Video: Turkish aggressors arming to kidnap Israeli navy-men- new photos; YouTube-banned Israeli satirists bounce-back with new video: The "Peace Activists'" Heroic Fight

YouTube's wrongly-banned LatmaTV rebounds with a sketch about fictional Flotilla "peace activist", Kenneth O'Keefe, sharing the story of his heroic 1-against-27 fight against the blockade-enforcing Israeli sailors.

In reality, the Turkish militants aboard the Mavi-Marmara beat and kidnapped the boarding Israeli sailors. See video:

These real-life videos (see link) shows the terrorists preparations for battle against the Israelis. Courtesy  Terrorism-Info.org.il

1. This video file contains a number of clips documenting the stages of the hard core of IHH operatives aboard the Mavi Marmara preparing themselves for the violent confrontation with the IDF. Some of the videos were taken by the ship’s security cameras (close to the time of the confrontation IHH operatives disabled some 20 security cameras on the upper deck) and others were taken by media correspondents or photographers on board who documented the events.
2. The videos illustrate the intensive preparations made for the confrontation, which began immediately after the Israeli Navy hailed the ships and asked them to return to their home ports. At that point all the ordinary passengers were sent below decks while all the operatives of the hard core mounted the upper deck and began preparations for the confrontation (statements to that effect were also reported when passengers and crew members were questioned).
3. The videos show some of the preparations:
A. Dividing the operatives into avtion teams: Every team was briefed by a senior operative. During the briefings one leader is heard listening to orders (in Turkish) on his walkie-talkie and repeating them to his team. He orders, “Don’t move from here.”
B. Cutting chains and iron bars from the ship’s railings using disks brought on board in Istanbul. The lengths of chains and bars were used to attack the IDF forces.
C. Removing wooden clubs from their hiding places on the ship and distributing them to the operatives.
D. Putting on gas masks and handing out filters.
E. Gathering the operatives on the upper deck, facing the sea. The operatives are armed with clubs to meet the IDF forces.
4. When the first soldier landed on board the ship he and those following him were viciously attacked by the IHH operatives who used the weapons they had prepared in advance, to the point of trying to kill the soldiers.

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