Western Europe Unprepared for Islamic Imperialism

Ayaan's Autumn Leav- ing Western Europe. American Enterprise Institute to assume costs for her personal protection, permitting her to stay in America.

Rather than confront the uncomfortable Islamification of Europe, EU governments like the Dutch prefer to vilify Ayaan Hirsi Ali for forcing them to deal with it. In the face of the Netherlands' having withdrawn her security detail, only a generous offer from Denmark might have permitted her to live safely in Europe. But, apparently she's choosing to leave Europe over remaining in America.

A U.S. think-tank said Tuesday funds have been established in the United States and the Netherlands to help pay protection costs for Ayaan Hirsi Ali, the Dutch author who faces death threats as a result of her criticism of radical Islam.

Earlier this month, the Dutch government said it would no longer foot an annual bill of roughly $3 million for Hirsi Ali while she lives in the United States.

A spokeswoman for the American Enterprise Institute, where Hirsi Ali is a scholar, said the AEI was processing private donations for her protection as of Tuesday, and a second fund has been set up by Hirsi Ali's Dutch lawyers.

In addition, the AEI plans in the near future to set up a public charity" intended to support the safety of all Muslim dissidents who live under threat," spokeswoman Yael Levin said.

Meanwhile, back in the Netherlands this week, the Muslim stabbing of a policewoman and consequent rioting in Amsterdam's Slotervaart draws attention to the cultural dissonance that the "Palestinian-mollified" European media has created when Islamist cultural imperialism comes a- rioting.

Muslim Moroccan youths rioted in the Slotervaart neighborhood of western Amsterdam overnight Oct. 15, setting cars on fire, damaging other cars and throwing rocks through a police station's windows. The riots followed the death of Dutch-born Bilal Bajaka, age 22, of Moroccan descent. Bajaka allegedly entered the Slotervaart police station Oct. 14 and stabbed two police officers; one of the injured officers shot him dead.
Stop Islamisation Of Europe (SIOE-UK) is organizing a commemoration of 3rd anniversary of the Islamist ritual murder on an Amsterdam street of Dutch free-speech exponent, Theo van Gogh.

" On the 2nd November there will be a gathering at the Dutch embassies and consulates in remembrance of the Dutch filmmaker and journalist Theo Van Gogh, who was murdered by an Islamist. At 19:00 (CET) a ceremony will be held at the appointed places, and people who advocate democracy and free speech are urged to attend. Speeches are welcome, torches will be brought to the location together with collections of flowers, and whatever people wish to show personal affection. This is a day of great grief, for a man who fought for what we all take for granted…

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Moroccan-Dutch youth riot following fatal incident
Theo van Gogh Memorial Vigil

A Letter to my People
Know this: the barbarians are through the gates and they are abed in unholy alliance with the enemy within. Our ethnic cleansing is upon us. Complacency, apathy and indulgence have created the fertile soil where priests spring up like summer corn, whilst other ideological vultures gather in the sky above. Either we fight together and fight now, or we will die
alone, picked off one at a time by the Thought Police and their agents as they sulk in memory of their lost Marxist Paradise.

“Subjugation of the masses, by any means” is their agenda. That their instrument of oppression is a demented ‘Slave of God’ with a holy book in one hand and a sword in the other it is of no consequence, for they come upon us out of darkness, as familiars, bringing with them the abiding stench of two failed belief systems: Marxism and Islam. Believe me, they find us easy prey as we
bask indolently in the light of our well-meaning, indulgent society. Through the incubus Islam its succubi, Political Correctness and Dhimmitude, they suck us dry of our culture, our birthright, our ancient freedoms. Righteously wielding a Weapon of (our) Mass Destruction, that wearisome, meaningless mantra “Racist, Racist, Racist”, they rewrite our history, undermine the foundations of our society, drain our resources, murder us en masse, denigrate our achievements and, day by day, one small step at a time, enslave us.

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