London Video: Daniel Pipes vs Mayor Livingstone - A Rational, American Warning for Europe

The high-tech video and transcript made by the Greater London Authority is not yet available but "willyatyoutube" has just posted a home-video of the complete event:

There are seven parts.

Parts 1 and 2 - Mayor Ken Livingstone's main presentation.
Parts 3 and 4 - my main presentation.
Part 5 - Salma Yaqoob's presentation
Part 6 - Douglas Murray's presentation.
Part 7 - The first of the floor questions.



Saudis Funding Sedition in West. Racism, Revolution Preached by Islamist Movement Masquerading as Moderate

Britain's Channel Four Series, "Dispatches," Exposes Racist, Sexist, Radical Agenda Promoted by US & UK Imams in "Undercover Mosque"

Part 1 of 3

Part 2 of 3

Part 3 of 3

This investigation into Britain's mosques, by Channel 4's respected Dispatches programme,has revealed worrying evidence of just how rife Islamic extremism is among Muslim preachers.
The undercover TV inquiry, conducted over ten months, reveals some religious clerics urging their congregations to start preparing for jihad (holy war) against infidels or non-Muslims. Another is caught on camera telling families to hit their daughters for not covering their heads with the veil or hijab.

One imam from a Derby mosque, called Dr Ijaz Mian, was filmed calling for the creation of an Islamic 'state within a state' in Britain before the country is taken over by Muslims.

Addressing a group of youths, he said: 'King. Queen. House of Commons ... if you accept it, you are part of it. If you don't accept it, you have to dismantle it. So you being a Muslim, you have to fix a target. There will be no House of Commons ... Muslims just grow in strength ... then take over.'

The programme paints an alarming picture of how preachers, even at what are regarded as the most moderate mosques, urge their followers to reject Britain's legal system in favour of shariah law and its radical rulebook.

The investigators spent four months filming undercover at one mosque, Green Lane in Birmingham, which caters for thousands of worshippers.

The main preacher is Abu Usamah, an American convert to Islam, who studied at Medinah University in Saudi Arabia, before coming to Britain. He is seen telling worshippers not to believe that Islamic terrorists are operating in Britain, as all non-Muslims are liars.

In another sequence, he is heard saying that Christians and Jews are 'kuffaars' (non-believers) and the enemies of Islam. 'No one loves the kuffaar, not a single person loves the kuffaar,' he rants. 'We hate the kuffaar!' Then he adds, triumphantly: 'Allah has not given those people who are kuffaar a way over the believer. They shouldn't be in authority over us. Muslims shouldn't be satisfied with anything other than a total Islamic state.

'I encourage all of you to begin to cultivate ourselves for the time that is fast approaching - where the tables are going to turn and the Muslims are going to be in the position of being uppermost in strength. And when that happens, people won't get killed - unjustly,' he promises.

As for women, he says they are 'deficient, even if they have a PhD. Her intellect is incomplete. She may be suffering from hormones that will make her emotional. It takes two witnesses of a woman to equal the one witness of a man.'

He goes on to say that gays deserve to die. 'If I were to call homosexuals perverted, dirty, filthy dogs who should be murdered ... that's my freedom of speech, isn't it?'

The TV investigators also bought damning videos and DVDs of speeches by Muslim preachers from a shop at the London Central Mosque in Regent's Park.

The mosque has always been hailed by the Muslim Council of Britain and the Government as a symbol of reason and mainstream Islamic life in this country.

But the programme's team found copies of films of preachers decrying the equality of women as a 'bunch of foolishness' and claiming that Christian missionaries put the Aids virus into medicines in order to poison the people of Africa.

The TV exposé, like the Mail's own investigation in Surrey, shows that the systematic brainwashing of Muslims by their religious leaders is now commonplace. And it appears to be producing results.

Twenty-eight per cent said they believed Britain should be an Islamic state. In another worrying sign, one in three young Muslims said that the London bombings were justified because Britain had joined America in the 'war on terror'.


Mass-Media Complicity In Damning Israel

Again, Israeli Gloom is Misplaced by Edward Luttwak in The First Post

Claims Israel failed in Lebanon are premature - just as was similar condemnation 30 years ago,
Future historians will no doubt see things much more clearly, but some gross misperceptions are perfectly obvious even now.

Exposes in 'The Times' - a self-serving scenario by Anshel Pfeffer in The Jerusalem Post

For Israel to be the first country to use nuclear weapons, even limited ones, since Hiroshima and Nagasaki is almost unthinkable. Diplomatic repercussions aside, there is no guarantee that an untried and unproven
technology will work as planned. And even if the operation is carried off, Iran may have dispersed enough of its nuclear materials and installations to alternative sites that it would be able to resume the program quickly. That they would definitely do, with Israel's nuclear cat already out of the bag.

There are still valid arguments for Israel going ahead with a military operation against Iran, perhaps even a non-conventional one. But the current leadership, which is still reeling from the Lebanon war and which prefers Sderot to suffer a couple of Kassams a day to getting entangled in another bloody operation in Gaza, is hardly the leadership to take Israel into a daring operation so far away.

Instead the government would prefer to rely on the vague promises of US President George W. Bush that he won't leave office in two years with the Iranian threat still intact. But since the US cooperated with
the ineffectual watered-down Security Council sanctions resolution that was finally passed last month, Israeli fears have grown that the administration has lost the stomach for another front in the Middle East. Perhaps a few stories of the crazy Israelis' plans to go it themselves, and even use some of their own nukes in the process, might convince the Americans that it would be better if they did the job themselves.


Anti-Semitism in the 21st Century: the Resurgence on PBS Mon 8 Jan

Tom Tugend writes in L.A.'s Jewish Journal:

The PBS documentary, "Anti-Semitism in the 21st Century: The Resurgence," will discomfit viewers of all stripes. Airing Monday, Jan. 8 (check local listing- at 10 p.m. on KCET in L.A.), the film will annoy those who believe that rising anti-Semitism is a myth fueled by Jewish paranoia and self-serving Jewish defense agencies.Equally upset will be those who argue that anti-Semitism, particularly in the Islamic world, is just using the same old stick to beat up on a blameless Israel.In addition, fervent believers in a global Jewish conspiracy, if any tune in, will be enraged at seeing their worldview demolished and ridiculed. Within one hour, the documentary, narrated by veteran broadcast journalist Judy Woodruff, covers a lot of territory in a graphic and efficient manner. We are given a capsule history of Jew hatred both in the Christian West and Muslim East, accompanied throughout by horrifying cartoons across the centuries depicting the Jew as "Christ killer," blood sucker, ravisher of virgins and plotter of world domination.Numerous experts weigh in on the Middle East conflict and its impact on the resurgence of anti-Semitism. On the whole, the arguments balance each other out, with perhaps a slight edge to our side, thanks to Woodruff's narration. Considerable airtime is given to New York University professor Tony Judt, often denounced for his harsh criticism of Israeli policy and leadership. In this program, however, he limits himself mainly to exploring the growing Muslim immigration and influence in Europe.Israel's Natan Sharansky and the American Jewish Committee's David Harris effectively lay out the Jewish role in the fight against anti-Semitism. A telling analysis of the corrupting effect of anti-Semitism on the Arab masses is given, surprisingly, by Salameh Nematt, Washington bureau chief for Al Hayat, an independent Arab daily published in London.Princeton historian Bernard Lewis draws a useful distinction between Christian and Muslim anti-Semitism over the centuries.In the Islamic world, the Jew, though not equal, was tolerated and did not carry the satanic aura painted in medieval Europe, said Lewis, who "credited" British and other Christian theologians with introducing modern anti-Semitism into the Arab world.Perhaps the most surprising emphasis in the film is on the deep and persisting impact of "The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion" in shaping the prejudices of European anti-Semites and the convictions of Arab leaders and masses.The "Protocols," a Czarist forgery of the early 1900s, has proven particularly useful to Muslim presidents and clerics to rationalize how the "inferior" Jews of Israel could repeatedly outfight proud Arab nations.While the Arabs have never gotten over their defeat in the 1967 Six-Day War, their humiliation is lessened if they can believe that they were beaten by the cosmic evil power portrayed in the "Protocols."The one point of agreement among the experts is that anti-Semitism will not disappear, because "it serves so many purposes," notes professor Dina Porat of Tel Aviv University.Added Woodruff, "Israel is used as a coat hanger" by Arab leaders, who can attach all their problems on it and divert their people from their poverty and corrupt regimes.The PBS production was produced, written and directed by Andrew Goldberg, who recently documented "The Armenian Genocide," in association with Oregon Public Broadcasting.

Watch trailer: http://www.twocatstv.com/antisem21sttrailer.php


A Sovereign Palestinian State? Not Anymore!

Writing in the Syndey Morning Herald, Paul Sheehan puts away prejudices and preconceptions to consider the viability of a Palestinian state.

"For the sake of reality, let's put aside whatever views and prejudices you may hold on the Palestinian question. Put aside any animosity about grasping Jews or murderous Arabs. Put aside the Holocaust, and Muslim anti-Semitism. Put aside hopes and judgements. Simply look at what has happened on the ground. Stripped of all emotion and prejudice, right and wrong, one reality becomes clear: there is no chance of a sovereign, autonomous Palestinian state. Not within our lifetimes. No chance. None.

Not only won't there be a sovereign Palestinian state, there can't be. It's no longer viable. At every historic juncture since Israel was created in 1948, rhetoric has taken precedence over pragmatism in the Arab world. As a result, every one of these historic junctions has resulted, without exception, in material defeat for the Palestinians....

"Fatah is the mafia," (Palestinian journalist Khaled) Abu Toameh told me. "It is responsible for most of the anarchy on the West Bank. Fatah is a monster." Nor does he think much of Hamas, though he thinks it is much less corrupt, much more competent, and more pragmatic. He believes the West erred shockingly in trusting and subsiding Fatah and has now mishandled the transition to Hamas.

"But on the Muslim side, the message has always been 'No', and 'No', and 'No'. They quote the Koran: God is on the side of the patient . . .

"And what is the West Bank now? It is six Arab cities, two refugee camps, 150 villages. A series of cantons, with no economic base. And Gaza? An awful place."

And Israel? Through all the wars, terrorist bombings and threats of annihilation, and despite intense internal divisions, Israel has grown into a muscular economy of almost 7 million, with a per capita gross domestic product far higher than any Arab neighbours, including Saudi Arabia. The Jewish population has grown from 600,000 to 5.3 million, with a birthrate higher than those in Western Europe. Per capita, Israel has the most engineers and the most high-tech economy in the world.

Untold damage would be done to this economy if one anti-aircraft missile, fired from the West Bank, brought down an airliner flying out of the futuristic new Ben Gurion International Airport. Israel can't afford to let this happen.

Sixty years of years of "No" has put an end to a sovereign Palestinian state, indefinitely. This pawn has been sacrificed in a much larger game."

G-d told Me All Hell Will Break Loose in America Beginning September- Pat Robertson

The TV preacher claims the Lord told him to expect a terrorist attack on the United States by the end of 2007 that will result in "mass killing."

"I'm not necessarily saying it's going to be nuclear," Robertson said yesterday on "The 700 Club," his long-running show on the Christian Broadcasting Network.

"The Lord didn't say nuclear. But I do believe it will be something like that," said the 76-year-old preacher and one-time presidential candidate.

Robertson said God spoke to him during his annual one-on-one prayer retreat with the Almighty.
He said God told him that major U.S. cities and millions of people will be affected by the terrorist attack, forecast to happen after September.

"The evil people will come after this country, and there's a possibility - not a possibility, a definite certainty - that chaos is going to rule," said Robertson, urging listeners to pray.



Dire Prediction for 2007 Unless We Stop the Gathering Storm

Francisco Gil-White of Historical and Investigative Research in Norway's journal, Argument.

We are about to see another great genocide of the Jewish people because that is what the Western ruling elites do in order to oppress us all. Which means this: if they succeed, and they kill millions of Jews again, we are next.

This will repeat the pattern of World War II except that I fear this time we will not recover, because Islamist terrorism is growing fast and this ideology is hard to distinguish from that of the German Nazis, preaching as it does the extermination or slavery of infidels. The way to defend the West -- now as always -- is to band together in defense of the Jews, but Westerners seem unable to outgrow the millenarian propaganda that has polluted their minds, produced by the Western ruling classes that are sponsoring the growth of Islamist terrorism. The liberties and protections Western workers have won in the last two centuries will be permanently lost if this process is not quickly reversed.


The Eid Festival Around The World

A small selection of images from the worldwide cruel slaughter of animals that takes place during the Muslim Eid al-Adha festival: The Eid Festival Around The World - Graphic Photos.
You won’t have to be a member of PETA to feel ill after looking at these photos. Don’t click if the stomach is weak.