Moslem Women's Rights Activist Shouted Down by Radical Leftists at UC Berkeley

Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week events: Monday evening, ArabsforIsrael.com author and publisher Mrs. Nonie Darwish spoke at UC Berkeley. Radicals Muslims and Leftists shouted her down and antagonized audience members. Andrew Marcus filed this video report on site Incorrect U.
On Wednesday evening she'll appear at UCLA 7pm, Haines 82. Tonight, writer/director Cyrus Nowrasteh – 6:30pm, Moore 100. Wednesday, Florida's Joe Kaufman 7pm, Moore 100. See FrontpageMagazine.com for US national schedule details.
"Now They Call Me Infidel : Why I Renounced Jihad for America, Israel, and the War on Terror" (Hardcover) is Nonie Darwish's personal story of tragedy and redemption, as well as a scholarly analysis of Middle-Eastern culture. Every Western statesman, indeed every European and American citizen will benefit from Ms. Darwish's unique insights into the danger to Western civilization posed by Radical Islam and sustained by deep-rooted Arab/Muslim cultural dynamics.

The book hit the shelves November 16 2006. You may order online from the following sites:
Buy.com Event video: http://www.motionbox.com/video/player/1c9dd0be191fe092

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