Palestinianism is a dagger pointing at Europe's own heart

Melanie Phillips writes:

Jonathan Halevi of the Jerusalem Centre for Public Affairs points out that al Qaeda’s number two, Ayman al Zawahiri, spoke last month once again of the duty to recover Andalus, or Spain, for Islam.

"Israel, therefore, is a small link in the greater confrontation between radical Islam and the West. Accepting the Arabs’ terms for a Middle East settlement or even going so far as ‘liberating’ Palestine from Israeli rule will not be the last stop in the radical Islamic journey being led by the Muslim Brotherhood and al-Qaeda, which share the vision of spreading Islam all over the world and establishing a global organizational infrastructure under a new caliphate to make this possible.

Indeed, for the West, Israel constitutes a dike against the great wave of radical Islam. The very same principle invoked for waging war against Israel — recovery of what was once Islamic territory — is being applied to Spain, the Balkans, Southern Russia, and India. Gustavo de Aristegui, a conservative Spanish parliamentarian, has disclosed that former German Foreign Minister Joschka Fischer once said that if Israel were to fall and be defeated, the next in line would definitely be Spain.

European pressure on Israel to make political concessions that endanger its security will only bring closer the next stage of Islam’s offensive, this time aimed at the heart of Europe."

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