American Muslims' silence on radicalism ...

...yet despite indicting trial evidence, public cries of glee over mis-trial verdict which revealed ideological support for terrorism.

Islamofascism Awareness Week was held on university campuses throughout North America this past week.

In this video by Incorrect U, a Muslim reporter attempts to denigrate author Mrs. Nonie Darwish, as being "one of the most hated women in the Islamic world" for her denouncement of Islamofascism.

Mrs. Darwish turns the allegation upside-down as an inversion of truth - pointing out that state sponsors of radical Islam, like Saudi Arabia, promulgate radicalism throughout the West via comandeering mosques, educational institutions, public relations - to the detriment of the image of American Muslims, who become complicit as they've failed to challenge or renounce this militancy taking-over Islam and assert their commitment to democracy and the countries which have adopted them. Why their silence? Where is their denouncement and out-rooting of Islamic radicalism? Do they support it?

Some of the few public voices of dissent are:
Muslims against Sharia , Faith Freedom.Org , the Secular Islam Summit, Irshad Manji , Muslim World Today, and Dr. Zuhdi Jasser, the founder and Chairman of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy (available in our Links section). In "Islamism on Trial" published in Family Security Matters, despite CAIR's press-releases claiming exoneration in the Holy Land Foundation mistrial verdict (pending re-trial), Dr. Jasser explains why the revealed evidence should concern you about those who support terror against civilians, even ideologically.
The Islamists’ response that their ability to leave the courtroom free of conviction is synonymous with victory demonstrates their blindness to the ideological hypocrisy with which they approach militant Islamist, terrorist, organizations like HAMAS. Some Americans may be unable to convict them on criminal grounds, but most Americans will not tolerate civilly the lack of moral clarity from Islamists unwilling to articulate a counter-Jihad against militant Islamism. Most Americans will not tolerate apologists for terrorism and the attempts by Islamists to articulate a moral equivalency of intentional acts of terror by Muslims against noncombatants and collateral damage by uniformed soldiers of free states in an act of war. Until Muslims and their zakat organizations are able to have the moral courage to make this distinction and stand unequivocally against organizations and individuals by name which condone or apologize for terror, may the justice department not relent in its adjudication of supporters of Islamist terror to the letter of the law. ...

Funding HAMAS is a threat to Americans not only because it is illegal on the books, but because of the ideologies at stake – HAMAS condones and believes in acts of terror against noncombatants to achieve a political goal. Most Americans know that for militant Islamists HAMAS’ target may be Israelis today and could be Americans tomorrow.

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