Palestinian TV Brainwashes to Annihilate Jewish State, while Purporting Pursuit of Peace at Summit

Palestine Media Watch via Arutz 7 evidences the Palestinian Authority's duplicitousness in purporting a Two-State solution:

"While the Palestinian Authority announces in English its demand for a two-state solution, to its own people in Arabic it continues to define all of Israel as 'Palestine,' and to promise Israel's destruction. A new video clip, broadcast numerous times daily since it first appeared on Fatah-controlled TV last week, passionately promises 'Mother' that every Israeli city will be 'liberated' because its 'identity is Arab' and 'Palestinian.'"

"We will liberate the Land..." the PA singer chants, "[which] is Arab in history and identity, Palestine is Arab in history and identity." The "Palestine" that is to be "liberated," according to the song, includes cities such as Jerusalem, Acre, Haifa, Bethlehem, Jaffa, Be'er Sheva, Tiberias, Hevron and Ramle, as well as the Galilee. Most of those cities listed are located within pre-1967 Israel.

"This is significant not only because it was broadcast on Fatah TV," note Itamar Marcus and Barbara Crook, "but because the constant repetition of this clip promising Israel's destruction comes at the very time that the world is preparing for a peace conference."

The lyrics of the latest PA video calling for Israel's elimination, as recorded from PA TV on October 23, 2007 and translated by PMW:

"Oh mother, they destroyed our house The house of my brother and my neighbor [2X] Do not be angry, oh mother, we got more stones [2X] We are Palestinians, we are not terrorists [2X]

"We have the right, oh mother, we want to bring our home backHand in hand, and arm in arm, we will protect your land, Palestine We will pray in Al-Aqsa and the [Church] of the Nativity, Islam and Christians[2X]

"We will liberate [Palestine] the Land of Religions.And we will build Jerusalem of the homelands.We are the sons of glory, oh mother....

"We are Palestinians we are not terrorists; We are the students of freedom we are not terrorists

"Oh Arab, oh noble son, your blood is in my blood and your business is my business
Peace will be achieved through unity, oh my brother and cousin
The land is Arab in history and identity
Palestine is Arab in history and identity
We will live in peace, oh mother, and our lives will not be wasted...

"Oh mother, they destroyed our house; The house of my brother and my neighbor[2X]

Do not be angry, oh mother, our rocks increased [in number]

"From Jerusalem and Acre, from Haifa and Jericho and Gaza and Ramallah [2X]
From Bethlehem and Jaffa, from Be’er Sheva and Ramla, [2X]
from Nablus to the Galilee, from Tiberias to Hebron." [2x]


The Fate of Free People Under Islamism

(Warning: extremely-graphic, street execution!)

Hamas TV intimidates their citizens against dissent. The lawlessness of the elected Palestinian society- graphically demonstrated against Fatah endorsers. Next-stop, East Jerusalem. Ultimate destination, your home.

Would you be complacently permit this thugocracy power near you? Why demand Israel to? Should Israel lay down its own arms and offer the Palestinians more arms, land, and sovereignty throughout the heart of the Jewish state?

Understand the barbarism that Islamism brings, the crimes committed in its name, and resolve not to appease, but to defeat it, for the sake of your own humanity.

Please fight to end the scapegoating of Israel. Stop supporting Islamist Palestine, and endeavor to the defeat the global Jihad.

Palestinians Commanded to Holy War to Annihilate Jews, Conquer Christians, Rule America & Britain

"By, Allah, We Will Rule the Entire World Again," "Jews Are a Virus Resembling AIDS"- Islamic teaching on Palestine state TV (translation Memri TV).

"We have ruled the world before, and by Allah, the day will come when we will rule the entire world again. The day will come when we will rule America. The day will come when we will rule Britain and the entire world – except for the Jews.

The Jews will not enjoy a life of tranquility under our rule, because they are treacherous by nature, as they have been throughout history. The day will come when everything will be relieved of the Jews - even the stones and trees which were harmed by them. Listen to the Prophet Muhammad, who tells you about the evil end that awaits Jews. The stones and trees will want the Muslims to finish off every Jew."

The PLO learned 'spiritual' propaganda techniques to incite society towards genocide from former Nazi propagandists.

View entire transcript


American Muslims' silence on radicalism ...

...yet despite indicting trial evidence, public cries of glee over mis-trial verdict which revealed ideological support for terrorism.

Islamofascism Awareness Week was held on university campuses throughout North America this past week.

In this video by Incorrect U, a Muslim reporter attempts to denigrate author Mrs. Nonie Darwish, as being "one of the most hated women in the Islamic world" for her denouncement of Islamofascism.

Mrs. Darwish turns the allegation upside-down as an inversion of truth - pointing out that state sponsors of radical Islam, like Saudi Arabia, promulgate radicalism throughout the West via comandeering mosques, educational institutions, public relations - to the detriment of the image of American Muslims, who become complicit as they've failed to challenge or renounce this militancy taking-over Islam and assert their commitment to democracy and the countries which have adopted them. Why their silence? Where is their denouncement and out-rooting of Islamic radicalism? Do they support it?

Some of the few public voices of dissent are:
Muslims against Sharia , Faith Freedom.Org , the Secular Islam Summit, Irshad Manji , Muslim World Today, and Dr. Zuhdi Jasser, the founder and Chairman of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy (available in our Links section). In "Islamism on Trial" published in Family Security Matters, despite CAIR's press-releases claiming exoneration in the Holy Land Foundation mistrial verdict (pending re-trial), Dr. Jasser explains why the revealed evidence should concern you about those who support terror against civilians, even ideologically.
The Islamists’ response that their ability to leave the courtroom free of conviction is synonymous with victory demonstrates their blindness to the ideological hypocrisy with which they approach militant Islamist, terrorist, organizations like HAMAS. Some Americans may be unable to convict them on criminal grounds, but most Americans will not tolerate civilly the lack of moral clarity from Islamists unwilling to articulate a counter-Jihad against militant Islamism. Most Americans will not tolerate apologists for terrorism and the attempts by Islamists to articulate a moral equivalency of intentional acts of terror by Muslims against noncombatants and collateral damage by uniformed soldiers of free states in an act of war. Until Muslims and their zakat organizations are able to have the moral courage to make this distinction and stand unequivocally against organizations and individuals by name which condone or apologize for terror, may the justice department not relent in its adjudication of supporters of Islamist terror to the letter of the law. ...

Funding HAMAS is a threat to Americans not only because it is illegal on the books, but because of the ideologies at stake – HAMAS condones and believes in acts of terror against noncombatants to achieve a political goal. Most Americans know that for militant Islamists HAMAS’ target may be Israelis today and could be Americans tomorrow.

Preventing World War III

Caroline Glick writes: "Preventing World War III" in The Jerusalem Post

"The day is quickly approaching where Iran's nuclear installations come under attack, a discussion of some of the likely outcomes of such a strike seems in order. How would Iran respond? What would be the long-term effect of such a strike?" {...}

"The Israeli strike on Syria brought a harsh reality into full view. The nature of the target and subsequent reports make clear that the nuclear collaboration between Syria, Iran, North Korea and perhaps other states is close, active, deep and strategic. In an article published in last Saturday's Wall Street Journal, the ranking Republican members of the House Intelligence and Foreign Relations committees, Peter Hokstra and Ileana Ros-Lehiten - who both received classified briefings on the Israeli strike - emphasized the threat arising from this close collaboration. Their article complemented a report in Jane's Defense Weekly from last month. According to that report, Syrian and Iranian engineers were killed when a North Korean Scud-C missile they were attaching a mustard gas warhead to exploded accidentally. The explosion took place at a Syrian military depot near Aleppo on July 26.

What this is liable to mean is that even if an attack against Iran's nuclear installations inside of Iran were completely successful, there is a possibility that Iran's nuclear capabilities will not be significantly downgraded. What the Syrian operation indicates is that Iran's program may be dispersed in Syria, North Korea, and in Pakistan which transferred nuclear technologies to Iran and North Korea, (as well as Libya and Egypt). In other words, there is now a distinct possibility that Iran is not the only country that will have to be attacked to prevent Iran and its allied rogue states from acquiring nuclear weapons.

And yet, when one looks at Iran, and sees the genocidal fanaticism not merely of Ahmadinejad but of the regime as a whole, one understands that whatever the cost, Israel and all who wish to prevent a massive worldwide conflagration cannot allow Iran to become a nuclear power. Everything must be done everywhere to prevent Teheran from acquiring the wherewithal to foment a new world war and destroy the State of Israel."


Israel Independent TV News

Headlines: The UN Secretary General is concerned about Hizbullah's rearming and the situation in Lebanon, as Lebanese military officials claim their soldiers opened fire on Israeli warplanes;

Two people are wounded in a terrorist drive-by, shooting attack

Defense Minister Barak authorizes cutting electricity to Gaza in response to the continued Palestinian rocket attacks.

Watch video


Who Murdered Yitzchak Rabin? 12 Years Later, Conspiracy Lingers

Was Yigal Amir the Rabin's true assassin? Like the Kennedy assassination, some believe that there was more to it than meets the eye.

Conspiracy-allegations have been laid out by author Barry Chamish in a book and here.

This is the 10 minute "Kempler video" that was shown one time on Israeli TV in December, 1995. When the Israeli government realized that the viewing of the video exposes the fraud of the official government version, the assassination video has never been seen again on Israeli TV. The assassination video was exposed to the public again on the internet by David Rutstein on www.yigalamir.com

This "Committee for Democracy" produced documentary looks into who the Zionist leader Rabin was and who the Jewish nationalist Amir is. (:15 min in Hebrew).

Frontline's Jaundiced Look into Religious Zionist Settlers

On the occassion of the anniversary of the assassination of Yitzchak Rabin, here is the Frontline PBS episode, from 2005, "Israel's Next War".


Moslem Women's Rights Activist Shouted Down by Radical Leftists at UC Berkeley

Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week events: Monday evening, ArabsforIsrael.com author and publisher Mrs. Nonie Darwish spoke at UC Berkeley. Radicals Muslims and Leftists shouted her down and antagonized audience members. Andrew Marcus filed this video report on site Incorrect U.
On Wednesday evening she'll appear at UCLA 7pm, Haines 82. Tonight, writer/director Cyrus Nowrasteh – 6:30pm, Moore 100. Wednesday, Florida's Joe Kaufman 7pm, Moore 100. See FrontpageMagazine.com for US national schedule details.
"Now They Call Me Infidel : Why I Renounced Jihad for America, Israel, and the War on Terror" (Hardcover) is Nonie Darwish's personal story of tragedy and redemption, as well as a scholarly analysis of Middle-Eastern culture. Every Western statesman, indeed every European and American citizen will benefit from Ms. Darwish's unique insights into the danger to Western civilization posed by Radical Islam and sustained by deep-rooted Arab/Muslim cultural dynamics.

The book hit the shelves November 16 2006. You may order online from the following sites:
Buy.com Event video: http://www.motionbox.com/video/player/1c9dd0be191fe092


Australian TV News Attempts to Equate Jewish with Islamic Fundamentalism

Australian TV News "Dateline" segment focuses on the influence of Orthodox Jewish culture over secular Israel politics and culture. Israel's culture is painted as inherently discriminatory, showing ultra-Orthodox Jewish examples of parochial discrimination (men vs women, observant vs secular, and by inference, Jew vs Muslim) inferring a cultural prejudice towards oppressing Palestinians.

Segment attempts to draw a moral equivalence between religious fundamentalism among Jews and Muslims.


Western Europe Unprepared for Islamic Imperialism

Ayaan's Autumn Leav- ing Western Europe. American Enterprise Institute to assume costs for her personal protection, permitting her to stay in America.

Rather than confront the uncomfortable Islamification of Europe, EU governments like the Dutch prefer to vilify Ayaan Hirsi Ali for forcing them to deal with it. In the face of the Netherlands' having withdrawn her security detail, only a generous offer from Denmark might have permitted her to live safely in Europe. But, apparently she's choosing to leave Europe over remaining in America.

A U.S. think-tank said Tuesday funds have been established in the United States and the Netherlands to help pay protection costs for Ayaan Hirsi Ali, the Dutch author who faces death threats as a result of her criticism of radical Islam.

Earlier this month, the Dutch government said it would no longer foot an annual bill of roughly $3 million for Hirsi Ali while she lives in the United States.

A spokeswoman for the American Enterprise Institute, where Hirsi Ali is a scholar, said the AEI was processing private donations for her protection as of Tuesday, and a second fund has been set up by Hirsi Ali's Dutch lawyers.

In addition, the AEI plans in the near future to set up a public charity" intended to support the safety of all Muslim dissidents who live under threat," spokeswoman Yael Levin said.

Meanwhile, back in the Netherlands this week, the Muslim stabbing of a policewoman and consequent rioting in Amsterdam's Slotervaart draws attention to the cultural dissonance that the "Palestinian-mollified" European media has created when Islamist cultural imperialism comes a- rioting.

Muslim Moroccan youths rioted in the Slotervaart neighborhood of western Amsterdam overnight Oct. 15, setting cars on fire, damaging other cars and throwing rocks through a police station's windows. The riots followed the death of Dutch-born Bilal Bajaka, age 22, of Moroccan descent. Bajaka allegedly entered the Slotervaart police station Oct. 14 and stabbed two police officers; one of the injured officers shot him dead.
Stop Islamisation Of Europe (SIOE-UK) is organizing a commemoration of 3rd anniversary of the Islamist ritual murder on an Amsterdam street of Dutch free-speech exponent, Theo van Gogh.

" On the 2nd November there will be a gathering at the Dutch embassies and consulates in remembrance of the Dutch filmmaker and journalist Theo Van Gogh, who was murdered by an Islamist. At 19:00 (CET) a ceremony will be held at the appointed places, and people who advocate democracy and free speech are urged to attend. Speeches are welcome, torches will be brought to the location together with collections of flowers, and whatever people wish to show personal affection. This is a day of great grief, for a man who fought for what we all take for granted…

Available references:
Ayaan to Europe: Thanks, but no thanks! "My home and my work are in the US."
Moroccan-Dutch youth riot following fatal incident
Theo van Gogh Memorial Vigil

A Letter to my People
Know this: the barbarians are through the gates and they are abed in unholy alliance with the enemy within. Our ethnic cleansing is upon us. Complacency, apathy and indulgence have created the fertile soil where priests spring up like summer corn, whilst other ideological vultures gather in the sky above. Either we fight together and fight now, or we will die
alone, picked off one at a time by the Thought Police and their agents as they sulk in memory of their lost Marxist Paradise.

“Subjugation of the masses, by any means” is their agenda. That their instrument of oppression is a demented ‘Slave of God’ with a holy book in one hand and a sword in the other it is of no consequence, for they come upon us out of darkness, as familiars, bringing with them the abiding stench of two failed belief systems: Marxism and Islam. Believe me, they find us easy prey as we
bask indolently in the light of our well-meaning, indulgent society. Through the incubus Islam its succubi, Political Correctness and Dhimmitude, they suck us dry of our culture, our birthright, our ancient freedoms. Righteously wielding a Weapon of (our) Mass Destruction, that wearisome, meaningless mantra “Racist, Racist, Racist”, they rewrite our history, undermine the foundations of our society, drain our resources, murder us en masse, denigrate our achievements and, day by day, one small step at a time, enslave us.


Video Resources on anti-Semitism & anti-Americanism in Global Media

Click second button to call-up menu of relevant videos.

Exposing Anti-Americanism

On the eve of the annual, global broadcast media association's NewsXchange conference, a look into the international, anti-Americanist culture which influences the tone of global newsreporting vis a vis America and Israel.

The Center for New American Media Presents: "The Anti Americans- A Love/Hate Relationship". A film by Louis Alvarez, Andrew Kolker, Peter Odabashian. Linked courtesy German Ray Drake's 'David's Media Critique'

One theory presented is, like anti-Semitism, it's 'ressentiment.' Wikipedia defines
'Ressentiment' as a sense of resentment and hostility directed at that which one identifies as the cause of one's frustration, an assignation of blame for one's frustration. The sense of weakness or inferiority and perhaps jealousy in the face of the "cause" generates a rejecting/justifying value system, or morality, which attacks or denies the perceived source of one's frustration. The ego creates an enemy, to insulate itself from culpability.

Lacking enforceable penalty (social, legal, or physical) for publicly expressing such denigration, such condemnations flourish.

"KillHim.Nu" (i.e, Pres. Bush) is a jihadi-esque pop-music video from Norway which encourages Europeans to hate American culture and take-up arms.


2007 Weblog Awards Nominations Closes Today

Today is the last day to nominate your favorite blogs in The 2007 Weblog Awards .


'Vet for Militant Islamism through 12 Ideology Standards' - Dr. Zuhdi Jasser

Dr. M. Zuhdi Jasser (pictured) of American Islamic Forum for Democracy writes:

"No organization or individual represents the "whole community of faith" as (rejected Virginia Immigration Commissioner) Dr. Esam Omeish asserts- and such attempts at Muslim collectivism are defining manifestations of political Islam (Islamism). Any mixture of the Muslim faith community with a specific political agenda of an individual or an organization (whether in domestic or foreign policy) is a bad idea, and positions by government officials (like that of Virginia Governor Timothy Kaine) against individual Islamists for their ideologies are not in any way Islamophobia. Such assertions by Dr. Omeish are intentionally deceptive.

Many of Dr. Omeish's statements and activities in the past have in fact been a manifestation of political Islam and his attempt to use the Muslim community as a tool in a specific Islamist political agenda. This not only violates the core principles of the separation of religion and politics, which is a cornerstone of our nation, but is in fact the main mechanism of influence of transnational Islamism. His public advocacy of “Jihad” in the Middle East by co-religionists implicitly via terrorist organizations like Hezbollah or HAMAS against Israel, an ally of the United States, should certainly highlight the toxicity of Islamism as a political ideology – regardless of the ideological jujitsu one uses to define “Jihad.” This is of special concern in an individual appointed to contribute to a more sound immigration policy because it asks the question: Will this appointee's point of view be one primarily of American nationalism and security first, or will it be one of transnational global Islamism?

This inappropriate appointment and hasty resignation should yet again remind our elected officials across the country of the stakes in this global ideological conflict in which we are engaged.

While the engagement by government of the (actual) Muslim community is to be lauded and is a necessary component of victory against the ideology of militant Islamism, that engagement must be done in the setting of clear ideological standards. Those standards could be articulated as follows:

  1. The rejection of Islamism as a political ideology – Simply being “anti-terror” does not make a Muslim necessarily moderate in the American context. It simply gives him a seat at the table of humanity. Political moderation within the Muslim community is manifested most significantly in a rejection of political Islam (anti-Islamism).
  2. A rejection of the concept of the “Islamic state” – Islamist Muslims may endorse democracies, elections, citizenship, and the rule of law, but they are driven by an overriding vision of a Muslim majority society led by theologians (imams and clerics) who run government through their interpretation and enactment of Islamic law (sharia). Our government should engage anti-Islamist Muslims predominantly and at the minimum, non-Islamist Muslims. The ideology of Islamism – or the desire to put into place an “Islamic state” – is a clear and present danger to free people everywhere and directly conflicts with the interests of the United States. Muslim moderates are those who embrace both Americanism and a spiritual Islam while wholly rejecting Islamism as a movement for the body politic and government of every nation, and not just the one they happen to live in as a minority. Moderate Muslims unequivocally advocate for American Constitutional government above all other forms of governance whether Muslims are a minority or a majority.
  3. Identification of radical Islamist organizations by name as enemies of the United States – Moderate Muslims are able to both condemn terrorism as an act, as well as the individuals and organizations – by name – that utilize terrorism as a tactic for political change. Thus, a moderate Muslim should be able to identify radical Islamist organizations by name such as al Qaeda, HAMAS, Hezbollah, and Islamic Jihad as ideological enemies of America. Similarly, moderate Muslims should condemn by name global Islamist organizations which seek to put into place Islamic states such as the Muslim Brotherhood, Hizb ut-Tahrir, or Tabligh Jamaat. While these organizations may at times "condemn terrorism," they often offer apologies (if not justifications) for terrorism and seek the establishment of both individual Islamic states and a global or regional caliphate of them. Anti-Islamism is central to being moderate in the American context.
  4. The acceptance that the root cause of terrorism is political Islam. Terror is only a means to the ends of the Islamic state. While many Islamists may say they are against "terror," moderate, liberty-loving Muslims accept the fact that the root cause of terrorism is the ideology of Islamism and its intoxicating dreams of the Islamic state poised against the ascendancy of Western secular democracies. To blame American foreign policy and other conspiracy theories for terrorism is to live in denial.
  5. To articulate the toxic role that Wahhabism (a radical Saudi Arabian interpretation of Islam) has had upon the radicalization of some members of the Muslim community. We must acknowledge the reality that 15 of the 19 terrorists who perpetrated the 9/11 attacks were indoctrinated in the Wahhabiist ideology of Jihad and its global goals.
  6. To unequivocally recognize the state of Israel and its right to exist. Moderate Muslims accept the fact that the Israeli-Palestinian situation is not a religious conflict but rather a local Middle Eastern national conflict.
  7. Separate faith (spirituality) and nationalism. Moderate Muslims in the West reject the mixture of their membership in the Muslim community with their citizenship or membership in their nation's military. Moderate Muslims understand that the personal practice of Islam, like all the world religions, is threatened when a government is driven by the interpretation of any one faith and not simply by overriding universal human principles “under God.”
  8. To advocate for individual freedom and liberty. Moderate Muslims stand firmly for gender equality, free speech and against Islamist laws concerning blasphemy and apostasy both within the Muslim community and outside the Muslim community.
  9. To articulate the same ideas in English and Arabic and both within and outside the Muslim community.
  10. To advocate for the rights of dissidents and liberty-minded Muslims in Muslim majority nations against the dictatorships and monarchies which oppress them: Moderate Muslims should not fear naming the leaders of Arab and Muslim dictatorships by name (i.e. Egypt, Syria, Saudi Arabia, or Iran to name a few) as despots and oppressors. Similarly, they should not fear standing firmly and publicly for the need of wholesale cultural and political reform in those nations along with the liberation of their peoples.
  11. To acknowledge that much of current Islamic jurisprudence (sharia) is in dire need of ijtihad (reform) and being brought into the 21st century and modernity with a focus on liberty. Just as Chrisitianity and other faiths underwent reformation, so too is much of the current legal doctrine of Islam in need of a similar modernization to be in full synergy with the principles of individual freedom, limited constitutional government, and the separation of religion and state.
  12. Moderate Muslims refuse to accept victimization as the focus of Muslim activism in the U.S. They accept the fact that Muslims should be leading counterterrorism against militant Islamists in the U.S. and around the world.


Muslim Anti-Semitism's Nazi Roots Resonate with the Left

From the prolific, eloquent Melanie Phillips: Leeds University had shamefully cancelled a talk by the German scholar Matthias Kuentzel on the links between Muslim antisemitism and Nazism. His book, "Jihad and Jew-Hatred: Islamism, Nazism and the Roots of 9/11" comes out in November — and this week he finally delivered his paper to an audience of about 120 people.

In the intervening months, Kuentzel refined his original paper and brought it up to date. It is a brilliant and devastating piece of work. He framed it in the context of a Britain where — to the horror and amazement of Germany —an unholy alliance exists between the left and Islamic antisemites, giving rise in British discourse to a hardcore antisemitism which dehumanises and demonises Jews and which has a great deal in common with Nazi ideology. This, he says, is no accident.
Islamism, he says, was born during 1930s. Its rise was inspired not by the failure of Nasser-ism but by the rise of Fascism and Nazism. It was established as a mass movement by the Muslim Brotherhood, which stands in relation to al Qaeda as the Bolsheviks did to communism. The Brotherhood is a revolutionary political movement focused almost entirely on Zionism and the Jews. It is inspired by two sources: the Koran and Islamic theology, plus Nazi doctrine and influences, using not only Nazi-like patterns of action and slogans but also, historically, Nazi funding.

Originally, the deranged European fantasy of the Jewish world conspiracy was foreign to the Islamic view of the Jews. That particular collective libel was rooted in the Christian belief that the Jews killed God’s only son. Muslims despised Jews as second- class citizens but they did not see them as a global conspiracy. They do now — and that’s because of the influence of the Nazis. Key to this was the alliance during the 1930s between the Arab Mufti of Jerusalem, Amin al Husseini, and the Nazis. And of particular importance was the Nazi radio station Radio Zeesen, which between 1939 and 1945 pumped out Nazi propaganda to the Arab masses in Palestine, skilfully mingling antisemitic propaganda with quotations from the Koran and Arabic music.
Kuentzel writes:

"The Mufti therefore seized on the only instrument that really moved the Arab masses: Islam. He invented a new form of Jew-hatred by recasting it in an Islamic mould. He was the first to translate Christian antisemitism into Islamic language, thus creating an ‘Islamic antisemitism’. His first major manifesto bore the title ‘Islam-Judaism. Appeal of the Grand Mufti to the Islamic World in the Year 1937’. This 31-page pamphlet reached the entire Arab world and there are indications that Nazi agents helped draw it up…

What we have here is a new popularized form of Jew-hatred, based on the oriental folk tale tradition, which moves constantly back and forth between the seventh and twentieth centuries. This kind of Jew-hatred is used today by the British group Hizb ut-Tahir."

This Nazi/Islamist propaganda also made an impact in Iran, where it reached a certain Ayatollah Khomeini:
"Even the German consulate in Tehran was surprised by the success of this propaganda.

Throughout the country spiritual leaders are coming out and saying ‘that the twelfth Imam has been sent into the world by God in the form of Adolf Hitler’ we learn from a report to Berlin in February 1941. So, ‘without any legation involvement, an increasingly effective form of propaganda has arisen, which sees the Führer and Germany as the answer to every prayer… One way to promote this trend is sharply to emphasize Muhammad’s struggle against the Jews in the olden days and that of the Führer today.’ While Khomeini was not a follower of Hitler, those years may well have shaped his anti-Jewish attitudes which in turn would later shape the attitudes of his most ardent follower Mahmoud Ahmadinejad."

In other words, as Kuentzel writes, the belief that the Muslim hatred of the Jews was triggered by Israel’s existence or behaviour is yet another western delusion. The Muslim Brotherhood has ensured that the murderous prejudice at the heart of National Socialism lived on and gained even more influence in the Arab and Muslim world — and has also ensured that the deranged notion of a world-wide Jewish conspiracy has gained traction once again in Europe. As Kuentzel writes:
"Some observers claim that political concessions by Israel would be enough to stop anti-Jewish hatemongering within the Arab-Islamic world. They are wrong. For Islamists, the issue at stake is not the welfare of individual Palestinians but the abolition of enlightenment, reason, and individual freedom – achievements whose spread is attributed primarily to the Jews.
When even today Germans in Beirut, Damascus, and Amman are greeted with compliments for Adolf Hitler, this can hardly be Israel’s doing. When graffiti in Hampstead Garden Suburb combine swastikas with the words ‘kill all Jews’ and ‘Allah’ – what on earth has this to do with Zionism? Our historical excursion has, however, revealed that this combination is in no way accidental. The linkage of ‘kill all Jews’, ‘Allah’ and the swastika indicates a specific ideology, one that is connected both historically and ideologically with Nazism and needs to be opposed with equal determination."
But it is not. On the contrary, it has been embraced by a Left which has lost its moral and political bearings, and a political/intelligence establishment which is pushing the line that the Muslim Brotherhood are people we can do business with to fight al Qaeda.


Palestinianism is a dagger pointing at Europe's own heart

Melanie Phillips writes:

Jonathan Halevi of the Jerusalem Centre for Public Affairs points out that al Qaeda’s number two, Ayman al Zawahiri, spoke last month once again of the duty to recover Andalus, or Spain, for Islam.

"Israel, therefore, is a small link in the greater confrontation between radical Islam and the West. Accepting the Arabs’ terms for a Middle East settlement or even going so far as ‘liberating’ Palestine from Israeli rule will not be the last stop in the radical Islamic journey being led by the Muslim Brotherhood and al-Qaeda, which share the vision of spreading Islam all over the world and establishing a global organizational infrastructure under a new caliphate to make this possible.

Indeed, for the West, Israel constitutes a dike against the great wave of radical Islam. The very same principle invoked for waging war against Israel — recovery of what was once Islamic territory — is being applied to Spain, the Balkans, Southern Russia, and India. Gustavo de Aristegui, a conservative Spanish parliamentarian, has disclosed that former German Foreign Minister Joschka Fischer once said that if Israel were to fall and be defeated, the next in line would definitely be Spain.

European pressure on Israel to make political concessions that endanger its security will only bring closer the next stage of Islam’s offensive, this time aimed at the heart of Europe."

Cal Thomas: Selling out Israel on the installment plan

Name one concession Israel has made in recent years that has been reciprocated by its sworn enemies. This is not a trick question. There are none.

That's why November's announced "Middle East Summit" in Annapolis, Md., should be viewed as one more installment payment in the sellout of Israel and of American interests in the Middle East. While the United States continues to struggle to shore up democracy in Iraq, the Bush administration - like administrations before it - proceeds in undermining the likelihood that the region's first democracy will endure.

At every negotiating session, Israel is pressured into making concessions for "peace" and receives more war in response. Mostly this is because of the wishful thinking in the West that has replaced sound policy. Why should the Palestinians make concessions when they are drawing closer to their objective of eradicating Israel by throwing stones and bombs and stonewalling negotiations? ...

According to one report, "the drafters are planning to call for a withdrawal by Israel to the 1967 lines," thus making Israel more vulnerable than ever to heavily armed Arab states and Palestinian enemies and leaving it completely exposed to infiltration from the East. Does anyone doubt such infiltration would not occur? Would the United States come to the aid of Israel should it again be invaded? Probably not since that might hurt our "image" in the Arab world.

Infidel Israelis, Americans and Europeans will not dissuade those sworn to destroy Israel. President Bush had promised former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon he could expect U.S. support to maintain defensible borders. In the plan now being discussed, Israel's borders would be indefensible.

In all of this, the United States is trying to prop up Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. But Abbas is a figurehead, manipulated by the terrorist organization Hamas, which virtually controls the Palestinian territories thanks to democratic elections. Caroline Glick writes in the Jerusalem Post: "Over the past week, Abbas announced his adherence to maximal Palestinian demands from Israel. These include the full transfer of sovereignty over the Temple Mount to the Palestinians; the complete surrender of Judea and Samaria to the Palestinians; and an Israeli acceptance of the so-called 'right-of-return' that would force Israel to accept millions of foreign Arabs as immigrants within its truncated borders."

Why should anyone expect anything else when the real intensions of Israel's enemies can be summed up in the "phased plan" for the destruction of Israel expressed in 2000 by Palestinian Minister of Supply, Abd El Aziz Shahian: "The Palestinian people accepted the Oslo agreements as a first step and not as a permanent arrangement, based on the premise that the war and struggle on the ground is more efficient than a struggle from a distant land . . . for the Palestinian people will continue the revolution until they achieve the goals of the '65 revolution."

The "'65 Revolution" refers to the founding of the PLO and the publication of the Palestinian Charter, which calls for the destruction of Israel through armed struggle.

So, why is the United States hosting this sellout in Annapolis?


'Holocaust Fuels Modern Resentment of Jews & Israel' - Israeli Professor

Tel Aviv University Professor Dina Porat lays-out how the the Holocaust fuels anti-Israelism and anti-Semitism among leftist ideologues. Columnist Melanie Phillips' must-read interpretation:

"... the charge that Israeli Jews and Jews who support Israel have themselves turned into Nazis.
This deranged belief derives from a cocktail of ideology and prejudice. The victim culture championed by the left has created a large number of ‘victim’ groups all claiming primacy over each other. French thinkers such as Alain Finkielkraut and Bernard-Henri Levy have described this as a ‘competition of martyrdom’ in which groups such as American blacks, gays lesbians and other gender activists, American Indians and indigenous peoples everywhere, Muslims and so on, all compete to be considered the most victimised group on the planet. But the Holocaust, which although victimising others was specifically a Jewish genocide, made the Jews into the ultimate victims of a unique persecution. That uniqueness was considered a threat by others who resented the claim because it seemed to them to diminish their own claim to have suffered. {...}

And so if Jews defend Israel the left claim they are seeking to appropriate the role of ultimate victim and manipulate public debate to achieve that image at the expense of the universal brotherhood of victims across the globe. They are said to be waving the shroud of the Holocaust to sanitise the crimes of Israel.

And if Jews call attention to antisemitism they merely create it all over again, because this reinforces the belief that the Jews use this claim as a manipulative weapon for their own advantage. So Jews are never to be allowed to tell the truth about their own persecution; the more they tell this truth, the more they are to be cast out as pariahs for manipulating public debate. {...}

So apparently has it proved; according to Professor Porat, a study has now shown that Holocaust education does nothing to stop antisemitism and may even make it worse. If identifying Jewish victimhood with the Holocaust causes a murderous resentment, then obviously the more that the Holocaust is thrust down people’s throats, the more that resentment will increase.

While antisemitism once caused the Holocaust, the Holocaust now causes antisemitism. The fact that by their very existence the Jews are the incarnation of the incriminating memory of the crime committed against them - prompts a resurgence of the very prejudice that lay at the heart of that crime.

In short, as has often been observed, the problem is simply that the Jews have never been forgiven for the Holocaust.


Don’t be afraid to say it- The West's Values ARE Better

The Spectator site reviews a debate on the motion, “We should not be reluctant to assert the superiority of Western values.” There is an all star cast of speakers involved. David Aaronovitch, Douglas Murray and Ibn Warraq are speaking for the motion while Tariq Ramadan, William Dalrymple and Charles Glass are opposing it.

Click here to read a piece that Douglas has written for us setting out his position.

"If we in the West don’t speak up for pluralism, democracy and the rule of law, who will? And what chance do reformers have in other countries?

Decades of intense cultural relativism and designer tribalism have made us terrified of passing judgment. But it’s time we spoke up. All systems are not equal. Across the non-Western world there are millions of people who would believe in our values and who envy our rights. It is time we believed in them too. And said so. "

Has Syrian Nuke Affair Tipped State Dept's True Fidelities?

ABC News claims that the U.S. State Dept inhibited Israel from eliminating Syria's offensive nuclear weapons' capabilities.

One U.S. official told ABC's Martha Raddatz the material was "jaw dropping" because it raised questions as to why U.S. intelligence had not previously picked up on the facility.

Officials said that the facility had likely been there for months- if not years.

A senior U.S. official said the Israelis planned to strike during the week of July 14 and in secret high-level meetings American officials argued over how to respond to the intelligence.

Some in the administration supported the Israeli action, but others, notably Sect. of State Condoleeza Rice did not. One senior official said the U.S. convinced the Israelis to "confront Syria before attacking."

Initially, administration officials convinced the Israelis to call off the July strike. But in September, the Israelis feared that news of the site was about to leak and went ahead with the strike- despite U.S. concerns.

Has the U.S. State Department undermined its trustworthiness in negotiating Israel's safety, having inhibited Israel from neutralizing Syria's nuclear weapons until Israel chose to act at the point of no return?

Israel Commentary explains the traitorous, Arab business corruption tainting US Middle-East policy advisors (James Baker, Brent Scocroft) and Secy of State Rice to act against America's interest in defeating Jihad (e.g., sell-out Israel) to curry favor for their personal, Big Oil financial interests. Which lobby influences Washington to Americans' greatest detriment?

'We (Britons) are All Hezbollah! Death to the Jews!' - London al Quds Marchers

Edgar Davidson reports "Islamafascists walk through centre of London demanding Israel's destruction": "A demonstration of about 400 Islamafascists - organised by the Iranian Government sponsored "Islamic Human Rights Commission" marched through central London today calling for death to Israel. Waving banners of Ayatolla Khomeini and Hezbollah flags, the Islamafascists were 'celebrating' Al Quds Day, which was introduced by Khomeini as an annual day where all Muslims demand the 'liberation of Jerusalem' and the destruction of Israel. The Islamafascists were joined by the inevitable group of Neturei Karta 'Jews' and a small handful of useful idiots from the far left (who would be sure to be among the first to be exterminated under an Islamic regime).

It is a bit ironic that the Islamafascists are allowed to carry Hizbollah flags and placards inciting terrorism (all funded by a regime that is killing British soldiers in Iraq) but the police would not allow an Israeli flag to be held up for 'fear of inciting them'. I cannot begin to describe how disgusting were the scumbags on this march. Their contempt for Western values and hatred of Israel, was accompanied with a barrage of vicious anti-semitic abuse. Make no mistake this lot (despite the Neturai Karta idiots walking alongside them) were openly calling for death to Jews (not just Israel). They chanted "Kill, kill kill the Jews!"at us when they saw us with the Israeli flags."

Melanie Phillips comments: "This is what happened on the streets of London yesterday. A demonstration organised by Iranian Islamists promoting the destruction of Israel, in which people called for the killing of Jews and waved Hezbollah flags. The police provide protection for such a demonstration on the basis that people are entitled to march provided they are not breaking the law. They ignore the fact that such incitement to murder is indeed against the law; they fail to grasp that a parade of Hezbollah flags is a recruiting device for Islamists; they refuse to acknowledge that such a demonstration is an flagrant act of intimidation by proxies for a terrorist regime which is currently blowing up our troops in Iraq, threatening genocide against Israel and intent on defeating the west in war. Welcome once again to Londonistan."

More at Harry's Place.


PBS' Bill Moyers' 'Journal' Blames Pro-Zionists for Moving US to Attack Iran

Bill Moyers' Journal on PBS waged a smear-agenda against Israel and global security in a two-punch approach focusing on Iran:

First, against a pre-emptive, military defense against a pre-nuclear Iran which threatens the West through Israel. And against those that advocate such defense of Israel, particularly Christian Zionists led by Pastor John Hagee and Christians Unified for Israel.

Second, by exploiting anti-Zionist Rabbi Michael Lerner (publisher of Tikkun magazine) to denounce Israel's morality, its legitimacy over the West Bank and Gaza, and the soundness of opposing further 'land for peace' giveaways to the avowed future conquerors of Israel.

Amazement, Fury, Contempt over the Squandering of Ayaan Hirsi Ali

Hugh Fitzgerald speaks out about Ayaan Hirsi Ali's forced departure from America to the Netherlands due to the Dutch government ceasing funding security for her while residing outside the Netherlands.

"But in any case, what has the American government been doing? Has it offered to pay for her protection? For that matter, has the American government thought about establishing a permanent security force that can be called on whenever speakers on Islam feel the need for such protection? Otherwise, the situation will become like that in Europe, and in the Netherlands itself -- where many will simply fall silent, and a large part of what constitutes free speech will have been silenced.

We have seen examples of people being shouted down in North America, in Montreal and San Francisco, for daring to present a point of view favorable to Israel. We have seen examples of death threats being made. The F.B.I. should be at work, with the police, and all those who make such threats tracked down, charged, and prosecuted.

But it is not the Dutch government alone that may be too hasty, or not sufficiently appreciative of the force and fervor and power of Hirsi Ali. Even more shameful has been the failure of the American government to immediately step in and offer to take over. If Blackwater can be paid billions to protect State Department bureaucrats planning to hand out still other billions in Iraq, then some security firm in this country can be employed to protect Hirsi Ali. She is worth many dozens of battalions, if only what she does and says and stands for were properly understood and promoted.

Ayyan Hirsi Ali, brilliant and beautiful, who should have been on talk-shows, who should have met with Congressional leaders, who should have addressed audiences of generals and other officers at the Pentagon, who should have met with Bush and the National Security staff and the upper (and lower) echelons of the F.B.I. and the C.I.A., who should have met with the Clintons and Barack Obama and all the other Democratic candidates, who should have addressed the Senate, instead was denied what she needed -– a life-and-death matter for her -– that security detail. And not a billionaire in America, now busily organizing to “support the Iraq war effort,” not a single person in the Pentagon or in the Executive Branch or in Congress or in the media, appears to have taken note and demanded that she be protected. And not just she, but all others who have proven themselves to be articulate enough to be valuable, or invaluable, in the real war effort.

And what should be done is for Infidels to arm themselves: arm themselves with a knowledge of Islam, not the Islam of the armstongs and espositos and ernsts and bulliets and safis and assorted MESA-nostrans, but rather the Islam of C. Snouck Hurgronje, and Joseph Schacht, and Antoine Fattal, and K. S. Lal, and St. Clair Tisdall and Henri Lammens, the Islam of Ray Ibrahim and Bishop Moubarec and Habib Malik and Charles Malik and Youssef Ibrahim, the Islam of Ali Sina and Ibn Warraq and Irfan Khawaja and Azam Kamguian and Wafa Sultan, and mediagenic, brilliant and beautiful Ayaan Hirsi Ali, whom the government of this country simply couldn’t afford to protect, just couldn’t be bothered. After all, it needs the money to win hearts, to win minds, in Iraq. Or Afghanistan. Or Pakistan. Or Jordan. Or Egypt. Or the so-called “Palestinian” territories.

Amazement. Fury. Contempt." You may read Mr. Fitzgerald's full column in Jihad Watch.

Iranian Celebrates Jerusalem Day with Chants of "Death to America, Death to Israel"

TEHRAN (Reuters) - Iran's president accused Israel on Friday of using the Holocaust as a pretext for "genocide" against Palestinians.
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who outraged the West in 2005 by calling Israel a "tumor" to be wiped off the map, said the truth should be told about World War Two and the Holocaust.
Six million Jews were killed in the Nazi genocide.
"Iran condemns fabricating such a pretext (the Holocaust) for the Zionist regime to commit genocide against the Palestinian nation and occupy Palestine," Ahmadinejad said in a live broadcast to mark the annual Al-Quds (Jerusalem) Day in the Islamic Republic.
Iranians burn an effigy representing America and Israel during "Jerusalem Day" celebration
"The Iranian nation and countries in the region will not rest until Palestine is free and criminals punished," he said in the speech before Friday prayers.
Ahmadinejad has questioned the Holocaust but denied during a visit last month to the United States he was saying it never happened, only that the Palestinian issue was entirely separate.
Opposition to Israel is one of the cornerstones of belief of Shi'ite Iran, which backs Palestinian and Lebanese Islamic militant groups opposed to peace with the Jewish state.
Ahmadinejad repeated calls for Canada to accept Jews.
"Europeans cannot tolerate the Zionist regime's presence in their own region but want to impose it on the Middle East. Give them (the Jews) this vast land of Canada and Alaska to build themselves a home and resettle there," he said.
Al-Quds Day was inaugurated by Iran's 1979 Islamic revolution founder Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini. It is held on the last Friday of the Muslim holy fasting month of Ramadan.
Tens of thousands marched in a rally to mark the day, including soldiers, students and clerics. Black-clad women with small children clutching balloons emblazoned "Death to Israel" were among those flocking the streets of central Tehran.
"Death to America, Death to Israel," chanted the marchers, many carrying portraits of Khomeini and his successor Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

Iran, Israel Clash at IAEA Conference

VIENNA, Austria (AP) - Israel accused Iran of lying Friday while Tehran challenged the international community to send U.N. inspectors to probe its arch-rival's nuclear capabilities, in a rare and unusually bitter direct confrontation.

U.N. officials at a 148-nation meeting of the International Atomic Energy Agency said they had no memory of the two hostile nations ever engaging each other directly at previous meetings and said that development - and the unusually harsh tone of their statements - in part reflected Middle East tensions.

On Thursday, the conference criticized Israel for refusing to put its nuclear program under international purview, with the United States alone in supporting the Jewish state.

Israel also voted against the resolution, while 53 nations backed it and 47 abstained. The remaining nations were absent for the highly unusual vote - only the second in the 16 years the issue has been on the agenda of the IAEA conference.

On Friday, a resolution that in part sought to expand IAEA powers to prevent nuclear proliferation passed by a comfortable margin, though Iran was among the nonaligned states voting against it.


"How I became a Muslim extremist" BBC News Video

Watch BBC-TV's Panorama programme featuring Islamist whistleblower, Shiraz Maher, a former member of the Muslim extremist group Hizb ut-Tahrir ("HT") which campaigns for an Islamic state.

While at Cambridge University he even tried to recruit Kafeel Ahmed into HT, who was later alleged to be part of the attack on Glasgow airport.
Shiraz has now 'come-out' and now wants to expose HT for the organisation it is.

HT Britain is trying to market itself as a conciliatory and moderate organisation that condemns violence as a means to achieve political ends.

With access to other former HT insiders, and HT literature the group wanted to keep hidden, Shiraz reveals that HT Britain's conciliatory approach was merely a crude facade that concealed the same radical and extreme views.

HT believes that democracy is incompatible with Islam, that the state of Israel should be destroyed, and that Shariah law should be imposed over the entire world - with violence being used to achieve this.


'What Underlies the "Islam is Peace" PR Campaign?'

Hugh Fitzgerald in Jihad Watch : "This campaign, costing no doubt many tens of millions of dollars, is an important weapon of the attempt to fool English people and prolong their unwariness and confusion and even diffidence about discussing their entirely justified fears of and suspicions about Islam.

Think for a minute and imagine yourself a Muslim living in the West. You too would wish to convince others that "Jihad" has nothing to do with violence, and is in fact a struggle against "oppression" and "injustice." This will be taken, you know, by non-Muslims to mean whatever it is they mean when they use the words “injustice” and “oppression.” And who could be for, rather than against, “injustice” and “oppression”? Whereas Muslims know exactly what, in Islam, these words mean: they mean all the attempts by non-Muslims to put up obstacles to the spread, and ultimate dominance, of Islam. That is what, for a billion Muslims, constitutes “oppression” and “injustice.”

Yes, they are conducting Jihad. They are attempting to befog the minds of non-Muslims, to confuse them, to prevent them from beginning to look at Islam steadily and whole. They are attempting to prevent them from learning the truth about its tenets and attitudes, its history, and the present behavior, everywhere that Muslims exist in numbers sufficient to attempt to impose their will, whether in the Lands of the Infidel, the Dar al-Harb or “House of War,” or in the already Muslim-dominated Dar al-Islam, which is now the House of Peace.

It is the House of Peace because, you see, there is no need for war once Islam triumphs -– which of course isn’t quite true, because then there are those remaining pesky non-Muslims to discriminate against, to harry, to humiliate, to degrade, to render physically insecure, to do everything possible either to drive them out, or to keep them from multiplying or serving as an attractive and therefore dangerous example to the Muslims around them.

We are in a war. The war is not to be determined by what happens in Iraq, that is, the squandering of men and money and materiel and energies and attention while preventing us from coming to our senses. If this campaign in Great Britain, probably financed by those deep Saudi and other oil-rich Arab pockets, succeeds, and if all such campaigns succeed in delaying the day of recognition, the fateful, civilization-wide and not merely individual, anagnorisis, it will be a very bad thing.

There are at this point not many people fully capable of seeing the whole thing, grasping the whole thing. Spread to as many as possible what they have to say. Support them in any way you can. And learn as much as you can yourself, so you cannot be fooled, cannot be bested. Become dangerously well-informed and, therefore, implacable in your view.

Israel Thanks 7,000 Christian 'Amabassadors' for Israel Marching with Over 50,000 Jews in Jerusalem's Sukkot Parade

Despite Rabbis' Warning, Israelis Applaud Christian Pilgrims (combined sources including Julie Stahl in CNS News.com)
Thousands of Jews, both Orthodox and secular, lined the streets of Jerusalem Tuesday for an annual parade involving some 70,000 participants, police said, including the 7,000 Christians from more than 90 nations, many in national dress and waving national flags.

In an incident that both police and Christian organizers deemed a provocation, three American men were detained by police on Tuesday after they disrupted the parade by displaying a large cross, shouting "This is our march," and lying down in the road along the parade route.

Lawmaker Benny Elon, who is the chairman of the Knesset Christian Allies' Caucus, also addressed the gathering, despite the fact that he is himself an Orthodox rabbi."We thank you for being ambassadors of Israel," Elon said. "Go tell the world the right story ... we are here because there is a covenant between God of Israel and us and it is an everlasting covenant."

Rivka Sack, a 19-year-old resident of the city, said she was overwhelmed by the love shown by the Christians."It really, truly is inspiring how many people truly love Israel and the Jews and want to show that to them in a concrete way," she said. "The smiles, the warm hearts [of people] from all over the world, it's truly a blessing."

Zionist pioneer and former Knesset member, Elyakim Haetzni, published an op/ed in Yediot Achronot encouraging embracing the Christian Zionists:

"Their belief in the Bible is the key to this rare phenomenon of Christian love towards Israel, which is not anything new. Christian Zionism emerged in England 32 years prior to the "harbinger of Zionism" Moses Hess (author of Rome and Jerusalem.) The Earl of Shaftsbury (1853) saw "a land without a people," which God allocated to the "people without a land."

His contemporary, British Prime Minister Palmerston pressed the Turkish Sultan to encourage European Jewry to return to the Land of Israel. Author George Eliot called for the revival of the organic center of Jewish existence in the Land of Israel (in her novel Daniel Deronda) 20 years prior to the publication of the "Jewish Homeland."

Herzl's loyal follower, Reverend William Henry Hechler, partook in the Zionist congresses. Even Lord Balfour and his Prime Minister Lloyd George had religious motives. The latter said: I was taught a lot more about Jewish history than the history of my own people. Wingate (the "friend") didn't go anywhere without the Bible.

Welcome to our Sukkot, dear friends, may there be many more like you."

(Click on title to watch video from parade from InfoLive.TV).


77 Senators Ask Condi to Press US' Arab 'Allies' to Cease anti-Israelism

Dozens of American senators sign letter calling for US pressure on 'friendly Arab states'. Former State Department officials warn Condoleezza Rice that failed peace conference in autumn 'could further set back situation in Middle East'

"As you step up American diplomatic actions and prepare for a future international meeting on the Arab-Israeli conflict, we believe it is essential that other key players in the Middle East also step up and meet their responsibilities. The success of such a meeting, and ultimately the peace process itself, will depend on the cooperation we receive from the larger Arab world, particularly from those Arab states with close relations with the United States who have not yet signed agreements with Israel," the letter said, hinting at states such as Saudi Arabia.

Meet Yusuf Khattab (formerly Joseph Cohen)

Should Muslims Integrate into the West?

"...Nevertheless, because Islamist jurists in the Arab world have considerable resources, they at times drown out or wear down more pro-assimilation voices. The collision between Western interpretations of personal freedom and some Islamist interpretations of Muslims' rights and duties is inevitable. For mainstream Muslim jurists, Islam trumps all aspects of human activities.

Herein lays the challenge. Many ethnic and religious minorities seek to establish an autonomous sphere within multicultural societies, but only Arab Muslim jurists consider such an autonomous sphere to constitute a substitute for the liberal state itself. Many ethnic and religious minorities attempt to speak for their countries of origin through the political systems of their adopted countries, but only Arab Muslim jurists regard their Muslim nation as overstretching the boundaries of all nation-states in its political

How then should liberal nation-states, using the principals of liberalism and multiculturalism as their shield, deal with individuals who resist their very existence? How can Western societies distinguish between those Muslims who seek a place for their beliefs and traditions within a pluralistic framework and those who adhere to a school committed to the destruction of that framework? Perhaps a good point of departure would be to understand that it is not veils that matter, but the individuals and ideas that are behind them."

Author, Uriya Shavit, is currently a scholar of the Minerva Foundation, a subsidiary of the Max Planck Society, and author of the forthcoming Wars of Democracy: The West and the Arabs from the fall of Communism to the War in Iraq (Dayan Center, Tel Aviv). Published in the Middle East Forum's fall 2007 issue of "The Middle East Quarterly."


Iraq doesn't need to be a Kodak moment for us to be winning in the greater view - Victor Davis Hanson

In "Winning Ugly," Victor Davis Hanson puts America's response to Islamist imperialim in perspective in this column in the National Review Online:

"... In the long-term, global conditions favor the West. Western free expression, consumer capitalism, consensual government, and popular culture are far more dynamic — and less insidiously intrusive — than is 7th-century Islam. If this generation of Westerners can prevent radical Islam from obtaining the means to destroy a Western capital, our own way of life will prove far more disruptive to al Qaeda’s worldview, than radical Islam has proven itself to the West.

All that the autocracies have going for them in the Middle East is the accident of a commodity beneath their feet that someone else found, developed, and buys. But $80-a-barrel oil eventually will anger Western democracies, India, and China enough for them to change. Those who produce global goods and services are handing over their profits to those who don’t — and that will spurn them on to find alternatives to current petroleum consumption. Remember these price hikes are probably permanent, and not the result of embargos or voluntary cutbacks; so the likelihood that OPEC can turn on the spigots and crash oil prices to deflect efforts to find alternate energy are far less true than during the 1980s.

Discover how to cut American imported oil, and we can prevent trillions in windfall profits from going to the Middle East. And if we can curtail American casualties in Iraq, then neither the length nor the size of the deployment become sources of acrimony. Instead the war in the public mind devolves into a long-term necessary challenge, analogous to our current deployments in Afghanistan or the Balkans.

There are a great number of uncertainties ahead. The Pakistani-Saudi nexus — that provides both sanctuary and money for terrorists — seems sacrosanct from criticism, and makes our efforts elsewhere to promote democratic reform hypocritical, when these two autocracies, one nuclear, the other laden with oil and cash, get a pass.

The United States must put its financial house in order, curtail its imported oil, stabilize Iraq, prevent somehow Iran from getting a bomb, find ways to continue to support democratic reform in the Middle East without providing one-vote, one-time plebiscites to radical Islamists, and explain all that we are doing — and why — far more coherently and eloquently to the American public.

But the current orthodoxy that America is losing the war on terror inside and outside Iraq, while bereft of allies, is simply not true. Instead we are winning — it’s ugly perhaps, but winning nonetheless.

Victor Davis Hanson is the Martin and Illie Anderson fellow in military history and classics at the Hoover Institution, Stanford University. This September he is teaching at Hillsdale College in Hillsdale, Michigan as the Wayne & Marcia Buske Distinguished Fellow in History.

Islamists exploit Nazi propaganda tactics to mollify, infiltrate West

As demonstrated by Ahmadenijad's regime, Islamists fabricate a 'Jewish enemy,' influence foreign journalists to reflect demonization, and manipulate racism-averse Western audiences into embracing Islamist imperialist 'victims'.

Part 1 of 4:

Systematized anti-Semitic propaganda is historically used to unite and control masses under dogmatic rule, (i.e. Nazism, Islam, sects of Christianity). Muslim countries are using it to brainwash the Muslim world, and the foreign journalists who report to the world from there. This sociopathic anti-Semitism is sublimated into anti-Israel or anti-Zionist biased reporting and resulting sentiments.

In the year since Britain's Channel 5 audiences first watched "No Excuses for Terror?," how much progress has been made recognizing the roots of Islamic terrorism? British journalist David Aaronovitch debunked the double-standard of justifying Islamic terrorism as 'Israel/Palestine-inspired.' Why does the West hyper-criticize and punish Israel for defending against Palestinian terror, in contrast with Arab countries' far more egregious treatment of Palestinians?

In (Black) September 1970, Jordan's King Hussein killed 5,000 Palestinians in refugee camps in Jordan - with no Western political or economic repercussion.

In 1976, Syria's President Assad (supporting Christian militias) killed 3,500 Palestinians in camps in Lebanon. In 2007, mayhem between the Lebanese army and Fatah Islam militants in the Nahr el-Bared ('Cold River') Palestinian refugee camp killed 250 innocent civilians and Lebanese soldiers.

Youseef Ibrahim in the NY Sun writes about double standards applied to Palestinian camps in Lebanon

"... Jordan, which has nearly 1 million Palestinian Arab refugees, nor Syria, which is harboring tens of thousands. The secret police mandate runs wide and deep for Palestinian Arab encampments in those two countries. Indeed, back in September 1970, the late King Hussein of Jordan spent nearly a year disarming the camps in his country by burning them down— and won universal Arab applause for doing so. The late, unlamented Yasser Arafat was undeterred when he fled to Lebanon, from which he once used the camps to stock arms, indoctrinate his people in terrorism, and, eventually, wage war on Lebanon and Israel — until he was kicked out and forced to move to Tunisia.

Yet in the face of such Palestinian Arab irresponsibility — and of a 15-year Lebanese civil war largely provoked by its Palestinians — the rest of the Arab world has insisted that Lebanon remains an exception to the rule of sovereignty.

Part 2 of 4,
Part 3 of 4,
Part 4 of 4.

What motivates the Muslim world and Western world to single-out Israel for condemnation? In contradiction to Western presumptions about Islamic enmity originating from perceptions on the Israel vs. Palestine crisis, David Aaronovitch reveals Islamic countries' institutionalized Nazi-esque propaganda techniques (repeated by Muslim reporters for global press agencies and satellite channels serving the Muslim world, e.g., BBC in Arabic, Al-Jazeera Int'l, CNN Int'l, Link-TV, Mosaic-TV, Bridges TV, al-Manar TV) which brainwash the publics against Jews as a faith. The foreign Western journalists in the Middle-East, upon constant exposure to this anti-Jewish state droning, absorb and reflect this bias back to their home audiences through their editing (e.g., France2TV and the Mohammed al-Dura fauxtography Affair).

Watch Aaronovitch hosting this documentary on Channel Four, "Blaming the Jews". Part 1 of 4:

Part 2 of 4
Part 3 of 4
Part 4 of 4