Calif. Senate candidate Chuck DeVore releases platform statement to Jewish community for June 8th Republican primary

"Barbara Boxer will not stand up for Israel. But she will stand beside the President who is doing grave harm to Israel -- and to America -- so long as he fills her reelection coffers. It tells us everything we need to know about her -- and it tells us why she'll be a former Senator in January 2011.

Israel is our only true ally in the Middle East -- and indeed, one of our few true friends in the world. It deserves better than the attacks it has suffered from the Obama Administration of late. More important, America deserves better. We expect our President to have a clear-eyed understanding of America's interests. Instead, Barack Obama's policy on Israel is apparently driven by petty vindictiveness, coupled with a shocking naïveté, married to an unforgivable ignorance of the Middle East.
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