'Americans' commitment will determine liberty's future'- global affairs experts at American Freedom Alliance event

Karen Siegemund, Chair
The issues of protecting western democracy at election time were an undercurrent connecting attendees and speakers at the American Freedom Alliance's annual, "Heroes of Conscience" Awards event in Los Angeles in May. 

Chairperson, Dr. Karen Siegemund (who assumed leadership from the late Avi Davis) is bringing together the West's top experts on conservative matters to the group's events for lecture and discussion.

Gary Aminoff, Communications Dir., A.F.A.
Mr. Gary Aminoff, communications director for the American Freedom Alliance, describes the group's work as more think-tank and educational, rather than an political activist organization. 

Some of the speakers of the evening spoke candidly with Democracy Broadcasting News regarding their message and their concerns for western future stability.  

French patriot, Philippe Karsenty, urges Americans to shed Obama/Hillary mind-grip on addressing and defeating global Islamism.

French patriot, Philippe Karsenty declares it urgent for Americans to elect a strong-man to defend western civilized people from Islamic socio-political conquest. Ath the American Freedom Alliance's Heroes of Conscience Awards in Los Angeles.

French-Catholic author, Guy Milliere: "France and Belgium tolerate Islamists for multicultural anti-Israelism" 

French author, Guy Milliere offers advice for westerners to learn from the Muslim attacks in Europe, such as the Bastille Day truck attack on Nice, France. He urges westerners to resist Islamism and Muslim immigration.  The problem has gotten so bad, he no longer feels safe in his home country and is emigrating to America.

How GOP can thwart Hillary from continuing a worse, 3rd term of Obama leftist policies- Larry Elder. 

Conservative radio host, Larry Elder, delineates America's problems caused by liberal Democrats, and why Donald Trump is a better choice to improve government and society. 

Trevor Loudon: 'Democrats hang world at tipping point, only electing GOP could rescue.'

Conservative New Zealand thinker and author, Trevor Loudon, explains the need for a strong America to sew-up the global policy faults of the Obama administration. He discusses his assessment that the entire world hangs in the balance of discontinuing Democrat rule of America- and why.

The A.F.A. group will host a conference: "Islam and Western Civilization: Can they co-exist" featuring speakers Amb. John Bolton, Robert Spencer, Dr. Wafa Sultan, Nonie Darwish, and FrontPage Magazine blogger Daniel Greenfield on August 21st in Los Angeles. Please see their website for details. 

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