'What Underlies the "Islam is Peace" PR Campaign?'

Hugh Fitzgerald in Jihad Watch : "This campaign, costing no doubt many tens of millions of dollars, is an important weapon of the attempt to fool English people and prolong their unwariness and confusion and even diffidence about discussing their entirely justified fears of and suspicions about Islam.

Think for a minute and imagine yourself a Muslim living in the West. You too would wish to convince others that "Jihad" has nothing to do with violence, and is in fact a struggle against "oppression" and "injustice." This will be taken, you know, by non-Muslims to mean whatever it is they mean when they use the words “injustice” and “oppression.” And who could be for, rather than against, “injustice” and “oppression”? Whereas Muslims know exactly what, in Islam, these words mean: they mean all the attempts by non-Muslims to put up obstacles to the spread, and ultimate dominance, of Islam. That is what, for a billion Muslims, constitutes “oppression” and “injustice.”

Yes, they are conducting Jihad. They are attempting to befog the minds of non-Muslims, to confuse them, to prevent them from beginning to look at Islam steadily and whole. They are attempting to prevent them from learning the truth about its tenets and attitudes, its history, and the present behavior, everywhere that Muslims exist in numbers sufficient to attempt to impose their will, whether in the Lands of the Infidel, the Dar al-Harb or “House of War,” or in the already Muslim-dominated Dar al-Islam, which is now the House of Peace.

It is the House of Peace because, you see, there is no need for war once Islam triumphs -– which of course isn’t quite true, because then there are those remaining pesky non-Muslims to discriminate against, to harry, to humiliate, to degrade, to render physically insecure, to do everything possible either to drive them out, or to keep them from multiplying or serving as an attractive and therefore dangerous example to the Muslims around them.

We are in a war. The war is not to be determined by what happens in Iraq, that is, the squandering of men and money and materiel and energies and attention while preventing us from coming to our senses. If this campaign in Great Britain, probably financed by those deep Saudi and other oil-rich Arab pockets, succeeds, and if all such campaigns succeed in delaying the day of recognition, the fateful, civilization-wide and not merely individual, anagnorisis, it will be a very bad thing.

There are at this point not many people fully capable of seeing the whole thing, grasping the whole thing. Spread to as many as possible what they have to say. Support them in any way you can. And learn as much as you can yourself, so you cannot be fooled, cannot be bested. Become dangerously well-informed and, therefore, implacable in your view.

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