"How I became a Muslim extremist" BBC News Video

Watch BBC-TV's Panorama programme featuring Islamist whistleblower, Shiraz Maher, a former member of the Muslim extremist group Hizb ut-Tahrir ("HT") which campaigns for an Islamic state.

While at Cambridge University he even tried to recruit Kafeel Ahmed into HT, who was later alleged to be part of the attack on Glasgow airport.
Shiraz has now 'come-out' and now wants to expose HT for the organisation it is.

HT Britain is trying to market itself as a conciliatory and moderate organisation that condemns violence as a means to achieve political ends.

With access to other former HT insiders, and HT literature the group wanted to keep hidden, Shiraz reveals that HT Britain's conciliatory approach was merely a crude facade that concealed the same radical and extreme views.

HT believes that democracy is incompatible with Islam, that the state of Israel should be destroyed, and that Shariah law should be imposed over the entire world - with violence being used to achieve this.

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