American Freedom Alliance conference: Amb. John Bolton assesses state-of-Islamism-resistance, and the alarming message Dr. Wafa Sultan emerges from 5-year silence to warn us

US Ambassador John Bolton topped the roster of experts educating Western societies resisting the march of political-Islam at a conference held Sunday on Western Civilization and Islam sponsored by the American Freedom Alliance in Los Angeles. The conference presented Muslim and non-Muslim experts expounding on the nature of (and socio-political coping with) Islam's cultural and political expansionary essence.

John Bolton addresses Western Civ and Islam Conference
Amb. Bolton addressed his keynote overview of the current picture of Islamist imperialist aggression around the globe. He remarked (in this DemoCast.TV embedded video):
"I'd like to talk a little bit about the threat that radical-Islam and political-Islam, more broadly, pose to the United States and its friends in Europe and elsewhere around the world. I think it's important that we try to say at the outset every time this subject comes up- that we are talking about politics and ideology here. This is not a question of religion.

And those who say that 'when you talk about radical-Islam you're insulting Muslims all over the world' are simply engaged in propaganda. It's actually Muslims themselves who have felt the worst effects of Islamic terrorism and who suffer under its rule in places as diverse as Iran and the Caliphate that ISIS now holds."

Amb. Bolton gave this example of Muslims trying to resist the Islamist expansion.

"(Jordan's) King Abdullah and other political leaders in the Middle East have said, 'This is a civil war within Islam. It's a struggle for how the religion is perceived around the world. You think of Gen. al-Sisi in Egypt who was courageous enough a couple of years ago to join the Coptic Christians and the Coptic Pope in their celebration of Christmas- and to say that "We are all Egyptians together" thus, among other reasons, putting a target on his back from the Muslim Brotherhood. So I think that this is a critical distinction to make. And one that those who don't want to have a clear understanding of radical-Islam are quick to try and obscure."

Amb. Bolton presented this detailed assessment of political Islam (also known as Islamism's) growing influence around the globe, with particular emphasis on where Obama has been too dovish- Iran, Iraq, Syria, and Turkey- which have enabled Russia to supplant the United States as the Middle East regional power.

Syrian-born psychiatrist Dr. Wafa Sultan, in delivering her first, speech in 5-years, analyzed the psycho-socio and theological motivations behind Islamic imperialism. Dr. Sultan declared to the A.F.A. audience that Islam is inherently radical, expansionist, and supremacist.

In her talk (video embedded), she challenged conventional notions put forward by the Council for American Islamic Relations (CAIR)  and perpetuated by the mainstream-media. She also resents that Pope Francis, she feels, fronts for intolerance by contending that "Islam is a religion of peace." In this talk, she explains why she feels that isn't true.

Transcript (partial):

"In brief, Islam is not a religion. It is a political ideology that imposes itself by force and fear. American values such as compassion, respect and acceptance of others, should not get in the way of understanding the danger that threatens those very core virtues. Following those values blindly might lead to demise.

I am originally from Syria and I have been closely (and sadly) watching the hellish war that has been going on for over 5 years now. I can tell you that this war is a living proof that no country on earth is immune to the destruction and cruelty Islam brings.

When it comes to Islam, Americans are sound-asleep. They have to wake up and realize destruction and cruelty can (and will) happen here if they continue to ignore the magnitude of this ideology.

Millions of Islamists throughout the world are ready to act-out their ideology to kill or to be killed in order to be divine, have their next meal with Mohammed, and sleep with 72 virgins.

They are indoctriniated to believe that Islam is here to take-over the world and restore the Islamic Khalifa of the 7th century.

When they find weak governments that are more interested in political correctiness, rather than protecting their country, they will seize the opportunity to destroy that country's religion and replace it with Islam.  They practice Islam not as a religion, but as a weapon. They understand the need to infiltrate and destroy from within.

This is my first public speech in 5 years. I have sadly halted my mission as a result of the despair and the frustration that had once taken over me. I have had to fight on 2 hostile fronts- neither of them easier than the other. The first is to fight this vicious ideology through my writings and speaking out in Arabic.

The second front is to penetrate the mindset of those in the world that don't understand Islam and convince them that there is no such thing as Islam and "radical Islam"- All Islam is radical.

The difficulties I faced trying to educate people in America, the America that I love (and am ready to sacrifice my life to protect) was beyond my ability to overcome in the past. But not today. Today, I am here speaking to you urging you to stand up with me against conformity and submission.

People have been brainwashed to believe that all religions are basically good and have good intentions. But Islam is not good. Nor does it have good intentions.
Islam justifies hatred and violence- as well encourages it. Not that long ago, the Pope states that the Koran is a book of peace and Islam is a peaceful religion. Wrong- absolutely wrong! On the contrary, it is also psychologically and spiritually damaging to people like myself who had suffered under the Islamic Shariah.

A week ago, I read a book called, "Winners Never Cheat." It is written by an American billionaire named Jon Huntsman. Originally, I thought I would learn from the billionaire's advice and insight into business hoping that I would become a billionaire. To my shock, Islam was mentioned twice in the book. On page 186, the author said, "In fact, Islam encouraging the practice of endowing money or property, called waqf for the purpose of maintaining schools, hospitals and churches. And churches? Wrong! Absolutely wrong!
In fact, the concept of waqf means exactly the opposite of what the author described. Waqf means whatever Islam can take over and own is reserved solely for Muslims. One of the purposes of waqf is to destroy churches, not to maintain them.

For example, since ISIS took over the north of Iraq, not one 1 church has been kept intact. All of them have been totally destroyed. The Pope and the billionaire have been tricked. And don't dare to tell me that ISIS is not Islam or Islam is not ISIS. ISIS is walking in the footsteps of Mohammed and the teaching of Islam.

The world is in denial. These powerful men are supposed to LEAD the majority, yet one cannot recognize the difference between churches and mosques. And the other claims that Islam is a religion of peace. Two very conflicting and contradictory statements. We are in a real dilemma.

I don't believe the author or the Pope set out to lie. I truly believe they have fallen victim themselves. Victims of this rapid-growing false belief in a so-called 'religion of peace.' They intended them to grow-up reading the Koran in Arabic. But maybe somehow they came across a poorly-translated, watered-down version of the Koran."  

(Dr. Sultan's talk continues beyond this partial transcript).


'Americans' commitment will determine liberty's future'- global affairs experts at American Freedom Alliance event

Karen Siegemund, Chair
The issues of protecting western democracy at election time were an undercurrent connecting attendees and speakers at the American Freedom Alliance's annual, "Heroes of Conscience" Awards event in Los Angeles in May. 

Chairperson, Dr. Karen Siegemund (who assumed leadership from the late Avi Davis) is bringing together the West's top experts on conservative matters to the group's events for lecture and discussion.

Gary Aminoff, Communications Dir., A.F.A.
Mr. Gary Aminoff, communications director for the American Freedom Alliance, describes the group's work as more think-tank and educational, rather than an political activist organization. 

Some of the speakers of the evening spoke candidly with Democracy Broadcasting News regarding their message and their concerns for western future stability.  

French patriot, Philippe Karsenty, urges Americans to shed Obama/Hillary mind-grip on addressing and defeating global Islamism.

French patriot, Philippe Karsenty declares it urgent for Americans to elect a strong-man to defend western civilized people from Islamic socio-political conquest. Ath the American Freedom Alliance's Heroes of Conscience Awards in Los Angeles.

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The A.F.A. group will host a conference: "Islam and Western Civilization: Can they co-exist" featuring speakers Amb. John Bolton, Robert Spencer, Dr. Wafa Sultan, Nonie Darwish, and FrontPage Magazine blogger Daniel Greenfield on August 21st in Los Angeles. Please see their website for details.