UK Col. Richard Kemp addresses potential risks of Mid-East war - which ELNet ameliorates through diplomacy

UK Col. Richard Kemp addressed ELNet audience in L.A.
Former leader of the British forces in Afghanistan, Col. Richard Kemp, addressed a Los Angeles audience in support of Elnet, the European Leadership Network - an AIPAC-type, pro-Israel political action group but based in, and focused on European nations strategic policies towards and relations with Israel.  In this December 2018 speech, Col. Kemp addresses the need for international leaders to thwart Iran's aggression against Israel via Hezbollah in Lebanon. Failing to do so, he explains, may not prevent a bloodbath on both sides of that border - and beyond into Syria and possibly direct war between Israel and Iran - expanding against Russian and Turkish forces.

Col. Richard Kemp shares his views on strategies towards Iran and Turkey's threat to Israel. What should be the US' and UK's role and involvement? What risk would a Jeremy Corbyn-led government pose in compromising Coalition intelligence with Israel's enemies?

How do European leaders benefit from Elnet?

DemoCast: How how necessary is some kind of an explanatory or political lobbying on behalf of Israel in Europe nowadays?

Col. Kemp: "Elnet is very important - it's an extremely important organization in Europe. There is some very very powerful and influential organizations in the United States which do their best to ensure that politicians and the administration and other elements here within the United States act in a way which is in both the United States interests and the interests of Israel, which is right and proper, as Israel and the United States are friends. The same is true or should be true in Europe because we should we have the same values, we have the same civilization, we have the same cultures in Europe and in Israel. And we should align ourselves more closely with Israel. That, unfortunately, there is a much bigger gap in Europe - not so much in Britain but with other
European countries in relation to Israel - and I think Elnet plays an extremely important role in educating and guiding politicians and political leaders as well as other people in Europe on being fair to Israel.

Because there's so many lies told about Israel many of which are absorbed by politicians who really don't know any better - and they benefit from being guided and given the truth by Elnet." Elnet's 2019 Annual US Gala will feature Former Israeli Ambassador to the U.N. Ron Prossor, as well as managers from Europe and Israel. It's scheduled to be held Wednesday 4 December in Beverly Hills. For more information and to register please click here.