From gold to dust - Californians consider alternatives to problematic, Democrat policies

Tim Draper's proposed partition of California into 3 states didn't make the November ballot  (photo: Legal Insurrection)

With 33-million residents, a growing number of illegal aliens over-burdening the social welfare systems, and large financial entitlement responsibilities, issues that California's next Governor must improve were explored at the American Freedom Alliance's "The destruction of California Conference" in August of last year.

Ms. Michael Lee Greer, the V.P. of American Freedom Alliance who writes at "Madder than Hell" explains the subjects that the group's conference "From Gold to Dust: The destruction of California" (20 Aug 2017) conference addressed. 

She describes some of the expert speakers, which include Dr. Victor Davis Hanson, Sr. Fellow at the Hoover Institution at Stanford University.

American Freedom Alliance's Executive Director, Karen Siegemund, remarks on the need for the group's summer Conference to focus on "California: From Gold to Dust." 

Classical scholar, Victor Davis Hanson, resides in Central California, educates at Stanford in Palo Alto, and addresses the political, economic, and cultural disparity between the liberal elites along the Pacific Coast and the rest of the state, 40 miles east of the coast. 

California Gubernatorial candidates Lt. Gov Gavin Newsom and Republican John Cox 

Dr. Victor Davis Hanson confronts California's Democrat governance's economic realities. The agriculturalist, Senior Fellow of the Hudson Institution at Stanford University explains how the coastal elites consider their state a Massachusetts, ignoring the inland's failure to thrive, dysfunctioning more like Mississippi.

'Media are Cultural Marxist crusaders for Socialism'- Tim Donnelly, former CA legislator

Mainstream media are active agents dividing society against nationalism, conservatism, said former CA Legislator Tim Donnelly, appearing at an American Freedom Alliance Conference on California politics.

Tim Donnelly is an American politician who was a Republican member of the California State Assembly, representing the 59th and 33rd districts. Before his election to the Assembly in November 2010, Donnelly was a small businessman. He ran for Governor in 2013-14.

"Anti-racist' ANTIFA is violent, fascistic towards even African-Americans like us"

African-American supporter of Pres. Trump, Candace Camper, (follow her as "Kaila Truth") reveals her experience with Antifa's violence following their forcing the closing of Ann Coulter's appearance at Univ of Calif Berkely. She claims that the protesters are violent by design to intimidate support for Pres. Trump's administration. She has experienced Antifa to be fascistic, violent, multicultural subversives seeking to conquer America'

Mike Munzing, City Councilman Aliso Viejo, Orange County, California

Orange County Californian City Councilman Mike Munzing (R-Aliso Viejo) on the liberal influence on once exclusively Republican Orange County, and how liberal environmental regulations are ultimately imposing upon the neediest the worst. 

Dissatisfied with teacher or principal? Like choices? "The Corrupt Classroom" author Lance Izumi

Author, Lance Izumi, Pacific Research Institute, on "The Corrupt Classroom" at A.F.A.-L.A.  "Lance Izumi, of the Pacific Research Institute, opened the discussion with a review of his new book, ‘The Corrupt Classroom,’ that argues for school choice as the best vehicle to dramatically increase student academic performance, while countering the liberal bias, indoctrination, violence and social engineering that permeates California schools.

Izumi calls the California Teachers’ Association the fourth branch of the state government. With $246,249,805 in annual revenue and $260,496,068 in assets last year, the teachers’ unions spend about $40 million on political campaigns and social action initiatives.

The United States’ standing out of 72 nations that have their 15-year-olds take the Program for International School Assessments, has crashed from the 28th place in 2012 to the 35th place in 2015.

Despite California’s huge increases in public school funding versus other states, only 37 percent of its 4th and 8th graders met the National Assessment of Educational Progress grade-level standard for mathematics and only 48 percent met the English standard.

Izumi argues that a major cause of student academic underperformance is the deterioration of classroom safety. According to the U.S. Department of Education, there were 757,000 crimes at public schools during the 2013-2014 school year. About 453,000 crimes involved a fight with a weapon.

This unsafe environment was not limited to a small number of disadvantaged schools; 78 percent of high school, 88 percent of middle schools and 53 percent of elementary schools reported at least one or more violent crimes in the 2013-2014 year."  (From "American Freedom Alliance Takes on California’s Destruction" Breitbart.com by Chris W. Street 8/21/17 ) 

Under former Mayor Gavin Newsom's governance, San Francisco became plagued with public defecation
and urination on streets and mass-transit from its growing homeless-people problem

"Cultural Marxism" is defined by the http://www.urbandictionary.com as: A social and political movement that promotes unreason and irrationality through the guise of various 'causes', often promoted by so-called 'social justice warriors.' These causes and their proponents are often contradictory and are almost never rooted in fact. Indeed, true argument or discussion with proponents of these causes is almost impossible, as most attempts at discourse descend quickly into shouting, name-calling and chanting of slogans.

Otherwise known as the 'regressive Left' - a play on their contradictory nature, specifically on how SJWs describe themselves as 'progressive' yet display strong authoritarian, 'regressive' tendencies. This term is even often used by members of the true Left who take reasonable stances based on logic and evidence, and are eager to distance themselves from the fanatics who have effectively hijacked their side of the political spectrum.

Note: Naturally, Cultural Marxism itself is described by SJWs as a 'conspiracy theory', in an attempt to delegitimize their critics.

Some examples of Cultural Marxism include:

- Political Correctness. - Privilege. - Third-Wave Feminism. - Anti-Capitalism. - Anti-Islamophobia. - Identity Politics.

- Anything that involves perpetual anger and outrage, denies personal responsibility, demands the surrender of personal liberties as a form of appeasement, or legitimizes what would normally be considered madness. Or a combination of all of these characteristics."