Dire Prediction for 2007 Unless We Stop the Gathering Storm

Francisco Gil-White of Historical and Investigative Research in Norway's journal, Argument.

We are about to see another great genocide of the Jewish people because that is what the Western ruling elites do in order to oppress us all. Which means this: if they succeed, and they kill millions of Jews again, we are next.

This will repeat the pattern of World War II except that I fear this time we will not recover, because Islamist terrorism is growing fast and this ideology is hard to distinguish from that of the German Nazis, preaching as it does the extermination or slavery of infidels. The way to defend the West -- now as always -- is to band together in defense of the Jews, but Westerners seem unable to outgrow the millenarian propaganda that has polluted their minds, produced by the Western ruling classes that are sponsoring the growth of Islamist terrorism. The liberties and protections Western workers have won in the last two centuries will be permanently lost if this process is not quickly reversed.


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