9/11 a dozen years later: Former Muslims explain Islam criticism is humanist, not racist, as race-baiters allege

Criticizing Islam's supremacism, politicism, and disregard for human-rights isn't racist, but humanist.

American Freedom Defense Initiative / Stop Islamization of America presented a program of human rights advocates and former Muslims educating the public about oppression under Islamic law and Islamism. What about civil rights for those leaving Islam? Rejecting death penalty for apostasy in the modern world.  

Ibn Warraq (FaithFreedom.com), Walid Shoebat, Eric Allen Bell, Pastor Ramin Parsa, Robert Spencer, and Pamela Geller held a teaching event concomitant to C.A.I.R.'s holding a Civil Rights Night in Manhattan Beach, California, in June 2012.  

Is criticizing human-rights violation practices sanctioned by Islam really as "racist" as C.A.I.R. alleges?

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