"Independence (from Jihad) Day" vigil reminds us of Islamist supremacism's threat to free countries

"Independence from Jihad Vigil" - to learn from the West Coast Jihadist mass-casualty attack attempt on American and Canadian, Jews and Christians at Los Angeles Airport on July 4th, 2002 which killed 2 Californians and wounded 4 other people. The family of Vicky Hen have organized these vigils to remember their daughter and their family's sacrifice for the public's benefit - on Independence Day mornings since 2003.


A previous vigil about the California jihad attack that killed El Al attendant, Vicky Hen (portraited) and Yakov Aminov on July 4th,2002. Speakers included Jewish and Christian clergymen as well as US and Israeli diplomats, the El Al airline station-master, the relative of
an Israeli terror victim, and Vicky's family of Avi, Rachel, and Udi Hen.

The jihadist, Hesham
El Al security and a passenger, neutralized Islamist sleeper
massacrist, Hesham Mohammed Hedayet, an illegal alien
Egyptian-Muslim who fronted as a SoCal shuttle van-driver 
Muhammad Hedayet, known to the FBI, undertook his hoped massacre at the El Al check-in desk at Los Angeles Int'l Airport's International Terminal on July 4th morning, 2002. His shooting murdered flight concierge, Vicky Hen, 25, and Jacob Aminov, 46, father to 8 children - and injured 4 other innocent people.

Commentaries (below) were chronicled at the 2022 Independence from Jihad Vigil for victims of the first jihadist attack on the western U.S.

How El Al thwarted Islamist's massacre at LAX. Station Supervisor at 20th Vicky Hen Independence from Jihad Vigil. Interviewed for KTLA Channel 5 TV News.


German-born, L.A.X. El Al airline supervisor recalls his experience of July 4th, 2002. An Egyptian- Muslim illegal immigrant's near massacre of passengers who were checking-in for a Canada-bound flight.
LAX '02 Israeli airline manager honors clerk, Vicky Hen, shot dead by Islamist immigrant van driver.

The station-manager of El Al Airlines at that time describes the characteristics of his then flight check-in concierge, Vicky Hen, a 25-year old Jewish-American from Israel. Miss Hen was in the process of checking-in a flight to Toronto when she was assassinated by a Jew-hating, Islamic supremacist, Hesham Muhammad Hedayet. 
LAX terror victim's dad: Employ lessons of 9/11 NY/DC, 7/7 LON, & 7/4 LAX 1st West Coast Islamist attack 


Avi Hen at 20th-year "Independence from Jihad Vigil" for victims of the first West Coast Jihad attempted-massacre that slew his daughter, Vicky Hen, at Los Angeles Int'l Airport.

Western officials endanger their Jewish and Christian citizens by importing Middle-Eastern Muslims - bred to spread Islam over all countries by intimidation.

The vigil will reunite one last time on July 4th, 2023 at 10:45am at the Vicky Hen Memorial Garden under the infield arches opposite Terminal 6.