From gold to dust - Californians consider alternatives to problematic, Democrat policies

Tim Draper's proposed partition of California into 3 states didn't make the November ballot  (photo: Legal Insurrection)

With 33-million residents, a growing number of illegal aliens over-burdening the social welfare systems, and large financial entitlement responsibilities, issues that California's next Governor must improve were explored at the American Freedom Alliance's "The destruction of California Conference" in August of last year.

Ms. Michael Lee Greer, the V.P. of American Freedom Alliance who writes at "Madder than Hell" explains the subjects that the group's conference "From Gold to Dust: The destruction of California" (20 Aug 2017) conference addressed. 

She describes some of the expert speakers, which include Dr. Victor Davis Hanson, Sr. Fellow at the Hoover Institution at Stanford University.

American Freedom Alliance's Executive Director, Karen Siegemund, remarks on the need for the group's summer Conference to focus on "California: From Gold to Dust." 

Classical scholar, Victor Davis Hanson, resides in Central California, educates at Stanford in Palo Alto, and addresses the political, economic, and cultural disparity between the liberal elites along the Pacific Coast and the rest of the state, 40 miles east of the coast. 

California Gubernatorial candidates Lt. Gov Gavin Newsom and Republican John Cox