and "undeclared" (independent) voters can vote in the Republican primary for either Assemblyman Chuck DeVore, Carly Fiorina, or Rep. Tom Campbell for U.S. Senate, to confront Sen. Barbara Boxer (D- CA) this November.

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  1. Obviously, Asm. Chuck DeVore understands the situation completely, which makes him an excellent candidate for our Calif. Senator.