Don’t be afraid to say it- The West's Values ARE Better

The Spectator site reviews a debate on the motion, “We should not be reluctant to assert the superiority of Western values.” There is an all star cast of speakers involved. David Aaronovitch, Douglas Murray and Ibn Warraq are speaking for the motion while Tariq Ramadan, William Dalrymple and Charles Glass are opposing it.

Click here to read a piece that Douglas has written for us setting out his position.

"If we in the West don’t speak up for pluralism, democracy and the rule of law, who will? And what chance do reformers have in other countries?

Decades of intense cultural relativism and designer tribalism have made us terrified of passing judgment. But it’s time we spoke up. All systems are not equal. Across the non-Western world there are millions of people who would believe in our values and who envy our rights. It is time we believed in them too. And said so. "

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