House Oversight Democrats walk-out as Benghazi-victim families' testify Obama Cabinet lied, State keeps them in the dark

Mother of Sean Smith testifies Obama, Hilary, Biden, Panetta, and Rice, lied by knowingly scapegoating cause of attacks which killed Yanks on Americans' blaspheming of Islam. Since then, she claims, State Dept keeps her in the dark.

During the second portion of a House Oversight and Government Reform hearing about Benghazi Thursday on Capitol Hill, the majority of Democrats on the Committee left the room and refused to listen to the testimony of Patricia Smith and Charles Woods. Ms. Smith is the mother of Sean Smith, an information management officer killed in the 9/11 Benghazi attack. Charles Woods is the father of Navy SEAL Tyrone Woods, who was also killed.

Testifying on Sept 19, 2013 about the events of Sept. 11, 2012, Sean Smith told the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee that Obama's cabinet members failed their promises to keep her informed as info became known, saying the State Dept has endeavored to withhold information from her- keeping her in the dark.

Bookworm recaps the Benghazi imbroglio (with  tongue-in-cheek) on Jim Hoft's Gateway Pundit :
Apparently, Libyan fighters, coincidentally affiliated with Al Qaeda, took umbrage at a poorly made seven minute YouTube trailer promoting a movie that was never actually made about Muhammad’s life. Since Libya has no popcorn to throw at the screen, these same outraged movie critics inadvertently managed to overwhelm our under-guarded diplomatic mission in Benghazi, killing Ambassador Christopher Stevens (and perhaps torturing him before doing so), as well as U.S. Foreign Service Information Management Officer, Sean Smith.
The same crazed movie reviewers then shifted their attack to the nearby CIA Annex where they engaged in a several-hour-long firefight with former Navy SEALS Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty. Both men died at their stations.
Meanwhile, back at home, some unknown person, but definitely not Barack Obama (even though he had sole authority to do so), told nearby troops to stand down. Also, after a single phone call early in the attack, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was sufficiently well informed about everything to vanish from the scene entirely. (And really, what difference at that point, did it make?) As for Barack Obama, well, he really did need his beauty sleep before an upcoming Las Vegas campaign stop. 
The administration later assured us that, despite a slew of increasingly desperate emails from Ambassador Stevens about security concerns, then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had absolutely no idea whatsoever that an American embassy outpost in a war-torn land riddled with al Qaeda operatives might need more than a couple of local guards at the front door. That’s why the Marines weren’t there to fire any of those “shots across the bow” that Obama suddenly loves so much.
In sum, the incompetence of a Democrat administration left a U.S. outpost vulnerable to a terrorist attack; that same Democrat administration could not be bothered to rouse itself to protect Americans fighting for their lives in a tiny outpost of America on foreign soil; and the Democrat administration then tried to cover-up its gross dereliction of duty by lying consistently in the days and weeks following the attack. Other than that, of course, the Democrats have nothing to be ashamed of when it comes to events in Benghazi.
The Democrats’ sordid Benghazi history may explain a shocking tweet that Rep. Darryl Issa sent out two hours ago right before Patricia Smith, who is Sean Smith’s mother, and Charles Woods, who is Tyrone Woods’ father, were to have testified about their sons’ lives and deaths:  PHOTO: @OversightDems excuse themselves from testimony of heroes' family members pic.twitter.com/NP9u2I2noC

The far side of the room, shown empty in the photo, belongs to the Democrats. The only Democrats who stayed for the testimony of the parents were Ranking Member Elijah Cummings and Rep. Jackie Speier.  The Democrats who walked-out before the testimony are:

1. Rep Carolyn Maloney (NY-14)
2. Rep Eleanor Holmes Norton (D.C.)
3. Rep John Tierney (MA-6)
4. Rep William Lacy Clay (MO-1)
5. Rep Stephen Lynch (MA-9)
6. Rep Jim Cooper (TN-5)
7. Rep Gerald Connolly (VA-11)
8. Rep Matt Cartwright (PA-17)
9. Rep Mark Pocan (WI-2)
10. Rep Tammy Duckworth (IL-8)
11. Rep Danny K. Davis (IL-7)
12. Rep Peter Welch (VT)
13. Rep Tony Cardena (CA-29)
14. Rep Steve Horsford (NV-4)

Update: Kerry Picket reports on Breitbart's Big Government BENGHAZI 'INNOCENCE OF MUSLIMS' FILMMAKER TO BE RELEASED MONDAY
Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, the filmmaker falsely blamed by for 2012's terrorist attack in Benghazi, tells Breitbart News he will be released from prison Monday 23 Sept, and will finish his sentence at a half-way house facility. Nakoula is not going back to his original home, as he has privacy and safety concerns. 
“I’m still okay. I’m better, but I’m worried, because I’m afraid," says Nakoula, an Egyptian-born Coptic Christian from Southern California. "Anything can happen—not from Muslim people. I’m not afraid of them, but from something else. I just don’t want to go back to jail again.” 
Nakoula, who will immediately begin his probation, says he looks forward to seeing his children again and has aspirations to visit Washington, D.C. In the meantime, he plans to look for a job and apparently find stability in his life.  
While serving his sentence, he wrote a book entitled Innocence; it is currently available on Amazon


'IRS hassled 162 applicants for opposing Obama policies'- USA Today; Nary a peep from a big 3 TV net news

by Geoffrey Dickens in NewsBusters, Sept 19th

ABC, CBS and NBC have so far refused to report the latest bombshell in the IRS scandal - a newly released list from the agency that showed it flagged political groups for “anti-Obama rhetoric.” 
On September 18 the USA Today, in a front page story, reported the following: “Newly uncovered IRS documents show the agency flagged political groups based on the content of their literature, raising concerns specifically about ‘anti-Obama rhetoric,’ inflammatory language and ‘emotional’ statements made by non-profits seeking tax-exempt status.”
Not only have ABC, CBS and NBC not reported this story - they’ve flat out stopped covering the IRS scandal on their evening and morning shows. It’s been 85 days since ABC last touched the story on June 26. NBC hasn’t done a report for 84 days and CBS last mentioned the IRS scandal 56 days ago on July 24.
The article by Gregory Korte went on to report: “The internal 2011 documents, obtained by USA TODAY, list 162 groups by name, with comments by Internal Revenue Service lawyers in Washington raising issues about their political, lobbying and advocacy activities. In 21 cases, those activities were characterized as ‘propaganda.’ The list provides the most specific public accounting to date of which groups were targeted for extra scrutiny and why. The IRS has not publicly identified the groups, repeatedly citing a provision of the tax code prohibiting it from releasing tax return information.”
Read more: http://newsbusters.org/blogs/geoffrey-dickens/2013/09/19/irs-documents-reveal-agency-flagged-groups-anti-obama-rhetoric-big#ixzz2fO44cYMa


How Obama's bungled Middle-East agenda bodes for the future

"The Solution: How to Deal with Obama Middle-East Policy" by Barry Rubin 

It is likely that the efforts of the Obama Administration during its second term will fail, not only because of its lack of understanding of the region and its ideology, but also due to the specific agenda.

No Middle Eastern country (only hostile ones or movements) can depend on the United States.  And to clarify this further:  No country -- including Israel -- can depend on the Obama Administration.

But as I noted above, this U.S. policy of Obama’s second term will fail. For example, the main goals of the second term are four big issues:

--Israel-Palestinian peace

--Egypt government coalition with Muslim Brotherhood

--Syrian civil war resolution with rebel victory

--U.S.-Iran rapprochement resolving nuclear issue.

Yet because of irreconcilable differences, these may well be unresolvable. Due to such failures and hardline radical positions (Palestinians, Muslim Brotherhood, Syrian Islamists and regime, Iranian regime), the next administration would probably be forced back on recognition of extremism, support of allies, and U.S. interests.

Thus, regarding the “peace process,” we may well see the typical pattern in which the Palestinians wreck the peace process by rejecting or demanding even more concessions. Once again, it will only be necessary to wait until American negotiators learn better why their goals are impossible. Radicals will just raise their demands and demonstrate their anti-Americanism, and necessary priorities will shift.


"Russia-Iran Axis Gets Access" by Barry Rubin in PJ Media

The original supposed intent of this whole Syria exercise–punishing Bashar al-Assad’s use of chemical weapons–has achieved zero. In fact,  it has backfired.
“Russian credibility is not in question,”  my colleague Dr. Jonathan Spyer pointed out, American credibility is in question.
“The Russian weapons lifeline to the dictator is buzzing with increased activity,” Spyer continues.  ”The arms ships that make their way from the Ukrainian port of Oktabyrsk have increased in number in recent weeks, shipping analysts say. They are bringing the vital spare parts for Assad’s planes and tanks.”
But there’s more.
Was this a pay-off for the Putin-Syria deal to get Iran to agree? Was it an advantage that the Kremlin grabbed in order to show that Russia can do anything it wants now? If so, it was a heavy one indeed. Pay close attention.
Russian media reported Moscow is selling Iran five batteries of S-300 missiles for $700 million. The sale was frozen three years ago when the UN imposed sanctions. Russia will probably claim the weapons are for defense.
And of course, it is for defense, presuming Iran needs to defend a nuclear reactor or missile bases from Israel.
This step tightens the Iran-Russia alliance, presumably a way to make Iran feel more secure as it backs Syria. Russia may also have made an agreement to build a second nuclear reactor in Bushehr.
In other words, the Russia-Iran alliance is stronger; America is weaker; Syria is more secure, though it is still a very long way to win the civil war. But Iran—where the Obama Administration is cutting the sanctions—is more powerful and further away from any effective containment.
Here is Ammar Abdulhamid, who is an honorable and  sincere Syrian supporter of moderate rebels but knows he isn’t finding any:
“So the Russians have put on the table a plan whose implementation requires thousands of peacekeepers and experts working together over a period of several years to dismantle Assad’s chemical supplies and production capabilities. In practice, this requires cessation of all hostilities by all parties, in other words, an end to the civil war.”
 ”End the civil war and the Russian plan can work. But how do we end the civil war? Well, how about a limited strike against Assad’s military and security establishment to convince him to cease hostilities? There you go, we’re back where we started: in order to make Russia’s plan work we need to strike Assad, and in order to strike Assad, we need an American President who is willing to do it and does not go into convulsions each time we get to this point.”
I unfortunately don”t agree with Abdulhamid, but I would if he had received the moderate opposition he wanted.
Meanwhile, Elizabeth O’Bagy, who became famous overnight by being quoted as the rationale for saying Syrian rebels are moderates by Kerry, McCain, and the Washington Post and Wall Street Journal, was fired by her pro-rebel lobbying group for faking her PhD.
 Turns out she DID lie about her PhD,  BUT they had to get rid of her without pointing to the real scandal that the Syrian rebels are not moderate.
Did anyone learn anything? Again, they really fired her for embarrassment, because it showed that State Department just bought intelligence it wanted–saying Syrian rebels are moderate–by Kerry, McCain, theWashington Post and Wall Street Journal. A few months later she said the opposite.
The real issue–they are lying and faking intelligence–became disguised as a technical issue. Read more


9/11 a dozen years later: Former Muslims explain Islam criticism is humanist, not racist, as race-baiters allege

Criticizing Islam's supremacism, politicism, and disregard for human-rights isn't racist, but humanist.

American Freedom Defense Initiative / Stop Islamization of America presented a program of human rights advocates and former Muslims educating the public about oppression under Islamic law and Islamism. What about civil rights for those leaving Islam? Rejecting death penalty for apostasy in the modern world.  

Ibn Warraq (FaithFreedom.com), Walid Shoebat, Eric Allen Bell, Pastor Ramin Parsa, Robert Spencer, and Pamela Geller held a teaching event concomitant to C.A.I.R.'s holding a Civil Rights Night in Manhattan Beach, California, in June 2012.  

Is criticizing human-rights violation practices sanctioned by Islam really as "racist" as C.A.I.R. alleges?


New "9/11 The Heartland Tapes" depicts America's realization of Jihadist war inside heartland. Airs Sept 8th-11th on the Smithsonian Channel

Across America, the morning of September 11, 2001 began routinely, with news and radio broadcasts sharing local human interest stories and traffic reports. But by 9:00 AM, the day's narrative had taken a tragic turn. Most of us are familiar with the national news coverage of 9/11, but the local reporting from TV and radio affiliates across the nation was no less important and no less compelling. "9/11- The Heartland Tapes" is an account of the tragedy as it unfolded, and as it aired in American cities large and small, told without narration or interviews.

DemoCast caught-up with Executive Producer Tom Jennings following his panel at the Society for Professional Journalists conference in Anaheim in August.

Consulting producer, Liza Maddrey, discusses the need for this documentary, a dozen years after the event.

The Smithsonian Channel will air the documentary on (all times ET / PT): SUNDAY 09/08 8:00pm; MONDAY 9/09 12:00am; and WEDNESDAY 09/11 7:00am.

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Pastor Terry Jones wins case against the City of Dearborn, victory for TMLC

Christopher Collins reports in The Examiner that "Pastor Terry Jones wins case against the City of Dearborn, victory for Thomas Moore Law Center ("TMLC")."
The Thomas More Law Center (TMLC) in April of 2012 filed a federal lawsuit against the City of Dearborn, Michigan, on behalf of Pastor Terry Jones, associate pastor Wayne Sapp, and their organization “Stand Up America Now” after the city demanded they sign a “Hold Harmless” agreement as a requirement for their special events.
On Monday, The Thomas More Law Center (TMLC) announced through a release to interested media that they won the case against the City of Dearborn.
TMLC said that Federal District Court Judge Denise Page Hood of the Eastern District Court of Michigan, late Friday entered a summary judgment in favor of Pastor Terry Jones and his organization, “Stand up America Now”, against the City of Dearborn.
Judge Hood ruled that Dearborn’s ordinance requiring Pastor Jones’s organization to sign a sweeping indemnification agreement as a condition for permission to speak on public property in front of a Dearborn mosque violated Jones’s First Amendment rights of Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Expressive Association.
Pastor Jones has been a controversial figure since he has begun burning the Islamic Qur'an books every year since the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

Democracy Broadcasting covered Pastor Terry Jones, and Associate Pastor Wayne Sapp's appearance at Dearborn City Hall and attempted walk to the Arab-American Festival in June of 2011 in the article:  Dearborn counter-Sharia rally by Pastor Terry Jones, Rabbi Shifren exposes Muslim bigotry, police complicity

Jones plans to hold a Quran burning event this year on Sept. 11, 2013, which marks the 12th anniversary of the Islamic terrorist attacks in New York, in which over 3,000 people were killed, including those when a hijacked plane crashed in Pennsylvania and into the Pentagon.