On anniversary of D-Day, thousands protest NYC's planned Ground Zero Mosque near WTC site

Ground Zero Mosque is named Cordoba House as a symbol of Muslim conquest of America

Robert Spencer, co-founder of Stop the Islamization of America, speaks at a protest that they organized against the building of a mega-Mosque 600-feet from Ground Zero.  Atlas Shrugs claims that close to 5,000 people of every race, creed, color and religion showed up.

British contra-jihad commentator, Pat Condell, vlogs: "The Ground Zero Mosque on conquered sacred ground is what Islam has always done to assert its supremacy - and that is what's happening here. Once it's built, it will be a permanent affront to all Americans. It will be a major bridgehead in the ongoing stealth Jihad. (Allowing) it will confirm what they've already suspected - that America is a decadent country, crippled by political-correctness, confused and guilt-ridden, with no backbone and no pride."

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