Exposing Anti-Americanism

On the eve of the annual, global broadcast media association's NewsXchange conference, a look into the international, anti-Americanist culture which influences the tone of global newsreporting vis a vis America and Israel.

The Center for New American Media Presents: "The Anti Americans- A Love/Hate Relationship". A film by Louis Alvarez, Andrew Kolker, Peter Odabashian. Linked courtesy German Ray Drake's 'David's Media Critique'

One theory presented is, like anti-Semitism, it's 'ressentiment.' Wikipedia defines
'Ressentiment' as a sense of resentment and hostility directed at that which one identifies as the cause of one's frustration, an assignation of blame for one's frustration. The sense of weakness or inferiority and perhaps jealousy in the face of the "cause" generates a rejecting/justifying value system, or morality, which attacks or denies the perceived source of one's frustration. The ego creates an enemy, to insulate itself from culpability.

Lacking enforceable penalty (social, legal, or physical) for publicly expressing such denigration, such condemnations flourish.

"KillHim.Nu" (i.e, Pres. Bush) is a jihadi-esque pop-music video from Norway which encourages Europeans to hate American culture and take-up arms.

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